30 Best Time and Expense Tracking Software (Reviews and Prices)

2020 was different from any other year of our lives, but we’ll focus on the opportunities.

Many companies have started working remotely in 2020 and realized that this type of work is possible, usually with the help of time tracking apps. In this article, we’ll walk you through 30 of the best time and expense tracking and reporting solutions for 2021.

These applications will help you track time per employee, activity, project and also calculate the costs for these categories. So, not only will you be able to manage remote work, but you’ll also get detailed data for making management decisions and developing your business.

1. – TimeAnalytics – Time and Expense Tracking for Professional Service Firms

Time Analytics time and cost tracking solution

 TimeAnalytics is an automated online timekeeping software, designed to manage our own professional service business.


  • Time tracker solution: keeping track of employees’ work hours and getting comprehensive timesheets. With TimeAnalytics’ periodical timesheets, you can get information on billable and non-billable hours per employee, project (service line), client, and activities, as well as billable rates.
  • Cost tracking solution: automatically allocate generated costs to clients, projects, and service lines. When you start using the TimeAnalytics software, you should enter the cost per hour for each employee (salary costs, as well as overhead costs, if you’d like to add them). The software automatically allocates costs of employees in the following manner: if an employee’s cost per hour is 100$ and they work for two hours for a client, the cost for that client is 200$.
  • Performance management solution: tracking time utilization, billable and non-billable hours per project, activities, clients, client and project profitability, tracking employee productivity, etc.
  • Invoicing assistant: preparing data for invoicing.

After the 14-day free trial, you can choose between the following pricing options:

  • Free: for up to five users, 30 clients, 30 projects, and 100-time entries per one user per month
  • Starter plan: $4.99/user per month. The plan includes up to 15 users and 150 clients, while projects and time entries are unlimited. It also includes 24-hour email support.
  • Optimum plan: $6.99/user per month. The plan includes everything from the Starter plan, while the number of users and clients is unlimited.
  • Premium plan: $12.99/user per month. The plan includes everything from the Optimum plan, with profitability tracking and phone support added,

TimeAnalytics is the best time and expense tracking software for smaller professional service companies.

2. — AccountSight – Business Expense Tracking Software for Service Companies

AccountSight time and cost tracking

AccountSight markets itself as a time tracking and billing software for professional service companies.


  • Time tracker: a wide array of online time tracking features specifically designed for businesses, independent consultants, and freelancers.
  • Expense tracking app: efficient expense tracker that allows users to easily track and manage all project expenses.
  • Invoicing solution: automatically generating invoices. It provides three types of invoices: recurring invoice for costs incurred on a regular or cyclical basis, manual invoice for registering unscheduled expenses, an invoice based on billable hours and expenses in a project for a particular time period.
  • Reporting: using the dashboard to review, revise and analyze all the time tracking, expense tracking and, invoicing data.
  • Online project estimates: creating quick online project estimates for clients.
  • Integrates with QuickBooks.

After the free trial, you can choose between the following pricing plans:

  • Free plan: for one user, up to five clients, and five projects. The plan includes unlimited invoicing and T&E
  • Basic plan: $10 per user per month — for 2–5 users, with unlimited clients, projects, invoicing and T&E
  • Small Group plan: $9 per user per month — for 6–20 users, with unlimited clients, projects, invoicing and T&E
  • Enterprise plan: $8 per user per month — for 20–100 users, with unlimited clients, projects, invoicing and T&E

3. — Accelo – Automating Professional Service Operations

Accelo time and cost tracking

Accelo is an expense management software that helps professional services businesses grow.


  • Cloud-based CRM solution which includes built-in sales quoting. The price is $39/user per month.
  • Project management: features the convenience of automatic time-tracking, flexible invoicing, and easy one-click reporting. The price is $39/user per month.
  • Customer service management — includes support ticketing system. The price is $39/user per month.
  • Service retainer management: invoice automation and automatic time tracking. The price is $39/user per month.
  • All-in-one (ServOps): Accelo’s cloud-based ServOps (Service Operation Software) platform, built for Professional Services Automation (PSA), includes project management software, invoicing software, client management, automatic time tracking, etc. The price is $79/user per month.
  • Real-time reporting software: real-time intelligent reports engine for making data-driven decisions. The price is $12/user per month.
  • Integrates with Jira, Microsoft, MailChimp, etc.

The company offers a free 14-day trial.

Accelo is one of the best time and expense tracking software for larger professional service businesses.

4. – allhours – Automatic Timesheets for Your Business

AllHours time and cost tracking

Spica, the company behind allhours has been looking after people’s working time since 1989, and it currently does so for nearly a million people in more than 30 countries worldwide.


  • Mobile app: hours tracking and employee tracker solution
  • Payroll: setting reports and exporting the data needed for payroll
  • Absence management: managing absence requests and approvals on the mobile app
  • Time clocks: clocking in on a terminal with cards, badges, or bio-metrics
  • Analytics and reports: payroll reports, audit trail, clocking, absences, and adjustment report, period summary reports, monthly, weekly, and daily reports
  • Audit trail: chronological overview of data management
  • Real-time presence: employee tracker app (presence and arrivals)
  • Bluetooth beacons: accurate clocking location, automated mobile clocking, etc.


After the free trial, you get your own pricing plan, based on the number of your employees:

  • Up to ten users — €20 per month11–20 users — €4 per user per month
  • 21–50 users — €3.5 per user per month
  • 51–100 users — €3 per user per month
  • 101–249 users — €2.5 per user per month

250+ users — custom price

The solution is good for larger remote working teams.

5. – ATracker – Daily Task and Time Tracking App

ATracker time and cost tracking

ATracker is a expense reporting software that’s very easy to use and requires minimal setup. You can see the complete user-defined task list on the main screen, including the overview of a specific day’s time and goal progress. Time recording is started/stopped simply by clicking on a task.

ATracker produces reports in the form of a pie chart, bar chart, and goal progress which can be shared via Facebook, Twitter, and email. You can also export the data in CSV format.


  • Just one tap for starting and stopping a task
  • Time spending history: review in either list or calendar view
  • Reporting: creating reports in a pie chart, bar chart, and goal progress, shareable via email and social networks
  • Organizing tasks by tags
  • Easy setup: many advanced options included
  • Access from any device: smartphone, tablet, or computer
  • Widget & Watch: this feature is possible only with iOS – starting/stopping a task without unlocking your iPhone or iPad
  • UI customization: whole set of icons to choose from


Along with the Free plan, you can upgrade the ATracker with a $2.99 one-time payment for Android, or ATracker PRO for iOS with a one-time $4.99 payment. You can also choose the Premium plan for $2.99 per month.

6. – BigTime – Turn Time into Profit

BigTime time and cost tracking

BigTime Software is a private equity-funded company based in Chicago, committed to helping clients run professional services firms more efficiently, unlocking potential revenue, and improving profitability within the knowledge economy.


  • Time tracking: submitting time and expenses with easy-to-use, intuitive data entry
  • Billing and invoicing: preparing and sending custom invoices quickly
  • Resource allocation: assigning the right people to the right tasks at the right time without the worry of over/under scheduling
  • Project management: building better processes starting with project creation and budgets through to time, expenses, and billing
  • Time and Expense Reporting: seeing full business in real-time with advanced dashboards, analytics, and reports
  • Integrates with software such as QuickBooks, Lacerte, SalesForce, etc.


After the free trial, you can choose between three plans:

  • Express: $10 per user per month (minimum five users, billed annually)
  • Pro: $30 per user per month (minimum five users, billed annually)
  • Premier: $40 per user per month (minimum ten users, billed annually)

7. – Bill4Time – Comprehensive Time and Expense Reporting

Bill4Time time and cost tracking

Bill4Time is one of the best time and expense tracking software for legal and consulting businesses.


The main product features can be divided into the following categories:

  • Productivity
  • Management
  • Accessibility
  • Security

The productivity category provides the following product features:

  • Time tracking
  • Expense tracking
  • Billing and invoicing
  • Invoice templates
  • Online payments
  • Client portal
  • Custom features

The management category provides the following product features:

  • Practice management
  • Client management
  • Project management
  • Task management
  • Accounting
  • Expense Reporting
  • Firm metrics

The accessibility category provides the following product features:

  • Mobile apps
  • Desktop apps
  • Document management
  • Integrations
  • Software support

The security category provides the following product features:

  • Data security
  • User access


  • Time & Billing plan: $29/user per month($27/user per month if paid annually) — robust time and billing features for professionals
  • Legal Pro plan: $49/user per month ($45/user per month if paid annually) — streamlining workflows for legal practice management
  • Legal Enterprise plan: $89/user per month ($80/user per month if paid annually) — built for companies that need a custom experience

8. – ClickTime – Easy Online Timesheets

ClickTime time and cost tracking

ClickTime isn’t only a great app for professional service firms, but also for other types of organizations and businesses.


  • Track time: easily tracking employee hours, time-off, expenses —everything needed to run business; getting started with a simple mobile app or integrating ClickTime with existing systems.
  • Manage time: planning, approving, and budgeting employee time with ease; managing projects, understanding employee availability, and making smarter management decisions from anywhere in the world.
  • Report and grow: gaining new insights into the organization and answering the toughest questions about the business.


All plans include a 14-day free trial:

  • Starter plan: $12/user per month, $9/user if paid annually
  • Team plan: $16/user per month, $12/user if paid annually
  • Premier plan: $28/user per month, $24/user if paid annually
  • Enterprise plan: custom price, only annual payments are available

The Starter plan includes:

  • Easy time tracking
  • 70+ reports
  • Email reminders

The Team plan includes everything from the Starter plan, with the addition of:

  • Approval workflows
  • Advanced billing rates
  • Time-off management

The Premier plan includes everything from the Team plan, with the addition of:

  • Project budgeting
  • Resource planning
  • Utilization goals

The Enterprise plan includes everything from the Premier plan, with the addition of:

  • Single sign-on
  • Named account manager
  • Custom integrations

9. – ClickUp – One App to Replace Them All

ClickUp time and cost tracking


  • To-do lists: creating tasks, from simple to complex
  • Project management: customized option to plan project implementation
  • Docs and wikis: creating and sharing documents with co-workers
  • Spreadsheets: review of main tasks and activities
  • Email: creating and automating tasks from emails and collaborating on  emails with co-workers
  • Events: using ClickUp calendars, timelines, and Gantt charts to plan tasks, schedule your team, and sync in real-time with Google, Outlook, and Apple
  • Reminders: viewing daily tasks, reminders, and Google Calendar events in one place
  • Goals tracking: setting goals and aligning the team, tracking the team in real-time
  • Time tracking: tracking time, adding estimates, and building reports
  • Screenshots and recording: capturing images and recording videos
  • Resource management: managing capacity and workload visually
  • Comments and chat: adding comments and tagging team members on any task or document
  • Integrates with API Docs, Slack, Outlook, Office 365, etc.


After  the free trial,  you can choose one of the two pricing plans:

  • Free plan
  • Unlimited plan

The Free plan includes:

  • 100MB storage
  • Unlimited tasks
  • Unlimited members
  • Two-factor authentication

Unlimited plan — $9 per member per month, or $5 per member per month if paid annually.  The plan includes:

  • Unlimited storage
  • Unlimited list, board, and calendar views
  • Unlimited integrations
  • Unlimited dashboards
  • Guests and permissions
  • Goals, portfolios, and custom fields

10. – Everhour — Expense Tracking Software and Timesheets Made Simple

Everhour time and cost tracking

Everhour is one of the best expense tracker app for budgeting, client invoicing, and painless payroll.


  • Billing and budgeting: simple and flexible project billing, setting budgets to track progress in real-time and receiving timely notifications.
  • Time tracking: acquiring data on the time spent on tasks, hours of work, and breaks for each employee
  • Task management: creating tasks, organizing them in sections, adding time estimates to keep everyone in the loop and on track
  • Visual planning: viewing the team’s schedule, knowing how busy or available someone is, comparing the plan to the actual time spent
  • Expenses: tracking work-related expenses with ease, reimbursing employees, using costs in project budgets, adding to client invoices
  • Reports: reports and dashboards with in-depth info on how your team spends their time, money, and resources
  • Invoicing: create invoices based on tracked time and expenses
  • Integrates with QuickBooks, Xero, FreshBooks


After the 14-day free trial, you’ll be charged $10/user per month, starting with five users.   Or, $8.50 per user per month if paid annually.

You can read more about Everhour pricing here.

11. – Elorus —All-Inclusive Business Software for Project-Driven Teams

Elorus time and cost tracking

Elorus markets itself as one of the best time and expense tracking tools for project-driven teams.


  • Invoicing: setting hourly rates for projects and recording time and expenses
  • Time tracking: manually or via a stopwatch
  • Projects: assign roles, set employee hourly rates, share important files, monitor the amount of time spent on different tasks, track the team performance, gain insight, improve time allocation, and make your team efficient
  • Expenses: custom reporting, payment reminders, and bulk exports
  • Payments: online payments, offline payments, and refunds
  • Client portal: enabling better communication with clients
  • Team: monitoring the team’s productivity
  • Integrates with Trello, Jira, Chrome & Firefox, 2CheckOut


  • Free plan: for up to five active users
  • Starter plan: $9/user per month, or $7/user per month is paid annually — for up to 25 active users
  • Standard plan: $19/user per month, or $15/user per month if paid annually — for up to 500 active users
  • Premium plan: $39/user per month, or $30/user per month if paid annually — for an unlimited number of users

12. – FreshBooks – Invoice and Accounting Software for Small Business

FreshBooks time and cost tracking

FreshBooks is a specialized invoice and accounting software for freelancers, self-employed professionals, and businesses with contractors and with employees.


  • Invoicing: creating professional-looking invoices in seconds
  • Expense tracking: cost tracking solution based on connecting the bank account or credit card to FreshBooks
  • Time tracking: via stopwatch for the whole team
  • Projects: project management solution specialized for small businesses
  • Estimates: communicating with clients regarding project estimates and turning them into invoices
  • Payments: payment device which enables customers to pay directly through invoices and which automatically records each payment in the account
  • Accounting and reports: ensuring accuracy, proving compliance, preparing easy-to-understand financial reports, and more
  • Mobile app: using FreshBooks on the go


Along with a free trial, FreshBooks  offers the following pricing plans:

  • Lite plan: $15 a month for five billable clients
  • Plus plan: $25 a month for 50 billable clients
  • Premium plan: $50 a month for an unlimited number of billable clients
  • Select plan: specialized features and custom pricing for an unlimited number of billable clients

13. – Hourly – Run Payroll in Seconds

Hourly time and cost tracking

Hourly markets itself as an easy, accurate,  full-service payroll software.


  • Workers’ Comp: online solutions on Workers Compensation insurance in accordance with the US labour laws
  • Payroll: online payroll solution
  • Time tracking: collecting time data automatically
  • HR Support: one-to-one HR outsourcing services for business


  • Time Tracking — $8/user per month, plus a $40 fixed fee
  • Payroll —$10$/user per month, plus a $60 fixed fee
  • Time Tracking + Payroll + HR Support — $14/user monthly, plus $80 fixed fee

Each pricing plan comes with a free trial

14. – Fyle – AI-powered spend management software for businesses



Fyle is an employee expense management software that helps businesses streamline their pre-accounting process from end to end.


  • Expense tracking: Employees to track receipts and expenses from everyday apps like Slack, G-Suite, and Office 365 with a single click.
  • Corporate card management: Direct feeds from preferred/existing card providers without forcing native cards on customers. 
  • Reimbursements: Automated compliance checks and next-day ACH payment processing to shorten reimbursement cycles
  • Project expense management: Track and manage billable expenses for every project with custom dashboards and compliance rules. 
  • Analytics and reporting: Real-time insight into organization-wide spending, operational data, and risk analytics. 
  • Integrations: Tight-knit integrations with major accounting software, travel management software, ERPs, and HRMS. APIs that allow integration with any necessary business software. 


  • Standard plan: $4.99 per active user for startups with 1-25 employees
  • Business plan: $8.99 per active user for business with 25-200 employees
  • Enterprise plan: Custom pricing for businesses with 200+ employees and over 250 reports per month

15. – Jibble – 100% Free Time Clock App

Jibble time and cost tracking

Jibble markets itself as an easy-to-use time clock app.


  • Selfieclock-ins: verifying the staff’s biometric attendance with facial recognition
  • GPS attendance: tracking the staff’s time and attendance with their locations. This feature is great for field services and on-site support.
  • Offline mode: getting the most of the attendance feature by upgrading Jibble Kiosk with the Mobile+ feature; boosting security levels and using Jibble in offline mode.
  • Timesheets for payroll: work hours calculator for easy payroll and understanding of what’s going on in the company.
  • Project costs: tracking projects or work activities to unlock Jibble’s powerful timesheet and reporting capabilities.
  • Automatic overtime: managing work hours, breaks, and overtime calculation with work schedules.


  • Free plan
  • Premium plan — €2 per user per month, or €1.50 per user per month if paid annually
  • Ultimate plan — €4 per user per month, or €3 per user per month if paid annually

The main features in the Free plan are:

  • Clock-in and out with selfies
  • Tablet punchclock
  • Mobile apps
  • Desktop apps
  • Bot in Slack and Microsoft Teams
  • Facial recognition
  • GPS and assigned locations
  • Offline mode
  • Overtime calculations
  • Dashboard and notifications
  • Automated timesheets
  • Online reports and analyses
  • Up to two months of historical data
  • Self-service knowledge base
  • Online customer support

The Premium plan includes everything from the Free plan, with the addition of:

  • Activity tracking
  • Advanced user policies
  • Approve/reject timesheets
  • Multiple admins and managers
  • Export data to Excel or CSV
  • Priority chat and phone support

The Ultimate plan includes everything from the Premium plan, with the addition of:

  • Track time on projects and clients
  • Detailed project reports

16. – Mavenlink –Purpose-Built Technology for Professional Services

Mavenlink time and cost trackingFeatures:

  • Resource management and optimization software: greater insight into resource pool makeup, skills, planned time-off, workload, assigned projects, and individual demand. The software provides resource managers with insightful dashboards, reports, profiles, and the information needed to successfully deploy the workforce.
  • Project management: complete view of project portfolio
  • Team collaboration: unifying and aligning distributed teams in real-time with tightly integrated project collaboration
  • Project accounting: quick insight into project profitability
  • Business Intelligence platform that provides 60+ thoughtfully crafted, services-centric reports, and dashboards out of the box


Pricing is customized for each client.

17. – Project Hours – Easy Time Tracking

Project Hours time and cost tracking

Project Hours markets itself as an easy time tracking tool.


  • Track hours: work hours calculator for defined projects and activities. Work hours can be calculated via a timer.
  • Mobile app and browser version
  • Creating overviews: review of total time and costs per project during a selected time period
  • Downloading reports in Excel format
  • Comparing planned hours with actual hours
  • Linking time tracking administration with the company’s calendar
  • Register materials: storing material usage and costs for projects
  • Multi-language: available in English and Dutch
  • Set hourly rates to calculate costs


After the free trial, you’ll be charged €2 per user per month.

18. – ProofHub –All-in-One Project Planning Software

ProofHub time and cost trackingProofHub is an online project management tool packed with all the features a team needs to plan, collaborate, organize, and deliver projects on time. The software helps teams to work together in the easiest, fastest, and smartest way with all the right tools put under one roof.


  • Timesheets: tracking time spent on tasks both manually and via timer
  • Discussions and chat: communication tool for project teams
  • Table view: planning and presenting project-related data in a well-organized way, assigning tasks, sharing essential details, and capturing every step of the project in one place. Getting a clear idea of what needs to be done — which task is a priority.
  • Kanban boards: dividing tasks into workflow stages of your choice and deciding who works on which part
  • Gantt charts: planning and visualizing how the pieces of your project fit together in a timeline view
  • Calendar: scheduling with recurring tasks, automatic reminders, and multiple calendar views
  • Files and documents: bringing files and documents to one central place to keep them organized
  • Custom roles: assigning roles to each team member
  • Proofing: providing feedback on done activities
  • Interface in six languages
  • Detailed resource and project reports in a single click
  • Notepad: notes for each project member
  • White-labeling: choosing colors for software
  • IP restriction: avoiding unauthorized access
  • Announcements: dedicated space to make announcements to recognize the team’s achievements, give birthday wishes, congratulate on employees’ work anniversaries, or share any important information.
  • Request forms
  • Integrates with Slack


ProofHub pricing

19. – Qbserve – Automatic Time Tracker for Mac

Qbserve time and cost tracking

Qbserve is a time tracker and productivity tool for Mac users.


  • Accurate time monitoring
  • Reports and timesheets
  • Privacy and affordability

Accurate time monitoring provides:

  • Automatic productivity analysis for over 7,600 sites, apps, and games
  • Project tracking based on the open web pages, documents, and window titles
  • Individual logging of Slack teams and YouTube videos

Reports and timesheets provide:

  • Detailed productivity reports for days, weeks, and months
  • Timesheets with activity summary, timeline, and notes for each hour
  • Invoice generation in 18 languages and data export to JSON and CSV

Privacy and affordability provide:

  • All tracked data stored locally on Mac and never sent anywhere
  • Options to ignore private browser tabs or pause tracking
  • No subscription required


There’s a one-time fee for QbServe  — $25.

20. – Ronin – Small Business Invoicing and Time Tracking Software

Ronin time and cost tracking

Ronin is a simple online invoicing and time tracking web application.


  • Payment integration with applications such as PayPal, Stripe, and Authorize.Net
  • Customized invoices with the client’s HTML/CCS
  • Multiple currencies for invoices
  • Recurring invoices with custom time intervals


Ronin pricing plan

21. – Sage Timeslips – Time Tracking and Billing Software

Sage Timeslips time and cost tracking

Sage Timeslips is a software specialized for legal professionals and service firms.


  • Intuitive time entry: multiple slip entry methods for efficient and accurate, industry-specific workflows
  • Easy-to-use billing: invoice billing software for quick bill payment entry and billing process management with billing arrangements and customizable invoicing
  • Reporting: managing teams’ productivity, task completions, and ensuring profitability with 100+ predefined timeslip reports covering the client’s business needs
  • Sage Timeslips eCenter: generating time slips over the web or a mobile device in real-time
  • Integrates with Microsoft Outlook, Intuit QuickBooks, LawPay, and Sage 50 Cloud


Pricing is available on request.

22. – Streamtime – Project Management Software for Creative Businesses

Streamtime time and cost tracking

Streamtime markets itself as one of the best time and expense tracking solutions for marketing agencies and other creative service firms.

Streamtime helps managers run their creative businesses with the following  features:

  • Plan jobs: set up jobs quickly and easily, line up milestones, stay on time and budget easily, track jobs in real-time
  • Manage: seamless time-tracking, flexible and visual schedules, and a Kanban view
  • Report: history insight with robust reporting
  • Power up: integrates with Zapier, advanced reporting, API, and more


You may choose between the customized Fixed price plan and the Pay as You Go plan that costs $40 per user per month.

23. – Teamwork Projects – Work and Project Management Software

Teamwork Projects time and cost tracking


  • Managing the team’s workload in real-time
  • Visualizing progress with the Kanban board view
  • Collaboration with clients
  • Project templates to help teams save time, improve processes, and get more done
  • Staying on schedule with project management time tracking


After the 30-day free trial, you can choose between the following pricing plans:

  • Free forever plan
  • Deliver plan: $12.5/user per month, or $10/user per month if paid annually
  • Grow plan: $22.5/user per month, or $18/user per month if paid annually
  • Enterprise plan: customized pricing

The Free forever plan includes:

  • Basic project and task management
  • Milestones
  • Messages

The Deliver plan includes everything from the Free forever plan, with the addition of:

  • 20 project templates
  • Time tracking and invoicing
  • Agile view with workflows
  • Teams
  • Integrated team chat (new)
  • Unlimited free client users
  • Collaborative document editor
  • Tableview (new)
  • Customer success manager (35 users minimum)

The Grow plan includes everything from the Deliver plan, with the addition of:

  • 50 project templates
  • Custom fields
  • Project portfolio workflows
  • Workload resource mgmt
  • Resource scheduling
  • Project time budget
  • Utilization reports (new)
  • Hubspot integration

The Enterprise plan includes everything from the Grow plan, with the addition of:

  • Onboarding training
  • Priority support
  • Single sign-on (SSO)
  • Enterprise-class security
  • Enterprise dashboard panels
  • Extra branding control
  • Enterprise-specific API

24. – Tick – Excellent Reporting of Time and Expenses

Tick time and cost tracking

Tick offers easy-to-use timesheet software.


  • Simple time tracking: entering time through a timecard with the following categories – project, task, and time
  • On-Time and On-Budget tracking for all projects
  • Making reports easy for billing or tracking problems in projects
  • Integrates with iOS, Android, Chrome, and more


After the  30-day free trial, you can choose between the following pricing plans:

Tick pricing plan

25. –Timely – Automatic Time Tracking Software

Timely time and cost tracking


  • Timely solve the disruption of manual time tracking by capturing work activity automatically in the background
  • Track and visualize project budgets and activity in real-time
  • Track and monitor teams and employees’ work hours, overtime, capacity, and workload in real-time
  • Project and team planning: visualizing projects, coordinating team schedules, and planning work in seconds
  • Integrates with Memory app, QuickBooks, Zapier, Harvest, Jira, Toggl, and more


After the 14-day free trial, you can choose between the following pricing plans:

  • Starter plan: $10 per user per month, or $8 per user per month if paid annually — includes 50 projects and three teams
  • Premium plan: $18 per user per month, or $14 per user per month if paid annually — includes an unlimited number of projects and teams
  • Unlimited plan: $26 per user per month, or $20 per user per month if paid annually — includes an unlimited number of projects, teams, features, and individual capacity
  • Unlimited+ plan: Custom pricing with features tailored to the client’s needs

26. – Timeneye – Time Tracking and Productivity Tool for Teams

Timeneye time and cost tracking


  • Time tracking: using an automated timer or manual entries
  • Team management: tracking the employees’ work
  • Project management: managing project billable hours
  • Detailed reports to get a detailed overview of the project progress
  • Integrates with Asana, ClickUp, Gmail, and more


After the 14-day free trial, you’ll be required to pay $7 per user per month, or $6 per user per month if paid annually.

27. – Timeular – Easy and Accurate Time Tracking

Timeular time and cost tracking


  • Assigning activities and tasks within the time tracker app, creating space for teams and projects, and customizing each side of Tracker; tracking time; getting insights and reports.
  • Employee time tracking: quickly producing team timesheets
  • Integrates with Salesforce, QuickBooks, Dropbox, and more


Timeular pricing plan

Timeular pricing plan for teams

28. – TMetric – Free Time Tracking Software and App

TMetric time and cost tracking

TMetric markets itself as a time tracking and workflow solution for businesses from different industries and of different sizes.


  • Time tracking: detailed overview of the time spent on every task. For precise evaluation of your productivity, there’s an option to see the apps and sites used during the workday.
  • Team Management: tracking and managing the time of remote teams
  • Billing and invoicing: billable time tracking and accurate invoicing
  • Task management: full-featured task management app that helps keep tasks on track and build highly productive workflows
  • Project management: monitoring team time allocation through project tasks, monitoring project budget, costs, and profitability
  • Time-off: employee absence tracking
  • Integrates with Jira, Asana, GitHub, and more


There are three main pricing plans:

  • Free plan
  • Professional plan
  • Business plan

The Free plan includes:

  • Time tracking
  • Unlimited projects and clients
  • Reporting
  • Timer button in 50+ web apps

The Professional plan includes:

  • Billable rates and money tracking
  • Project budgetingInvoicing
  • Task management
  • Employee activity levels

The Business plan includes:

  • Apps and sites usage reports
  • Screenshot capturing
  • Client logins for report access
  • Paid time-off tracking
  • Employee payroll
  • Time tracking permissions
  • Time-sync with Jira and QuickBooks
  • Time-sync with GitLab and Redmine

The Professional plan costs:

  • $5 per user per month for up to 39 users
  • $4.5 per user per month for up to 99 users
  • $4 per user per month for up to 199 users
  • $3.5 per user per month for over 200 users

You can get a discount on annual payments.

Business plan is charged 7$/user monthly (up to 39 employees), 6.3$/user monthly (up to 99 employees), 5.6$/user monthly (up to 199 employees), 4.9$/user monthly (more than 200 employees). The charge can be reduced if paid on annual basis.

The Business plan costs:

  • $7 per user per month for up to 39 users
  • $6.30 per user per month for up to 99 users
  • $5.60 per user per month for up to 199 users
  • $4.90 per user per month for up over 200 users

You can get a discount for annual payments for this plan, as well.

29. – TransparentBusiness — Transparency and Accountability in Workforce Management

TransparentBusiness time and cost tracking

TransparentBusiness markets itself as an all-in-one cloud-based solution that super-charges the client’s remote team by bringing transparency and accountability into Remote Workforce Management mainly focused on small businesses.


  • Team Room
  • Skills (Talent Profile)
  • Timesheet
  • Workroom
  • Smart Gantt chart

The Team Room offers:

  • Centralizing team in Talent Cloud
  • Filtering by skills, rating, cost, tags, language
  • One-click access to the employees’ and contractors’ full profile, resumes, links to social networks, and work portfolios
  • Defining an internal and external rate for each contractor
  • Seeing the employees’ and contractors’ productivity levels
  • Seeing the employees’ local time
  • Accessing hours worked during the day, week, month, and the total with breakdown by projects

The Skills (Talent Profile) offers:

  • Saving selected profiles as “Favorites”
  • Assessing language proficiency
  • Email, audio, or video call with a single click
  • Checking location and availability
  • Accessing portfolio samples
  • Integration with LinkedIn and other social media
  • Review of primary and secondary skills

The Timesheet feature enables monitoring worked time and managing workflow, as well as:

  • Accessing detailed work diary by clicking on any number
  • Using the filters to narrow down to a group of team members or look at the desired period
  • Exporting all information to Excel
  • Tracking project earnings and costs

The Workroom feature offers:

  • Creating projects and assigning tasks with three simple clicks
  • Assigning task owners clear deadlines and time caps
  • Setting project-specific rates for teams
  • Monitoring costs and progress
  • Obtaining the full benefits of outsourcing

The Smart Gantt chart enables:

  • Accessing detailed work diary by clicking on any number
  • Using the filters to narrow down to a group of team members or look at the desired period
  • Exporting all information to Excel
  • Tracking project earnings and costs


TransparentBusiness pricing plan

30. – Xero – Accounting Software – Do Beautiful Business

Xero time and cost tracking

Xero is accounting software, suitable mainly for small businesses, accounting, and bookkeeping firms.


  • Pay bills: tracking and paying bills on time, getting a clear overview of accounts payable, and cash flow
  • Claim expenses: managing employee expense claims
  • Bank connections: managing bank transactions through Xero
  • Accept payments: Stripe, GoCardless, and other integrations
  • Track projects: quoting, invoicing, and getting paid for jobs; tracking time, costs, and project profitability
  • Contacts and smartlists: looking up a customer or supplier to see a full history of sales, emails, invoices, and payments, as well as contact details
  • Capture data: copy the original documents and key data into Xero automatically without manual data entry using Hubdoc
  • Payroll: keep secure basic payroll reports and paying employees
  • Files: online filing system
  • Reporting: track finances with accurate accounting reports
  • Track inventorySend invoices to customers and purchase orders
  • Multi-currency accounting
  • Sales tax calculator


After the free trial, you can choose between three pricing plans:

  • Starter plan: $20 per month — marketed primarily for freelancers, sole traders, and new businesses
  • Standard plan: marketed primarily for growing small businesses
  • Premium plan: marketed primarily for established businesses of all sizes

Optional add-ons are charged separately:

  • Claim expenses: $4 per month
  • Track projects: $7 per month

Xero pricing plan

What is the Best Time and Expense Tracking Software?

As you could see from our overview of the 30 best time and expense tracking software — one perfect solution doesn’t exist.

The main factors you should consider when choosing a time tracking app are:

  • The size of the company
  • Country of origin
  • Company’s industry
  • Demands of the management

Smaller companies are usually more satisfied with simple and basic online solutions. The bigger the company gets,  the more holistic solution it needs, and very often they choose online timekeeping, the solution that is a part of a wider ERP system, CRM system, or accounting software. As a company gets bigger, it’s more common to demand integrations with applications its employees are already using.

Companies coming from larger markets (The United States of America, the European Union, etc.) are looking for software solutions that are in compliance with their legal requirements. It’s more common for companies from these countries to use accounting software that includes a time tracking solution because this software is in compliance with the local accounting standards.

A company’s industry may also be a factor in making a decision about the time and expense tracking software. Accounting firm managers typically look for online timekeeping software that provides more detailed information, while tech company managers pay much more attention to the design and user experience.

Managers are trying to solve their day-to-day management issues with online timekeeping software. They’ll make decisions based on the information they need for managing the business.

Time and Expense Tracking Software for Small Business

When we started marketing our timesheet software, the majority of small business owners and managers told us they didn’t need a timesheet software because they were a small company with just a few employees that could track everything by themselves.

Small businesses usually track their time spent on projects via Excel spreadsheets or their managers rely on intuition. However, Excel spreadsheets can be challenging to manage and don’t provide good reporting data for making business decisions. Intuition, on the other hand, is necessary for managing a business, but it’s necessary to gather data to test it. In our experience, the expected results were significantly different from the actual results after we started time tracking. For example, time tracking showed us that younger consultants spent much more time on billable projects than expected, while the managers much more time on administration than they should have. Some of our largest clients proved to be the least profitable when we were looking at revenue per hour.

After a start-up manages to survive the first phase of business (its business model proves profitability), the next phase starts when the start-up starts booming and scaling. Then, all of sudden, it crumbles. Why does this happen? The business gets too large for founders to manage it by themselves. There isn’t an adequate infrastructure to support the growing business and control the operations.

Timesheet software can be one of the management tools for creating the necessary infrastructure for business growth. You can use the online timekeeping solution to track projects and employees easily and free your time to  Work on the more important, but less urgent tasks.

We’ve solved our small business issues by creating TimeAnalytics, and we believe we can help you solve yours.

Time and Expense Tracking Software for Professional Service Firms

The main resource for professional service firms is their employees’ expertise and time. Therefore, these companies tend to be very interested in timesheet solutions so they can track costs per project and client.

That’s why they pay attention to the following features:

  • Easy-to-use for employees: many employees from professional service firms hate to fill in their hours. They aren’t informed by the management why this is important, not only for the company but for them as individuals. Some solutions take a lot of time to put in the time entries. Some employees feel that they’re controlled and their privacy is endangered. Therefore, we would recommend an easy-to-use online solution, i.e. the solution that requires no more than five minutes a day to enter the work hours. Also, the software shouldn’t interrupt the employees’ activities.
  • Intuitive time and expense reporting: professional service firm managers don’t like too much information and too many graphs. They just want information and graphs needed for making smart business decisions. Some of the information includes the profitability of projects and clients, billable hours, data necessary for invoices, etc.
  • Tracking employees’ hours and activities in order to track the status of current projects: a timesheet software can also be perceived as a communication tool between managers and employees. Using the information on spent hours, managers get information on employees’ workload so that they can rearrange the current division of work.

If you are looking for an easy-to-use expense tracking app, specialized for smaller and larger professional service firms, then TimeAnalytics is the best time and expense tracking software for you.


Our company offers Time Analytics software, a tailor-made timesheet software for small businesses. In case you are interested in the 60-day trial version, please register for the automated time and expense tracking.

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