17 Must-Read Law Firm Management Books

17 Must-Read Law Firm Management Books

Saad Ali
Written by Saad Ali
August 14, 2023

Jobs for lawyers are expected to grow at a 4% rate in the next decade. However, with increasing competition in the field, how can you stay ahead of the curve and get that dream job you’ve always wanted?

Most lawyers spend more time researching, managing, and handling important paperwork than actually interacting with their clients. So whether you’re a new law student or a veteran in the field, we have the best 17 essential law firm management books for you.

17. You Can’t Teach Hungry: Creating the Multimillion Dollar Law Firm

This book is easily one of the best for creating a law firm. John Morgan crafted a book with answers to all the lawyers’ questions. This book talks about the exact road maps, tips and tricks, and challenges that you must face to create a successful multimillion-dollar law firm.

From strategies, advertising plans, and challenges to using the tools that will allow you to set up your firm, You Can’t Teach Hungry is a top-tier lawyer book that is recommended to all lawyers.

16. Traction by Gino Wickman

Another book that needs no introduction, Traction is an entrepreneurial classic that is not only built for lawyers but all small business owners. This book talks about how your interaction with the team members and staff makes or breaks your goals.

Moreover, Gino Wickman talks about amazing management tricks, which make Traction one of the best law office management books of all time. You won’t get these skills taught in law school, but the book does provide you with the essential knowledge to thrive.

15. Solo by Choice: How to Be the Lawyer You Always Wanted to Be

Solo by Choice is pretty self-explanatory. To sum it up, the book is designed for lawyers who have dreamt of owning their own practice without committing to leaving their job and extra stress. It teaches you the right way to keep your solo law journey as a side hustle while building your dream firm.

It is one of the best books on law firm management and how to transition from a job holder to a firm owner.

14. Never Split the Difference: Negotiating As If Your Life Depended On It

What is that one skill that separates a good lawyer from a bad one? Negotiation tactics. Knowing good negotiation tactics can put you above all other lawyers, even the firms that you’re competing with.

Chris Voss is not a small name as he’s speaking about his own experience in the book. From negotiating with bank robbers and terrorists, he’s given us the ultimate negotiation starter pack to thrive in this world.

13. Playing to Win by A.G. Lafley and Roger L. Martin

Strategy is everything. If you want the perfect law firm management book, then Playing To Win talks about all the strategies and how you can optimize your goals to turn your firm into the next big thing.

You’ll be given many successful business strategies and how business became big, and it gives you a great insight into what happened in practice with the leading brand Proctor and Gamble, with a lot of chapters about the legal industry.

A side profile of a woman in a russet-colored turtleneck and white bag. She looks up with her eyes closed.

“A lawyer without books would be like a workman without tools”

Thomas Jeffersor

12. Alternative Fees for Litigators and Their Clients

Ever since the world is going digital, people have been going for other models that aren’t related to hourly charges. This is true, especially for lawyers, and the book is ideal for attorneys who want to implement an evaluable alternative non-hourly fee structure when working with clients.

This book is written by a trial lawyer with over 30 years of experience, and the guide has a lot of materials for lawyers to go through.

11. Radical Candor: Be a Kick-Ass Boss Without Losing Your Humanity

If you’re already a firm owner, then you know the importance of managing an entire team. Not only do you have to preserve yourself in a professional manner but you also have to have tough conversations with employees.

Radical Candor is not just a book, but it’s a culture. It talks about a culture of creating feedback, building a team of certified professionals, and aiming to achieve goals efficiently.

10. How Successful Law Firms Really Work by Bobby Feisee and David L. Ginsberg

This book breaks down everything you need to know about law practice management and many other important topics that are covered in this book. There are multiple chapters that talk about things you need to consider and apply to create a perfectly sustainable law firm.

Moreover, the book also comes with templates and forms that you can download and make the book’s concepts simple yet effective.

9. Attorney and Law Firm Guide to the Business of Law: Planning and Operating for Survival and Growth, Third Edition

Attorney and Law Firm Guide covers all aspects of running a law firm. Whether you’re new to the law firm game or already an established business, this book has all the framework needed for success and sustainability.

What I love about the Attorney and Law Firm Guide to the Business of Law is that it talks about all the information you need to take and implement to achieve success. A truly magnificent lawyer book.

8. Fireproof: A Five-Step Model to Take Your Law Firm from Unpredictable to Wildly Profitable

The name says it all. Building your law firm from scratch isn’t easy. While most people get into this culture of grind and start working aimlessly, it comes with a lot of growth challenges. You might also face financial hurdles if you don’t have the perfect business model.

Hence, in Fireproof, the author Mike Morse and John Nachazel talk about five principles that will help you sort out what’s missing from your firm. This book is a great guide towards getting more clients, making more money, and being free from the 9-5 life.

7. Tiger Tactics: Powerful Strategies for Winning Law Firms by Jay Ruane, Ryan McKeen, Billie Tarascio, William Umansky, & Theresa DeGray

Tiger Tactics is one of the best books on starting a new firm. This book gives you all the motivation, path, and managerial abilities for you to succeed. The best part about Tiger Tactics is that it is a book written by five lawyers who actually achieved it.

You’ll also get clear steps that you can follow to hit your next financial target as a law firm.

6. How to Start & Build a Law Practice

Written by Jay Foonberg, this book is an absolute masterpiece. It is a legal book that offers a guide to planning, launching, and growing your own law firm. While a lot of advice might be outdated, the ideas are clear, and you can still get clients using the classic way.

When we talk about the basics, this book covers everything you need to learn to start and build a successful law practice.

5. Never Lose a Customer Again: Turn Any Sale into Lifelong Loyalty in 100 Days

Clients come and go, and that’s the nature of the law business. However, Never Lose a Customer Again tends to believe the opposite. Most lawyers get discouraged and even feel bad when they lose a client.

But Joey Coleman, the author of this book, has written all the tactics that can potentially turn a one-time purchaser into a recurring customer. These methods are proven and are perfect for getting clients into your firm and increasing the retention rate.

4. Lawyers Guide To Creating Systems, Getting Clients, & Becoming A Legal Rainmaker by David Britton

This book talks about the 11 steps to make a successful law firm and for law firm owners to start their own practice. Moreover, the models talked about in this book are also great for fixing the foundation of an existing law firm.

The book is written by David Britton, who gives a lot of importance to marketing your firm, including the digital and social media presence, how to do online business, developing law firms, and the practical ways to increase the revenue of your business.

3. The E-Myth Attorney: Why Most Legal Practices Don’t Work and What to Do About It

This book takes the opposite route. Why? While most books talk about the positive, this one takes the opposite journey. The book is all about why most legal practices don’t work and how you can fix them using tools and strategies available in the modern era.

The book is also one of the most recommended law practice management books of all time.

2. The Law Firm Of Your Dreams: Say Goodbye to Your Boss, Say Hello to the Law Firm You’ve Always Dreamed of by John Fisher

The internet and libraries are filled with law books. However, this is one of the best books ever written. Not only is The Law Firm of Your Dreams a great law management book, but it is also an ideal starting point for most beginners who want to open their firm.

As a law firm owner, you have to take care of multiple departments like sales, finance, operations, marketing, and a lot more. So, this book’s sole focus is to provide you with all the insights, actionable steps, and management tactics for creating the most balanced law firm.

1. The Game-Changing Attorney: How to Land the Best Cases, Stand Out from Your Competition, and Become the Obvious Choice in Your Market

At number 1, we have The Game Changing Attorney, which is a book that most law firm owners read and recommend. The book’s founder and CEO Michael Mogill, guides you through all the lessons he’s learned through years of legal marketing experience.

Not only does this book provide you with the best tactics for standing out and creating the best law firm, but it also gives you the ability to attract clients and unlock the true potential of your law firm.

To read more about how law firms work, check our blog post: How Do Law Firms Work? Types, Structure, FAQ

Final Verdict

The world of lawyers would be so easy if there was a one-for-all solution. Well, we can’t find a book that covers everything but these 17 books ensure that you create the best possible law firm on your end.

Especially the top 10, these books talk about all types of hardships a lawyer faces and how to counter them and create a law firm that thrives.

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