Most Popular Employee Utilization Software 2024

Most Popular Employee Utilization Software 2024

Saad Ali
Written by Saad Ali
February 4, 2024

Two basic factors determine the revenues of consulting firms. The first factor is the billing margin, which boils down to the difference between the hourly rate the company charges and the hourly cost of a specific consultant. The second factor is consultant utilization rates,which is where employee utilization software comes in.

You can choose to adjust the billing rate to increase company revenues. You can manage this in two ways – either charging more or paying less. Unfortunately, both of these methods can damage your reputation (either with clients or employees), and the increase in revenue is often minimal.

The optimal solution is to improve the utilization rates of your consultants. This means optimizing the ratio between total work time and billable hours within them. Employee utilization rate is one of the main employee performance indicators when it comes to productivity, and increasing it should be the goal of every company.

So, let’s uncover the 12 most popular employee utilization software that will take you one step closer to your goals.

The Ultimate List of Employee Utilization Software


Best For

Paid Pricing Plan Range

Time Analytics

Small businesses, lawyers, agencies, accountants, freelancers, and consultants

$4.99 - $6.99 per user per month


Tech companies, startups, freelancers, accountants, health and medical companies

$12 - $28 per user per month


Accountants, law firms, health, and medical centers

$60-$290 per month (for 10 users)


Small businesses, big businesses, startups, freelancers, tech companies, eCommerce stores

$20-$40 per 10 users per month


Medical and health centers, legal industry, tech

$50.99-$119.99 per 10 users per month


eCommerce, health centers, medical, small companies, freelancers, agencies

$50.9-$169.7 per 10 users per month


Tech firms, big enterprises

$100-$170 per 10 users per month


Big enterprises, small companies

$10.99-$240.99 per 10 users per month


eCommerce, Food companies, Educational institutes

$90-$220 per 10 users per month


Engineering firms, small companies, big companies

$9.5-$80.5 range


IT Services Firm

$10-$38 range

1. Time Analytics

time analytics

Time Analytics is a timesheet-based employee utilization software solution that offers an accurate and detailed insight into your employees’ billable and non-billable hours. To put it simply, the software allows the managers to set up hourly billing rates for all team members. Each employee then marks their hours as either billable or non-billable depending on the type of work they are doing.

When it comes to having great insights, Time Analytics delivers like a champ. I tested the tool for a team of writers and it showed me exactly which employee was working on what tasks, how much time was being spent of each task, and the overall performance of the workforce towards reaching the goals.

Time Analytics makes logging hours easier, which makes it perfect for companies to manage their employees. What’s even better is the Time Analytics allows billable hours let you know exactly the ratio of billable and non-billable hours of each employee.

However, the software isn’t only dedicated to employee utilization. You can track other overall and employee metrics as well. Time Analytics provides many other features that make this software an ideal employee utilization tool. For example, you can use advanced reporting to see the progress of your team and employees, and where the overall workforce stands in terms of reaching the clients’ goals.

But there is an even important feature, which is Time Analytics’ integration options. By using third-party software, you can integrate them into Time Analytics and have many interesting benefits that will enhance your workflow, all in one single place.

You can choose to view the performances of your team in real-time or through accumulative reports that indicate when you should be paying special attention to a certain aspect of your business.

Time Tracking and Timesheet Features

When we talk about working online, companies have one big problem, which is the number of tools they have to use to improve their workflow. As a writer and manager, I would constantly need to change software just to get a simple task done.

With Time Analytics, you get integration features, meaning you can use some third-party applications like Microsoft Excel that will provide data about projects, clients, work tasks, and more.

Other Features

  • KPI monitoring
  • Mobile app for tracking field and remote teams
  • Billing and invoicing
  • Monitoring employee productivity and efficiency
  • Tracking and scheduling time off
  • Integration with Excel
  • Client and expense tracking
  • Visual reports


  • Starter – $4.99 per user per month (Billed Annually)
  • Optimum – $6.99 per user per month (Billed Annually)
  • For 10 Person Team: $49.99 – $69.99 (Billed Annually)

Trial period

14 days (No Credit Card Required)

Try Time Analytics free for 14 days.

2. ClickTime

click time employee software

ClickTime has made employee utilization a breeze with some of the most comprehensive managerial tools like time tracking, expense tracking, time off management, project management, and more.

However, it is more than just management software as it contains tools that would allow you to run a company in the most intuitive way possible.

ClickTime’s Project Insights technology was designed exclusively for companies that aspire to take control over their budgets. I tried using the ClickTime employee utilization software and found out that workforce planning was as easy as a piece of cake. It allows you to plan employee hours and communicate goals and deadlines right into the application, which makes it easier to execute tasks for managers and stakeholders.

Dashboards and utilization reports help you measure, understand, and improve utilization rates. The simple dashboards point out daily progress in real time. they also remind the employees about what they need to do to achieve their goals.

Time Tracking and Timesheet Features:

Time tracking can be started through a simple mobile application or an integration with your existing system. The Quick Week function saves your time during time logging by reducing the time needed to fill your weekly reports. If an employee is working on the same project for multiple consecutive days, they can fill their reports with a single click.

Workforce Planning

Workforce planning is made simplest with a tool like ClickTime. Companies have this issue where they underestimate the time that would be required for a task. This can result in missed deadlines, poor communication, and ultimately failed projects.

But with ClickTime, you can not only plan perfectly but also measure the amount of work an average employee can complete within a given deadline. This puts real expectations in the way so you know exactly how many people are needed do to a certain task.

Other features:

  • Expense Reporting
  • Project Budgeting
  • Workforce management
  • Employee time off
  • 80+ reports
  • Mobile timesheet


  • Starter — $12 per user per month (upto 25 users)
  • Team — $16 per user per month (upto 200 users)
  • Premier— $28 per user per month (upto 200 users)
  • Enterprise— custom price

Trial period

14 days

3. Replicon

Replicon is a time-tracking software solution that helps generate additional profit by increasing labor productivity. The platform’s creators understood that utilization is the key to profit growth. Hence, the tool makes sure each employee is aware of the utilization, billable hours, accurate timekeeping, and key projects.

What I love about Replicon is that it eliminates the need for manual time tracking using its ZeroTime tool. There are many features built right into the software with a lot of them catering to employee utilization.

However, the AI and Machine Learning aspects of Replicon are what make it popular. AI will do the most heavy lifting and eliminate your traditional time-tracking methods.

But what makes this tool one of the best Employee utilization tools is that you can leverage the AI time tracking for automatic capture of work and time data across all the work apps.

Time Tracking and Timesheet features:

Replicon’s time tracking features allow users to capture the duration of any task with ease as well as track attendance through a clock-in system. The platform also monitors user activity, captures it, and logs it into the timesheets automatically. Then you can apply different filters and attributes to the data according to your business’s needs.

The platform is available on all devices, so your team can log time from anywhere and at any time. this is important for any business owner who wants to remain informed about their company in real-time.

Workforce Management

What amazed me about this employee utilization software is that it can capture time across 100+ work apps including Slack, Jira, Asana, Zoom, and more. Moreover, the timesheet formats are flexible and you can add custom fields to meet your business requirements.

Unlike most other time-tracking tools, Replicon also allows you to track the time of different types of employees like exempt, non-exempt, part-time, and remote.

Other features

  • Time management
  • Client tracking
  • Project management
  • Expense tracking
  • Billing


  • Project Time Tracking – $120/mo (for 10 users)
  • Time & Attendance – $60/mo (for 10 users)
  • PSA and PPM – $290/mo (for 10 users)

Trial period

14 days

4. Hubstaff

hubstaff time tracker
hubstaff time tracker

Trusted by over 95,000+ businesses worldwide, Hubstaff has established itself as one of the best employee utilization software of all time. The tool provides businesses with actionable productive data that is necessary for keeping track of the employees’ work.

It is a great tool for remote work management while boosting productivity in teams and overall businesses. I experienced Hubstaff’s time tracking tool, and even if you have hundreds of employees, management wouldn’t be a problem.

Time Tracking and Timesheet features:

You can enable time tracking through a single click. Choose specific tasks, projects, work orders, clients, or locations. Time tracking commences with one click on the simple stopwatch. Timesheet generation is automatic and based on the logged time. With the help of alarms, you will get notified if an employee comes in late, leaves early, or completely misses their shift.

Employee Experience

Hubstaff offers a boost in productivity, engagement, happiness, and wellness of the employees. We live in a remote-oriented world where it is either hybrid or online all the way. For employees to remain happy, companies need to not only encourage them but also understand the employee behavior.

With happy staff, not only will you have better results in your company but you will also have positive staff and a team that focuses on growth without breaking down.

Other features:

  • Geofencing – timer based on GPS location
  • Employee monitoring – App and URL tracking captures, Optional screenshots
  • Project budgeting – Tracking project costs based on hours, bill rate, and pay rates
  • Detailed reporting – detailed and actionable time reports
    Online invoicing – Invoicing without number-crunching
  • Mobile time tracking – tracking time, attendance, work breaks, GPS locations, and time off


  • Insights – $20/month per 10 users
  • More screenshots – $30/month per 10 users
  • Data Retention – $20/month per 10 users
  • Locations – $40/month per 10 users
  • Corporate App – $30/month per 10 users

Trial Period

14 days

5. Monitask

Monitask employee software

This app fits different industries and helps you to optimize your business. With Monitask you can track your employees and avoid issues like time theft and intentionally delayed task deliveries. The dashboards allow you to know exactly what’s happening with your team in real-time. They visualize employee web activities, as well as which tasks and projects they’re currently working on.

After using Monitask to handle some of the projects, I found out that it provides some of the best analytics you can find in any software that is on the internet. Moreover, the screenshots feature was useful to the company and the employees for better accountability.

The screenshot option helps employee monitoring and enables you to get transparent information on the employees. This is especially convenient for remote teams. The statistics and reports functions help determine every project’s costs as well as analyze your employees’ performance and results.

Time Tracking and Timesheet features:

The platform offers the option to generate automatic timesheets that synchronize with the dashboard in real time. It is one of the best ways to save time and money while getting the best return for your investment.

With the time tracking tool, you can monitor website visits, email and instant messages, keystrokes typed, file sharing & access, and lastly screenshots. Moreover, the time tracking tool also comes with GPS tracking which is very effective in general.

Other features

  • Clock-in / Clock-out Board
  • Employee Attendance Software
  • Online timesheets
  • Computer monitoring
  • Employee productivity Software
  • Remote Employee Monitoring


  • Pro: $50.99 per 10 users per month
  • Business: $80.99 per 10 users per month
  • Enterprise: $119.99 per 10 users per month

Trial Period

10 days free trial

6. Time Doctor

Time Doctor software

Time Doctor is a cloud-based time tracking platform. Its main advantage is the depth of the details you can get from using the platform, as it offers different monitoring options, like screenshots and web activity monitoring. This platform is one of the oldest of its kind and is passing the test of time.

Today, Time Doctor helps uncover workforce insights, enhance team performance and retention, and take care of employees’ well-being, making them happier to be a part of your company. The software can be used for companies that are fully remote, hybrid, and in-office, and even for outsourcing, making it an all-in-one employee utilization software.

This employee utilization software allows users to log their time and separate it into different tasks and projects, as well as calculate their utilization rate, as you can mark the hours as billable or non-billable. The platform offers numerous integrations with different accounting and project management software solutions.

Time Tracking and Timesheet Features

The application tracks breaks, meetings, calls, and other activity that usually isn’t billable. This helps calculate utilization rates for everyone. You can monitor the web pages a user visits during their workday and identify the unproductive distractions. This way, the employees will become more aware of their habits.

The screenshot feature offers the most accurate data on employee computer usage. Managers can turn this feature on or off depending on the needs of their business.


Time Doctor has one of the latest integration options available. You can allow the software to connect with your favorite applications so you can conveniently manage your projects, all in one go.

You can connect this tool with apps like ClickUp, Evernote, GSuite, GitHub, and a lot more. With dozens of tools that you can integrate with, Time Doctor is a great employee utilization software for beginners and advanced users.

Other Features

  • Screen monitoring
  • Attendance tracking
  • Distraction and idle device alerts
  • Numerous integrations
  • Project management
  • Reports


  • Basic – $50.9 per 10 users per month
  • Standard – $80.4 per 10 users per month
  • Premium – $160.7 per 10 users per month

Trial Period

14 days

7. ActivTrak

activtrack time tracking

ActivTrak is an employee utilization software solution that enables establishing positive work habits and optimizing business processes. This tool helps you understand the way the work is being done and point out successful patterns, reduce distractions, and find the technology to improve collaboration.

While using ActivTrak, I could easily get instant visibility into employees’ productivity and engagement. For example, you can even gain a lot of insights into how your employees work when you are in-house or remote. Moreover, with a plethora of integration options, you can always stay productive and make your team productive as well.

With ActivTrak you’ll get an insight into time utilization in hybrid and remote teams. Analyzing the data on employee activity, the platform offers performance visibility in real-time.

Time Tracking and Timesheet features:

ActivTrak offers the possibility of digital time tracking on autopilot. You can generate reports on the start and end of a workday, as well as the duration of an employee’s workday without manually turning the system on and off.

You can get an overview of productive and unproductive time per day, week, and month, on individual and team levels.

Productivity Reports

ActivTrak is one of the best tools to use if you are into advanced insights. While using this software, I found out that it is perfect for activity breakdown and trends. For example, you can see how each team member is performing against the goals.

You can also track the long-term trends to assess shifts in workload and team engagement. All in all, with these reports, companies can not only save a lot of time but also get a positive return on investment.

Other Features

  • Dashboards
  • Productivity reports
  • Team Summaries
  • Application and Website Usage
  • Benchmarks and Goals
  • Personal Insights
  • Integrations
  • Screenshots


  • Free: for up to 3 users
  • Essentials: $100 per month per 10 users
  • Professional: $170 per month per 10 users

Trial Period

14 days

8. Asana

Asana time tracking tool

Asana is an employee utilization software that primarily focuses on project management. The solution is a little more complex than the rest of the entries on our list, but it also offers many more possibilities. It is meant to be used for collaboration and to keep every team member informed on the status of each project and tasks within them.

Asana is more than just a tool for management,  it turns your whole company productive. Moreover, it provides a positive experience for almost every department like Marketing, Operations, IT, Product, and others. Hence, whether your company’s goals are bringing in more revenue or having the most productive workforce, Asana can be your go-to tool in that case.

The platform offers managers a clear overview of every team member’s current status and availability. Then they can manage their teams and optimize the workflow in its entirety.

Time Tracking and Timesheet Features

Asana doesn’t have a time tracking feature, but it enabled its users to integrate a plethora of different time tracking programs and apps.

From organizing tasks, using different project views, setting up tasks, and getting some of the most advanced employee-oriented solutions, you can take it up a notch with Asana.

I love the inbox feature which ensures great communication and you never miss out any updates. Many productivity software have the lack of inbox and it leads to blunder, but Asana has fixed it.

Other Features

  • Boards
  • Timeline
  • Workflow builder
  • Calendar
  • App integrations
  • Forms
  • Goals


  • Basic – Free for upto 10 users
  • Premium – $10.99 per 10 users per month
  • Business – $240.99 per 10 users per month
  • Enterprise – custom plan

Trial period

30 days

9. Timely

Timely software
Timely employee utilization software

Timely is an employee utilization software solution that automates time tracking in order for your team to be able to work on the tasks at hand and not worry about logging their hours. the platform has an accessible drag-and-drop-based interface that allows any user to successfully include it in their workday. This simplicity helps teams avoid any unclarity or misunderstanding.

Our team of 10 writers trialed with Timely to find out that the AI features are some of the best when it comes to assigning tasks, getting the work done, and keeping each other updated on the progress. Moreover, you also get a precise record of all the time you spend in documents, meetings, emails, and a lot more.

Time Tracking and Timesheet features

The platform has an automatic time tracking system. The app records the time an employee spends using different apps, recognizing their tasks and automatically transferring them into a timesheet. the employees don’t have to toggle between different timers, as everything is done automatically.


Tags are a great way to customize your work environment by being unique and getting the work done. But what are the benefits? Being a writer, I have to take care of different aspects of the content creation process.

With tags, you can easily and effectively know which part of the process you are going through and where the project is at, eliminating a lot of time wasted. In other words, you can just focus on delivering quality work and let Timely do its job.

Other features

  • Project tracking
  • Team tracking
  • Plan tracking
  • Different integrations


  • Starter – $90 per 10 users per month
  • Premium – $160 per 10 users per month
  • Unlimited – $220 per 10 users per month
  • Unlimited+ – custom plan

14 days

10. BigTime

BigTime is a time tracking platform that can also be used as an employee utilization software. It also features some project management features, so it’s a great solution for small businesses trying to establish a workflow without needing multiple business software solutions. The platform offers billing and expense tracking features that ensure you manage your resources the best way possible and always stay on top of accurate invoices.

Using BigTime is quite beneficial for almost every industry, especially IT firms that are looking to upscale their working capabilities and reduce the time spent tracking time and assigning tasks. One thing that I was amazed was how many solutions the software provides. You get everything from resource management to some of the best integration options in the platform.

Time Tracking and Timesheet Features

BigTime has a timesheet system that auto-completes repetitive tasks and activities. Users can type in the initial letters of a specific entry and the system will automatically fill it, which shortens the time needed to log hours. In other words, the employees will not be wasting time they can dedicate to billable tasks and bring the profitability up.

Reporting and Analytics

For your employees to thrive, there must be some sort of reporting and analytics that will give you data on productivity. Everything on BigTime is data-backed. You can model different scenarios and test their impact on your business, even before taking any risk.

With advanced reporting, you get financial reports to get a complete picture of where your company stands.

Other Features

  • Billing and invoicing
  • Resource management
  • Project management
  • Workflows
  • Reports and analytics


  • Essentials: $200 per 10 users per month
  • Advanced: $350 per 10 users per month
  • Premier: $450 per 10 users per month
  • Projector: $600 per 10 users per month

Trial period


11. ActiveCollab

ActiveCollab online timesheets for managing time
ActiveCollab timesheet tracking software
ActiveCollab billable time software

ActiveCollab is an employee utilization software solution that offers the possibility to plan and conduct projects from start to finish. The platform is especially suitable for remote teams. The system has a communication system and is focused on enabling team members to successfully collaborate even when each of them is working from home.

More than 50,000 teams have already used ActiveCollab and the number is just increasing. What I love about this platform is how user-friendly it is. As you are doing work management, it seems like more of a play and less work, making ActiveCollab one of the best employee utilization software.

Time Tracking and Timesheet Features

ActiveCollab relies on an integrated stopwatch. Your team members can connect the stopwatches to specific tasks and projects. Then, they can switch between different stopwatches during the day so you’ll be able to accurately charge your clients for the time and resources invested in their projects.

Other Features

  • Work management
  • Team collaboration
  • Resource management
  • Client tracking
  • Profitability reports


  • Free
  • Plus – $9.5 per month for 3 users
  • Pro – $80.5 per 10 users per month
  • Pro+Get Paid – $110.75 per 10 users per month

Trial period

14 days

12. Primetric


Primetric is an employee utilization software solution that focuses on accumulating all important data and making it accessible and easy to analyze. The platform prides itself on working quickly and efficiently while offering accurate estimates. You can enter data on your different employees and their cost rates, as well as skillsets and availability. This way you’ll be able to create the most fitting team for all projects and start working on them immediately.

I used Primetric for different things like resource planning, resource and skills management, project portfolio management, project accounting, time and expense tracking, and business intelligence. All the features are amazing and high quality, making it one of the best

Time Tracking and Timesheet features

Primetric generates timesheets comprised of each team member’s time spent on individual tasks and projects. Your employees can request time off through the system as well. Finally, there are two dashboards available – private and public, so you can control who has access to what information.

Other features

  • Resource estimates and management
  • Budget planning and tracking
  • Reporting
  • PTO management
  • Integrations with other solutions


Standard – $38 per manager and $10 per employee per month

Professional – $38 per manager and $12 per employee per month

Enterprise – custom plan

Trial period

No free trial is available


Employee utilization is a crucial part of any organization’s success. Yet, it is often overlooked, and employee management software rarely accounts for it. Time Analytics understands both the importance of this metric and how frustrating it is to have to calculate it manually.

That is why we have brought you the best employee utilization software solutions available. We hope our list helps you find the perfect platform that will bring your profit up and help you utilize and unify your team members!

Saad Ali

Saad started his Content Writing journey in 2019 on Fiverr, where he catered to over 100 businesses in different niches like SaaS, Crypto, Meta, Gaming, Entertainment, and more.

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