Profit and Loss Account for Professional Service Company

In this article you can download full functional Profit and loss account for professional service company.  This P&L is prepared based on functions of service company and contain few profit levels such as gross margin, commercial margin, EBITDA and net profit.

Profit and Loss Account

This Profit and Loss Account is prepared in excel and include all formulas for calculation of each indicator. In addition to the above presented column, the file contains:

  • Vertical analysis – additional columns for budgeted amounts and variance analysis between actual figures and budgeted figures and between actual figures and previous period figures.
  • Horizontal KPI analysis: 35+ KPIs for service company
  • Service line contribution to growth graph

P&L Development and KPIs improvement in service company is much easier if you have (billable) time tracking system implemented. In that case you can know where your team time goes, and improve people productivity and profitability of projects.