Scoro Reviews 2024: Details, Pricing, & Features

Scoro Reviews 2024: Details, Pricing, & Features

Jelena Lukic
Written by Jelena Lukic
December 20, 2022

Scoro is a work management software that aims to simplify the entire business process. this includes Scoro time tracking, project streamlining, improvement in utilization, and an automatic billing feature.

Due to a large number of functions and features, Scoro has become one of the most famous business software solutions. Scoro time tracking in particular is an interesting feature that many like.

Namely, the platform takes a holistic approach to time management.

So, let us investigate what makes Scoro as popular as it is.

While we will be focusing on time tracking, we will also present other features.

scoro time tracking apps

Scoro Time Tracking Features

Time management is the platform’s biggest priority.

To achieve the best results, the time tracking and planning aspects are intertwined.

This, in turn, allows precise planning and accurate time tracking.

  • Planning – the time tracking process is helped by Kanban boards and a planner. The managers can simply assign tasks to the employees through a drag-and-drop system
  • Time tracking – you can use timesheets and an automatic time tracker. These tools allow a high level of precision
  • Transparency – all tasks are listed in shared calendars. This way every employee has an enforced responsibility to finish their part of the work on time
  • Billability – Scoro time tracking allows you to mark all work hours as billable and non-billable. You will never lose money due to forgetfulness.

Project Management

Project management is another important aspect of the platform. It goes hand in hand with the time tracking feature.

Namely, planning is a crucial part of both processes, and the Gantt connects them.

  • Real-time Gantt chart – see how all projects are progressing in real-time.
  • As the calendar is also integrated, you will be able to see different events and their timeslots
  • Automation – forget about the time other companies lose on manual updates. All changes are automatically accounted for
  • Convenience – there is no need to look for a specific task. All information is in one easily manageable place


Finances are at the heart of any company.

This is another aspect of business Scoro covers.

  • Roles and permissions – allow authorized staff access to the information they need
  • Multiple currencies – no matter where your clients are from, you’ll have an accurate overview of your finances
  • Reports – understand the cash flow in your company, from project to overhead costs. Compare revenue to projected profit

Reporting and Dashboards

Real-time reporting is one of the most important features Scoro offers.

The platform allows users to see exactly what is going on at the current moment.

Additional analyses are also available.

  • Observe – understand high-risk elements of work and keep an eye on them
  • Report – receive in-depth reports on all the crucial elements of your work and compare them to your predictions
  • Plan – use the knowledge you acquire to plan your next step

Scoro Pricing

Scoro pricing

Scoro offers four different plans with different price points.

Essential ($28 per user per month with a minimum of five users)

  • Projects
  • Calendars
  • Task list and board
  • Contacts
  • Quotes
  • Invoices
  • Dashboards
  • Work and financial reports

Standard ($42 per user per month with a minimum of five users)

  • Everything in Essential
  • Gantt chart
  • Planning milestones and phases
  • Time tracker
  • Project templates
  • Purchase orders
  • Expenses and multiple currencies
  • Recurring tasks
  • Detailed financial reports

Pro ($71 per user per month with a minimum of five users)

  • Everything in Standard
  • Planner
  • Project budgets
  • Timesheets
  • Time locking
  • Billable time tracking
  • Sales pipeline
  • Margin and markup
  • Labor cost
  • Invoice reminders
  • Utilization reports

Ultimate (contact the Scoro team for information on pricing)

  • Single sign-on
  • Unlimited custom fields
  • Budgets and forecasts
  • Orders and contracts
  • Portal for the customers
  • Supplier reports
  • Work-in-progress reports
  • Multi-account reporting
  • FTP integration

What Users Think About Managing Time With Scoro


  • All-in-one solution
  • Flexibility
  • Visual dashboards
  • Good infrastructure


  • No modification
  • Issues with the email function
  • Difficult to use and adjust
  • Certain features are limited

Best Scoro Alternative

As you can see from our presentation, Scoro is quite a complex solution.

It offers a wide variety of features.

However, this isn’t always necessary.

Some businesses don’t need such in-depth analysis.

Additionally, the project management features can get confusing.

Finally, the price point for every plan is quite high.

If you are looking for a simpler, more straightforward solution that will still deliver great reports and help you manage your business, you’re in the right place.

Time Analytics is a refined timesheet solution that is both easy to use and comes at a significantly lower price point.

Let us see what the software has to offer.

Time Analytics Dashboard

Time Analytics – Track Time in a Few Clicks

Time Analytics is a user-friendly solution that allows employees to track their time quickly and accurately.

The software relies on automated timesheets that guarantee accuracy without taking a lot of time out of the employees’ busy schedules.

The interface is extremely simple and doesn’t require high computer skills.

In other words, Time Analytics is a great solution for small businesses and busy organizations that don’t have time for complex time tracking processes.

However, the timesheets provide high-quality reports.

To put it simply, the fields in the timesheets aren’t numerous, but still provide a lot of information.

Time Tracking Features

This is the main aspect of the application.

Namely, timesheets are the base every other aspect of the platform relies on.

  • Manual entries – create time entries from scratch and add time for each task manually
  • Automatic entries – create an entry connected to a specific task and let the system’s time clock track your time
  • Ease of use – all entries are created in a few clicks, and you can use previous entries to build them
  • Customizability – create templates to use for the timesheets that ask only for the necessary information
  • Real-time tracking – see how far along all your projects have come as well as individual team member activity
  • Daily and weekly views – get an insight into your company depending on the size and frequency of tasks
  • Task allocation – authorized users can create tasks and allocate them directly to the employees

Client and Project Monitoring


Having all the information regarding your own business is important.

However, we cannot deny the importance of other elements of the work – projects, and clients themselves.

Time Analytics provides reports on the state of your business in its entirety.

This means observing all elements that keep your business afloat. It also means identifying problematic areas and seeing how they affect your organization.

Time Analytics firmly believes in productivity and profitability without overworking.

In other words, the platform will help you identify the activities and clients who aren’t bringing you profit.

Then you can consider how to approach them individually.

  • KPI tracking – have all the performance indicators important for your work at your fingers at all times
  • Client tracking – discover the most profitable clients and prioritize their projects
  • Profit tracking – find out which projects and service lines are making you the most money and which ones cost you
  • Billing – show your clients all the effort and knowledge that go into their projects
  • Billability – mark all billable hours as such and never forget to charge for a billable activity again

Employee Performance Monitoring

No business can be better than its employees.

That is why it’s important to have your finger on your team’s pulse.

However, constant check-ins can create a negative atmosphere in your team.

Especially so if they’re misplaced. Micromanagement is an issue many employees don’t want to tolerate.

Fortunately, Time Analytics gives the management an insight into the employees’ days and activities with no need for micromanagement.

The timesheets themselves are a great way to keep track of each employee, on the employee’s terms.

You may be worried that the employees will use this method of time tracking to lie about their activities and slack off.

However, the difference between a person filling their timesheets out diligently and one embellishing the truth will become obvious.

  • Unrecorded hours – see whether the employees are utilizing their allotted work time in its entirety
  • Overtime – find out which team members are having issues that keep them in offices longer
  • Evaluation of productivity – see which employees are top performers when it comes to the number of billable hours
  • Workflow – obtain a deep insight into your organization’s task structure and troubleshoot any bottlenecks when they occur
  • Optimize profitability – compare your predictions to your results. Find out if there are any hiccups and find the best possible solution


Online Timesheet - Time Analytics

Timesheets lie at the heart of Time Analytics.

We are aware that there are many issues in timesheet management.

Thus, we found solutions for the biggest and most common issues.

The transition from paper timesheets or Excel spreadsheets allows managers to filter the data as they wish and find the exact pieces of information they need.

Additionally, online timesheets allow users to save time, as they can use previous entries and templates to speed up the process as well.

  • Templates – create a base for the timesheets that contains all the information you want to track. Use this as a universal template or create multiple templates for different departments
  • Daily and weekly view – choose how the timesheets look for easier management and finding specific information more quickly
  • Entry editing – the time clock turns employees’ data into time entries automatically. Yet, the employees are able to change the entries before submitting them to avoid any mistakes
  • Timesheet review – managers can also look over the employees’ timesheets and make final changes when they need to
  • Export – export the timesheets as PDF or Excel sheets for printing or further analysis when needed


The relationship of any business with its clients is the cornerstone of that business’s reputation.

That is to say, client satisfaction will determine whether you will get more clients and projects in some form.

As we all know, profit is every business’s goal.

This includes the clients as well.

That is to say, your customers will appreciate your efforts to become more transparent and show exactly what you do for them.

Time Analytics can help you achieve this goal.

  • Invoice appendix – give your clients an itemized list of all tasks that went into their project. this will show them what you do for them and their own business
  • Adjustable billing rates – assign each employee their hourly billing rate and include it in the appendix
  • Customize – not all information is relevant. Keep the details of the appendix concise and show only the important statistics
  • Editing – make final changes to the bills before you send them to make sure they’re as accurate as possible
  • Export – depending on your invoice policy send either a printed copy of the appendix or attach it as a PDF to the invoice

Tracking Time Off

Time off is one of the most important elements of work.

Simply put, people can’t work year-round with no time to rest.

Each employee needs time for rest, recovery, religious holidays, sick leave, etc.

However, not knowing a specific team member will be absent can hinder the business.

You may find yourself in a situation where you need to move deadlines or put more pressure on the remaining team members.

Of course, none of us can predict emergencies.

However, Time Analytics will allow you to have a general overview of the staff’s availability.

  • Availability calendar – make sure the team member will be available before giving them a time-sensitive task
  • PTO requests – the employees can ask for leave permission and have it accepted directly through the platform
  • Variety – there are multiple options for PTO, covering all bases
  • PTO balance – know how many days off are remaining for all team members

Time Analytics Dashboard


Scoro is a complex platform that gives you a detailed insight into all aspects of your business.

The platform has strong features and detailed reports that help business owners and managers make informed decisions.

However, the platform can be difficult to navigate.

Additionally, the price point is very high even for the Essential plan.

If you are looking for a simpler solution for a fraction of the price, you can try Time Analytics.


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