5 Salary Negotiation Tips For A Better Work-Life Balance

5 Salary Negotiation Tips For A Better Work-Life Balance

March 14, 2023

Whether you’re a first-time job seeker or an employee looking for a change, you’ll probably know what you want from an opportunity.

Of course, a hike will be on top of your wishlist. But most candidates also look for an optimal work-life balance as a part of the deal.
Who’ll want to work long hours for a measly paycheck? Well, you’re not alone if you agree! But things aren’t the way they should be.

According to a Glassdoor survey, 60% of candidates said they didn’t negotiate their salary during a job search. That’s surely a lot of missed opportunities!
The worst part is that people often miss a chance to improve their work-life balance.

Worry not guys, we’ve got some helpful tips on negotiating your salary for a better work-life balance. So, job hunters- buckle up and dive in!

Calculate your worth

Before you embark on a job hunt, you’ve got to calculate your worth. It’s easier than you imagine because the calculation is less about math and more about research.

Dig deep to find the average salary for the position and location you’re looking at.
And yes, consider your education, skills, and experience when putting a price tag on them. Don’t let anyone lowball you, boss!

Highlight your USP

Like brands, job seekers have their USPs, which they should leverage during the negotiation process.

It’s all about selling oneself! If you convince the employer about your unique value, you can get them to agree to your terms.
It means you are in a better place to secure a good pay package and the work-life balance you want.

Be clear about your expectations

Don’t shy away from conveying your work-life balance expectations to your recruiter during the negotiation.

In fact, if you know how to negotiate salary offer, the topic will be at top of your mind.
For example, you may have to leave work at a specific time to pick up your kid from daycare. Or you may require an off when your child has a vaccination day.

Ensure your employer knows about these expectations beforehand.

Negotiate for flexible working arrangements

Well, flexible working arrangements are another significant aspect of getting a better work-life balance as a part of the deal. Most employees prefer hybrid work mode because it offers them more flexibility.
You may also discuss the option of adjusting your schedule according to your needs for a remote role. A flexible arrangement may impact your salary, but the trade-off is often worthwhile.

Practice your negotiation skills

Negotiating salaries can be intimidating, and it gets harder when work-life balance comes into the equation.

Practicing your negotiation skills gives you an upper hand in the conversation.
You feel more comfortable and confident and may be in a better place.

Honing your skills with a friend or mentor is a good way to sharpen up before getting to business.
Remember that work-life balance is as significant as the figure on your paycheck. Don’t be afraid to ask for what you expect. But be willing to compromise if necessary because you may need to settle for a smaller check if you want a better work-life balance. Keep it real- you may find the best balance between both.

Good luck!

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