Three Software Tips For Any Company Starting Remote Working

Three Software Tips For Any Company Starting Remote Working

April 11, 2022

Back in March 2020, everyone was trying to figure out how they would be able to keep their businesses running smoothly while working from home. Fast forward to today, and many companies out there are bringing their employees back to the office. However, many of us have seen just how much remote working has to offer. We have seen the benefits that come from being able to offer our employees flexible hours and being able to recruit staff members from all over the country. It’s clear that employees are fans of remote working too. However, if you are just starting the remote working experience, you need to know a couple of things when it comes to your software. Here are a few tips to help you get started.

Get Everyone On The Same Software

This may sound like a basic tip, but it is essential and certainly caused a few headaches when the big remote working pivot first occurred a couple of years ago. It is vitally important that you make sure that all your employees are using the same software, and that everyone has the right version. You would be surprised by how many businesses failed to factor this in, but if you want to make sure that you hit the ground running, you do not want to make this mistake. Check that everyone is updating when those updates are available!

Consider Your HR Needs

One of the benefits of working in an office has always been that your HR manager has felt accessible. All your staff had to do was knock on the door and talk to someone who could handle their problems. When you are working remotely, your HR representative is going to have a bit more on their plate. This is especially true right now, given everything that we have seen about employee burnout and other health issues. Investing in quality HR software will help them streamline their work and ensure that they have enough time for all their responsibilities. Holiday management software, for example, can make things so much easier when you are juggling the needs of a growing number of staff. To learn more about how this software can help you, visit myhrtoolkit. They have fantastic HR software that can help you to ease the burden on your team and a range of resources to help you learn more.


Keep Everyone On The Same Page

When running a team remotely, one of the major issues is ensuring that nothing gets missed. Things are going to be tricky for a while yet, especially with the government’s pandemic support ending, so we need to all be moving in the same direction. Communication is going to be a major priority, so find software that works for you for those quick messages. You want to avoid having several different channels and finding out that the message you were waiting for on Slack actually came through on one of the four work WhatsApp channels ages ago. There are plenty of software options out there that can give you real-time updates on how the work is progressing when it comes to project management. You should consider setting aside some training time to ensure that everyone understands what they need to do.


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