15+ Time Tracking Software for Non-profit Organization

15+ Time Tracking Software for Non-profit Organization

March 28, 2022

Non-profits do a lot of good in this world. However, keeping track of employee time can be challenging, and take away a lot of precious time intended for other activities. We are here to present the best time tracking software that will help you return to your activities and track all time easily and quickly.

1. Time Analytics

time analytics Time Tracking Software for Non-profit Organization

Time Analytics is a time tracking software solution that enables its users to log time quickly and efficiently. The platform offers a multitude of useful features that make the everyday operations of your organization much easier. It has a goal of reducing the time spent on administrative tasks as well as time tracking itself. This is possible due to the platform’s intuitive interface and simple commands. Hence, any employee or volunteer can track their activities quickly and with no hassle, leaving them with more time to work on their tasks.

The platform offers two ways to track time – through an automatic timer or manually. To make the use even more convenient, Time Analytics offers multiple ways to access the most common tasks in only a few clicks. You can copy timers related to specific tasks or projects, as well as create a timesheet template and use it every day, eliminating the need to create reports from scratch again and again.

Reports are some of Time Analytics’ best features. You can track your organization’s progress in real-time, but also its development through time. Tracking individual employees and volunteers, tasks, and projects will allow you to detect the warning signs of negative business practices. It will also warn you about burnout and overworking. If you are to lead a successful non-profit, it is important to keep the morale and the faith in the organization high. That is to say, you will be able to continue your mission by showing your own members you really care about them as well as your common goal.

Tracking different expenses while tracking time is a good way to keep tabs for your own, but also for your donors’ sake. Time Analytics automatically creates itemized lists of activities and their costs you can export and present to your donors to be as transparent as possible.


  • Time tracking – track employee and volunteer work accurately, monitor project progress, and assess the time you will need for future endeavors
  • Time off management – track vacations, sick leaves, and other types of time off through the system
  • Cost tracking – know exactly where your money goes and manage your finances more efficiently
  • Reports – receive accurate reports that indicate your organization’s performance on all fronts and notice potential work mistakes before they become critical
  • Billing and invoices – track time and expenses by employee/volunteer and prepare itemized invoices both for your donors and employees


  • Free
  • Starter – $4.99
  • Optimum – $6.99
  • Premium – $12.99

2. Hours Tracker

hours tracker Time Tracking Software for Non-profit Organization

This convenient mobile app available for all Mac devices is a great way to keep track of your remote team. Hours Tracker offers multiple automatic timers you can toggle between to keep track of different tasks. the app has started as a simple automatic tracker but has also recently added some new features. Now you can create accurate invoices for your employees and donors, as well as edit entries to be more accurate.

The application prides itself on its innovative approach to reports and graphic visualizations. You can get an insight into your organization’s business structure from multiple angles and project future steps.


  • Time tracking – use multiple timers to track the time you spend on different tasks
  • Invoicing – create detailed itemized invoices that show how your team spends time and funds
  • Reports – receive an analysis that looks at your organization from multiple angles


  • Free
  • Personal – $7.99

3. Clicktime

clcik time Time Tracking Software for Non-profit Organization

ClickTime is a time tracking platform that enables its users to track, manage and plan employee hours. The solution is also a great way to project budgets for different projects. Clicktime has a dedicated nonprofit module that also tracks funding sources, functional expenses, costs of programs, and other important metrics. This makes the platform especially suitable for all kinds of nonprofit organizations, no matter their branch.

The software solution makes tracking specific metrics very easy, as it allows different on-demand reports that can be filtered and customized to fit your needs. Time tracking is based on timesheets and offers a plethora of options to make filling them as simple and quick as possible.


  • Time tracking – track the time your volunteers and employees spend on tasks as well as out of office
  • Expense tracking – receive accurate expense reports for each team member
  • Reports – get all necessary information about your organization and the way it functions


  • Starter – $9
  • Team – $12
  • Premier – $24
  • Enterprise – custom plan

4. OnTheClock

on the clock Time Tracking Software for Non-profit Organization

OnTheClock is a web-based time tracking program that has a goal of reducing the time necessary to track time and comply with different regulations, leaving the employees and volunteers with more time to dedicate to their tasks and your organization’s vision.

The software is easy to use, as it has been designed with the users’ convenience in mind. However, this doesn’t mean the app’s functions are sub-par or insufficient. Like all good software, OnTheClock is aiming to provide powerful results with as little hassle on your team’s side as possible. The platform offers a phone app as well, so it is great for field and remote teams.


  • GPS – know where all your employees and volunteers are clocking in from
  • Integrations – the platform integrates with multiple payroll programs, such as QuickBooks and ADP
  • Time off tracking – let everyone in your team be aware of their remaining and accrued paid time off


The pricing depends on the number of employees and starts at $3 per employee for small teams

5. Time Doctor

time doctor Time Tracking Software for Non-profit Organization

Time Doctor is one of the most famous time tracking programs currently available. This is due to the platform’s long existence and well-deserved reputation. It offers some stricter methods of employee monitoring, such as taking screenshots and monitoring user activity. However, these features are optional.

One of the software’s strongest suits is the fact that it is available in multiple languages, which isn’t common for this type of software but is definitely important for many organizations. Time tracking through Time doctor is simple, and automatically analyzes the time dedicated to specific projects and tasks. additionally, the software’s payroll feature is a great addition and guarantees accuracy.


  • Time tracking – receive time reports as well as an analysis of the time your employees and volunteers spend on different tasks
  • Employee monitoring – detect and prevent bad business habits within your team
  • Reports – receive reports on all important metrics to help you make good business decisions


  • Basic – $7
  • Standard – $10
  • Premium – $20

6. Harvest

harvest non profit organization

Harvest is another simple time tracking solution that allows employees, volunteers, and organization higher-ups to log their hours in comprehensive timesheets from anywhere. The platform is available on all devices, which makes it great for remote teams. The platform’s goal is to help teams thrive by being as simple as possible while providing enough data to create powerful reports.

Harvest offers its users the opportunity to use its pre-made templates to reduce the time needed to track time even more. Even though entering the information takes very little time, Harvest delivers reports and analyses of any organization necessary to continue developing and furthering its cause.

Finally, Harvest gives its users the ability to create invoices and conduct payments accurately. This means that both investments and expenses will be accounted for.


  • Time tracking – an intuitive interface to help your team log their hours with as little hassle as possible
  • Reports – a wide variety of visual reports to illustrate progress and indicate problems
  • Invoicing – create itemized lists of activities and expenses for your donors and transparency


  • Free
  • Pro – $12

7. Cashboard

cashboard Time Tracking Software for Non-profit

Cashboard is a time tracking software solution that aims to reduce the time needed for paperwork as much as possible. Even though the app is primarily aimed at freelancers, nonprofit organizations can also use it to their benefit. It offers simple timesheets that can be edited and added retrospectively as well.

Task management is another element of the platform, whether personal or collaborative. Tasks are clearly marked and can be dragged and dropped into different columns to indicate progress. Finally, Cashboard also supports online payments and lists and organizes them. The app is cloud-based, which makes both work, task management, and invoicing possible from anywhere.


  • Timesheets – log your hours quickly and accurately and predict future projects
  • Project management – view all projects, divide them into tasks and allocate said tasks
  • Online invoicing and payments – receive donations the easiest way possible


  • Freelancer – $8.25
  • Premium – $15
  • Ultra – $250

8. Tsheets

tsheets Time Tracking Software for Non-profit

Tsheets is a time tracking platform created with the intention of making job cost and payroll calculations, as well as billing and invoicing as simple as possible. The app has mobile and desktop versions, so your team can access it from anywhere, team, field, or office alike. This app is an integral part of QuickBooks, so it is a great option if you are already using QuickBooks for accounting purposes and to make and receive payments.

Tsheets relies on automatic time trackers, which ensure maximum accuracy without your employees and volunteers having to toggle between different timers. The program makes invoicing and payroll processes very simple as you can mark the logged time as either billable or non-billable.


  • Timesheets – each team member can log their activity through a simple timesheet
  • Offline tracking – the automatic timers enable your team to track their time even without internet access
  • Payments – the platform is integrated with QuickBooks, so you can send and receive payments through it


  • Premium – $20 base rate + $8 per user per month
  • Elite – $40 base rate + $10 per user per month

9. Toggl

toggl Software for Non-profit Organization

Toggl is a time tracking software solution with a youthful approach and design. Hence, it is a great solution if you are managing a younger team. The platform is available as a web, desktop, and mobile app. It is optimized for all devices, so it’s a great solution for teams on the go. Toggl offers over one hundred integrations with other business software solutions, so you don’t have to worry about switching from your favorite platform either.

The platform’s main goal is to save its users time and money by allowing teams to find their work rhythms and work smarter, rather than harder. In the same vein, Toggl offers powerful reports that help users recognize both current and underlying problems and resolve them in the best possible way.


  • Time tracking – the platform offers a timer mode and a manual mode for your team’s convenience
  • Integrations – you can track time from other apps, like Asana and Trello
  • Reports – receive regular reports via email and get all crucial information on your organization


  • Free
  • Starter – $10
  • Premium – $20
  • Enterprise – Custom plan

10. Noko

noko Time Tracking Software for Non-profit Organization


Noko (formerly known as Freckle) is a timesheet-based time tracking solution. It reduces the need for administrative tasks and leaves your volunteers and employees with more time to dedicate to the good work you’re doing. Noko uses the data from the timesheets to create a plethora of important reports that directly answer the most important questions of any organization.

This is another app that aims to make time tracking more enjoyable and less of a burden for all users. This approach has gotten the platform quite a faithful user base. Noko is famous for its flexibility and simplicity.


  • Time tracking – use timesheets to understand how your team functions
  • Reports – understand time utilization, your most and least profitable activities, and much more
  • Invoicing – create detailed invoices with a click of a button


  • Team – $49 for 5 users
  • Organization – $199 for 25 users
  • Enterprise – $499

11. ToDoist

todoist Time Tracking Software for Non-profit Organization

ToDoist has a different approach to time tracking than most other entries on our list. It is a great tool for organizations and users that rely on lists to track their progress. You can add tasks to each list item and cross them off as you finish them. Additionally, you can create multiple lists, relating to different teams and projects, with different priorities and task types.

The platform is designed to be available on the go. You can assign lists to different volunteers and employees and label them for easier managing. In other words, the platform offers an overview of all tasks and the ability to delegate them. Hence, it is also a great project management tool.


  • Recurring lists, tasks, and due dates – each team member can create their routine
  • Favorites – prioritize and keep the most important tasks visible at all times
  • Task management – create and delegate different activities to your team


  • Free
  • Pro – $3
  • Business – $5

ToDoist offers a special 50% discount for registered nonprofit organizations.

12. WeWorked

weWorked Time Tracking Software for Non-profit Organization

WeWorked is a timesheet-based time tracking software solution. It is suitable for remote and field teams, as it allows tracking from anywhere. You can be sure the timesheets will be delivered on time, as the platform sends reminders to the users who haven’t filled their timesheets. Time tracking itself can be manual or through a time clock for better precision.

The platform offers integrations with the most popular business tools, like Xero and QuickBooks. Managers can approve timesheets or send them back for revisions. However, this isn’t a tedious activity, as it requires clicking a single button. That is to say, the process is simple for everyone involved.


  • Time tracking – clock in on the location or use an online timesheet to log hours
  • Reports – generate accurate and detailed reports from the collected data
  • Billable project balances – calculate balances and add them to itemized lists of activities


  • 3 users – $12.50
  • 10 users – $25
  • 25 users – $50
  • 100+ users – $83.33

13. ProofHub

proofhub Time Tracking Software for Non-profit Organization

This project management software solution doubles as a time tracking platform. It offers different views for all projects, like Gantt charts, boards, and workflows. In other words, you can observe your projects and their progress, delegate tasks, and see exactly who is working on which task and project.

ProofHub’s interface is available in multiple languages, which is great for non-English speaking users and international teams. The platform ensures all projects are finished and delivered on time. On top of it all, the interface is very intuitive, so your volunteers and employees can use the software no matter their level of computer knowledge.


  • Project management – divide projects into tasks and allocate them to your staff
  • Discussion topics – start direct conversations on different subjects with your employees
  • Multiple views – no matter whether you prefer Kanban boards, Gantt charts, or lists, ProofHub will deliver


Pricing depends on the number of team members, starting at $50 and five users

14. Track it Forward

Track it Forward Time Tracking Software for Non-profit Organization

If your organization runs primarily on volunteer work, Track it Forward is a great solution for you. The platform relies on a mobile app that allows volunteers to track their own hours from anywhere. It also offers different ways for the volunteers to identify themselves – through check-in kiosks, taking selfies, using GPS, or signatures.

As the entire app is geared toward non-profits and volunteer-based organizations, Track it Forward offers some specific features, like an event calendar that allows the volunteers to log their hours around specific events. Finally, you can monitor your organization’s progress through general and custom graphs.


  • Time tracking – you or the volunteers can log hours manually and submit timesheets for approval
  • Reports – download 6 different types of reports on all logged hours and observe project progress
  • Verification – use the verification method that suits your organization best to avoid buddy-punching


The pricing depends on the number of volunteers whose time you’re tracking. The platform offers a free version for up to 25 volunteers

15. TimeCamp

TimeCamp Time Tracking Software for Non-profit Organization

TimeCamp is one of the most well-known time tracking platforms currently on the market. It allows its users to track their time automatically and through timesheets. By doing so, your team will provide important data that is later calculated and turned into performance reports, so you can track your organization’s work.

TimeCamp relies on automatic time tracking, as well as monitoring user activity to an extent. Namely, the app will scan the domain names of the apps your staff and volunteers are using while at work, and sort them into pre-defined categories to help every team member focus on their work.


  • Time tracking – automatic time tracking for your team’s convenience
  • Reports – get productivity and profitability reports, as well as other types of summaries of your business
  • Billable time – mark the logged hours as either billable or non-billable for easier invoicing


  • Free
  • Basic – $7
  • Pro – $10
  • Enterprise – custom plan

16. Monitask

monitask Time Tracking Software for Non-profit Organization

Monitask is another time tracking app that provides a significant discount for nonprofit organizations. Besides that, it is a great option for international and remote teams, as it offers remote time tracking as well as a multi-language interface. However, one of the platform’s main features is a screenshot option, which may not be very popular with your team members. Another monitoring option is website and app tracking, which ensures there is no time theft.

Monitask is a great project management tool, as you can easily monitor the time and funds invested in a project. finally, you will receive reports on your organization’s most important metrics you can customize.


  • Time tracking – automated time tracking that starts and finishes with a simple click of a button
  • Employee monitoring – receive screenshots and reports of the apps and websites your team uses
  • Reports – customize the aspects of your business you want to receive reports on


  • Pro – $5.99
  • Business – $8.99
  • Enterprise – $19.99

Monitask provides a 30% discount for eligible nonprofits

To Conclude

Nonprofit organizations open many opportunities for their users. They aren’t easy to run, as their reputation directly affects their funding and further operations. That is why it is very important to know exactly what is happening in your organization at all times. We have provided a list of the most popular time tracking platforms your organization can use. Hopefully, you’ve found your perfect match among our suggestions.


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