Replicon Timesheet Review (Features, Pricing, and Alternatives)

Replicon Timesheet Review (Features, Pricing, and Alternatives)

Saad Ali
Written by Saad Ali
June 8, 2023

A time tracker tool’s job is to enable businesses to succeed. But what type of success are we talking about?

Well, from increasing productivity, eliminating manual management tasks, and removing micromanagement to automating things like billing and invoicing, a good timesheet and time-tracking application set a business up for success.

Replicon stands out due to its unified features among hundreds of time-tracking software.

With many high-profile clients, Replicon claims to be the single source of resources and time. But how true is it, and what are the features of Replicon? Moreover, is it worth the price that the company is charging?

We’ll cover everything you need to know about Replicon, from its features, pricing, pros & cons, to the perfect alternative you can choose if you want a different experience.

So without further ado, let’s dive into the Replicon Timesheet review.

Replicon Timesheet Review

Replicon is a project management and time-tracking software that uses advanced timesheets to track valuable business data, get important insights, and have the stakeholders make the best possible decisions. The software has many time tracking and project management tools to aid a business in operating and optimizing the current workflow to make tracking easier.

The main highlight of Replicon is its advanced timesheets, which allow businesses to track valuable insights, let employees clock in/out, add billable and nonbillable hours, and gain information about a task’s progress. With its API support, you can also integrate popular software your businesses use to stay ahead of the curve.

So, let’s talk about the key features that make Replicon stand out from the rest.

Advanced Time Clocking

Unlike much other time-tracking software, Replicon has its shenanigans, like being able to grant clocking-in permission by facial recognition. As technology progresses, it’s about speed and how fast you can get stuff done. With Replicon, users can easily sign in by simply scanning their faces.

Moreover, the software can also be used as a kiosk, allowing users to clock in from any device like mobile, desktop, or simply a browser. This makes clocking in on vacation or anywhere in the world easier.

Especially for managers who have to run business operations from nearly anywhere in the world, the advanced time-clocking features of Replicon make it easier for businesses to thrive. Here are the features at a glance:

  • AI-enabled time and attendance management.
  • Mobile and Desktop apps are available.
  • Get advanced insights into time and attendance metrics.

Time Tracking

Intelligent time tracking is one of the major highlights of Replicon. The software uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to create user-friendly and ready-to-view timesheets. Companies can easily capture the employee’s data without going the traditional route.

Rather, the AI does most of the job for you so that employees can work on their digital devices without the hassle of manual evaluation.

The time tracker is also heavily customizable, making it easier for companies to set their ground rules and make the tracking system that fits their culture. Doing so will decrease the margin for errors and enhance overall productivity.

  • Leverage push notifications.
  • Intuitive time tracking from anywhere in the world.
  • Creates billable invoices automatically while tracking time.


For any time tracker to compete with the upper echelon of tracking tools, it must have some sort of third-party integration using APIs. Surprisingly enough, Replicon doesn’t disappoint in this department.

Many integration options enable you to share your business data with existing business applications, including project management, HR, accounting, Payroll, ERP, and more.

For instance, you can use Zoom, Microsoft Outlook, and Asana to import and export data between platforms and have a sense of collaboration.

Here are some of the existing business applications that Replicon can integrate with:

  • SAP, ADP, Salesforce, Quickbooks, Atlassian, MS Dynamics, Sage, and ServiceNow.
  • Microsoft Software like Zoom, Outlook Calendar, Teams, and Teams Bot.
  • Google Services like Google Calendar, Meet, ChatBot, and more.

Support Options

  • Bay Area, United States Phone: +1 (650) 286-9200
  • Toronto, Canada Phone: +1 (647) 557-9450
  • Calgary, Canada Phone: +1 (403) 262-6519
  • London, United Kingdom Phone: +44 20 3514 5511
  • Sydney, Australia Phone: +61 2 8310 4797
  • Bangalore, India Phone: +91 80 6715 4444
  • Contact Page via Email:


  • Time & Attendance: Start at $6/mo (Workforce Management, Time & Attendance, Global Time Off, Global Labor Compliance, CloudClock)
  • Project Time Tracking: Starts at $12/mo (TimeBill, ProjectTime, Expense, TimeOff)
  • PSA and PPM: Starts at $29/mo (Polaris PSA, Polaris PPM)

Pros & Cons

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Time Analytics as Another Option

Time Analytics is a great alternative to Replicon due to its timesheet features. It eliminates timesheet headaches by reducing admin tasks and helps you understand your cost better, allowing your team to focus on the most important tasks.

Time Analytics makes it easier for companies of all sizes to track time, get advanced reporting options, and evaluate team performance tracking. The software outshines the simplicity department, making it easier for employees and users of all backgrounds to track time efficiently without worrying about manual tasks.

Here are some of the features that make Time Analytics a perfect competitor

Online Timesheets

Time Analytics enables you to remove the guesswork and manual labor by introducing online timesheets. The simple timesheets will reduce admin tasks, help you understand your spending better, and allow your employees to focus on more important things while automatically calculating team performances.

However, the timesheets also contain advanced features that make them valuable for a company. For example, there are advanced filters that you can use to sort data and manipulate it in whatever way you fit. Moreover, reporting is also a strong forte of Time Analytics.

  • Get insights from timesheets.
  • Add filters or notes.
  • Export timesheets to PDF of Excel

Time Tracking

Time Analytics makes time tracking easier, effortless, and stress-free. The all-in-one tracker is ideal for individuals, freelancers, and small to big companies. But the main use case is for companies who want to manage remote and hybrid employees because that’s where the time tracking is significant.

With Time Tracking, you also get a daily or weekly calendar view, so you can plan your whole week with projects and shine regarding your management. Here are some of the time-tracking features that Time Analytics offers:

  • Schedule daily or weekly calendar views
  • Manage your team’s activities
  • Track real-time revenues to boost your profits

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Security is Time Analytics’ number one priority, and the company understands how important it is to protect its user’s data. Hence, many security methods are used, like Data Encryption, SSL Encryption, No Third-Party Access, Backup & Restore.

Data Encryption: Critical data like passwords and credit cards must be protected. Time Analytics uses third-party tools like Stripe to store credit card details; sensitive details aren’t stored in the software’s server.

SSL Encryption: SSL encryption is the prime indicator of Time Analytics’ security. All certificates are issued by Let’s Encrypt, which is the most popular SSL service.

Backups: The data is backed up daily and kept for a week in case anything goes wrong. Hence, the chances of you losing your data are almost nonexistent.

Support Options

Email Address:

Phone Support: +381607033040

Contact Us Page:


Time analytics pricing

Pros and Cons of Time Analytics

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Replicon vs. Time Analytics – A Complete Comparison


Replicon and Timesheets have some of the most user-friendly time-tracking tools that enable businesses to succeed when tracking their employees.

Replicon takes the cake for being more advanced regarding options like AI face tracking, Geolocation tracking, and a lot more.

However, Time Analytics is better regarding sheer simplicity and getting the job done. If you value advanced features more, then Replicon should be your choice.

However, if you are looking for ease of use, faster user experience, and managing employees no matter the size of your company, then Time Analytics is the right choice.

Both tools offer similar features, and their focus is similar; to track the company’s time and increase productivity. Moreover, Replicon and Time Analytics have great online timesheets with advanced reporting that gives you important details about your business and employees and how to optimize the workflow for maximum profitability.

Getting Started with Time Analytics

Time Analytics has proven to bring positive ROI in companies, as you can see in their case study. With up to 20% ROI, the features help businesses make important decisions and streamline their focus toward productivity.

With Time Analytics, you focus more on growing your company and automate most of the time tracking and headaches. It can be harder to track progress, especially when your employees work in a hybrid or online environment. That’s where Time Analytics comes in.

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