Measuring the Success of Saas PR for B2B: Focusing on Metrics that Matter

Measuring the Success of Saas PR for B2B: Focusing on Metrics that Matter

April 17, 2023

Software as a Service (SaaS) is a business model gaining popularity among B2B companies. It allows companies to deliver software applications over the Internet, making it easier for businesses to use and manage their software.

With this growth in the SaaS industry, measuring the success of public relations (PR) efforts is crucial.
The PR team must focus on metrics that matter to determine the effectiveness of their efforts in reaching their target audience, increasing brand awareness, and CRM lead generation.

While there are various metrics that companies can use to measure PR success, not all metrics are relevant to SaaS companies.
The PR team must focus on metrics that matter and are relevant to the SaaS industry. The following are some of the essential metrics that SaaS companies should focus on:

Set Original Realistic Targets

Every company fancies growth in business and accumulation of revenue. SaaS companies are no exception. However, not all SaaS companies could achieve their financial targets as they would want to. The main reason is that such companies do not focus on the right metrics as they continue to conduct their business without taking much consideration of a specific aspect that would be profitable to them.

SaaS Companies need to avoid setting inflated estimates on things that do not add value, thus barring their fast materialization.
They should dwell much into large-scale investment into technology, project management based on what is gradually achievable and adjusting cost structure that targets free cash flow within the company for easier management.

Prioritize Net Retention

Almost all SaaS businesses that aim to achieve higher growth have invested much of their attention in caring for existing customers to maintain them while acquiring new ones.
The companies do this by investing in specific post-sales constructs and promotional services to customers, increasing cross-sell, upsell, and retention and sourcing the right talent, tools, and analytics. The efforts are incomplete without strong pricing to keep the retention rate to about 100% or more.

Many struggling or slower-growing SaaS companies have a problem of underinvesting in customer success, customer care, and professional services.
They are often overwhelmed; therefore, progress is limited.

Optimize go-to-market spending

Many SaaS Companies normally dwell on sales and marketing as the biggest point of their revenue generation. It accounts for up to 50% of total revenue in the business growth.
Social media engagement is a valuable metric for measuring the success of SaaS PR efforts. Companies should track the number of likes, shares, and comments on their social media posts.
This metric helps determine the level at which you are enhancing your SaaS PR efforts on social media platforms. Social media engagement can also help identify the most effective channels for reaching the target audience. For a SaaS company’s success, it is necessary to optimize investment in sales and marketing by allocating resources based on future customer opportunities to cover high-growth accounts. Defining the total opportunity using the right structure will allow such companies to intensify their total growth potential.

Secondly, businesses should pull granular operating data from across the business into integrated dashboards, easing the process of managing the sales and marketing criteria.
Third, companies should apply innovative ideas to sales and marketing approaches to enhance efficiency, competition and increased preference. Finally, paying attention to advanced analytics and machine learning should build a more predictable analysis of the customer’s preference, driving proactive interaction.

Build new business fast

SaaS businesses, in many circumstances, reach the climax of their S-curve with little or no venture into a ready market.
To maintain momentum, companies need to stabilize their new businesses more quickly through choosing micro domains with a clear understanding of customers’ habits. When you supply clients with particular resources and handle organizational, operational go-to-market sectors of business you are bound to incubate the business within a shorter time. Companies should develop the capacity to grow new business lines within a short time despite the challenge of maintaining the growth since it is important for value and growth creation.

Brand Awareness

Brand awareness is an essential metric for SaaS PR. Measuring the reach of PR efforts and the level of awareness generated among the target audience is crucial.
One way to measure brand awareness is by tracking media mentions. PR teams should track the number of mentions their company receives in relevant publications, including industry blogs, news sites, and social media platforms. This metric helps determine PR efforts’ impact on the target audience.

Website Traffic

Website traffic is another crucial metric for measuring PR success. The PR team must track the number of visitors to their website and the traffic sources.
By measuring website traffic, companies can determine the impact of their PR efforts on their website’s visibility and overall traffic. This metric can also help to identify the most effective PR channels for generating website traffic.


Measuring the success of SaaS PR is crucial for the growth and success of B2B companies. By tracking these metrics, PR teams can identify areas for improvement, optimize their PR strategy, and ultimately drive growth and revenue for the business.

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