26 Best Timesheet Software Options for Accountants in 2022

The use of a timesheet software can be a highly effective tool for streamlining client work in your accountant firm.

According to our research of 1500 accounting firms, we identified that 60% of their employees do not use appropriate timesheet software or other digital tools for time tracking.  This creates a challenge for employers when it comes to evaluating:

  • time and cost allocation per each client or working task
  • profitability per each client, project, or service line
  • each accountant’s productivity

Time tracking for accountants and CPAs can help provide deeper insight into accounting business psychology. Timesheet automation is an essential component for any successful business, and helps to track revenue, cost budgeting, and growth.

Additionally, transparent data on time spent per each client, project or working task, provides the possibility for accurate billing, hourly rate optimization.  Based on detailed insights it easy to evaluate when is a time for accounting fee increase.


accounting firm timesheets app

Why Accounting Firms Should Use Automated Timesheets

Tracking Time Improves Profitability

If you own or manage an accounting firm, you often face a familiar challenge. You want to increase firm profitability, but find it difficult to  evaluate profitability per specific client and project. Without timesheet tracking and billing software, it’s harder to identify the clients and projects that are unprofitable.

What you need is a timesheet solution; something that tracks hours and costs per projects, clients, and work tasks. Without this, you can’t manage essential accounting firm metrics such as hourly rates, margins, and time utilization.

Managing People and Productivity

Without a timesheet software for accountants, it’s impossible to identify whose projects are low-performing or whose are top-performing. The report from the timesheet software answers some of the crucial questions including:

  • Are the right people involved in working on the right projects?
  • Do they spend more hours than expected with specific clients?
  • How does each accountant use their time?

Time Tracking Software Resolves Organizational Issues

Time tracking for accountants will allow management to have accurate information on how many hours employees spend on operational and routine activities, and to calculate overtime hours.

Additionally this allows for time spent on business development and education to be used in company ROI assessment.  In that way, everyone can save time and work will be work more efficient and strategic.

While there are endless choices out there for tracking and optimizing your working time, we’ve put together a list in one place so you can see the benefits and drawbacks of each.

Best Time Tracking & Timesheet Software

1. Time Analytics –Best Time and Billing Software for Accountants

Time analytics solution for accountants

Time Analytics Software is a simple tool that helps managers make smart business decisions and will improve your accounting firm’s performance. We know this because the software concept was initially designed by an accounting/consulting firm as a timesheet software for accountants. As a result, software users come mainly from the accounting, tax, and audit sectors.

Time Analytics tracks billable hours, effective time use, and cost of engagement. It also has the added benefit of excellent analytics for managing your clients, projects, and employees.

It takes a few minutes per day for each accountant to fill the timesheet, thanks to the simple workflow and accessible templates.

Say goodbye to timesheet headaches for good with Time Analytics Software.

Key Features

  • Simple online timesheets for accountants
  • Time-tracking per employee, project, client, and working task
  • Expense tracking (cost allocation for projects and clients)
  • Client monitoring (billable hours, total hours, how time is used, cost of engagement)
  • Productivity management
  • Invoicing assistant
  • Profit calculation per each client and project (feature under preparation)
  • Preparation of invoice appendix


  • Close monitoring of profitability per each accounting client
  • Easy calculation of accurate hourly rates
  • Insight on low performing clients
  • Cost evaluation per each project/client
  • Insight on employee overtime
  • Transparent invoicing details

Timesheet solution for accounting firm


Time Analytics offers four different plans:

  • The free version is available for up to 5 users. For the accounting firm that employs up to five accountants and doesn’t have high business volumes, this solution could be free forever.
  • Starter $4.99 USD / user per month– available for up to 15 accountants and 150 accounting clients.
  • Optimum $6.99 USD / user/month – available with both unlimited users and clients.
  • Premium 12.99 USD / user/month – available with no limitations on users and clients and includes profitability KPI tracking.

Discounts: For annual license payments Time Analytics offers a 15% discount. Addtionally, if you have more than 50 accountants (users), Time Analytics offers special discount pricing.

Trial Period

Time Analytics offers a 14-day free trial which is the longest trial period among all 26 presented solutions. We wont’ even ask you to submit your credit card info during the trial period.

Try Time Analytics free for 14 days.

2. Tick– Time Billing Accounting Software

Tick time tracking and billing software for accountants

Tick timesheet software for accountants is suitable for both freelancers and big accounting enterprises. This time tracking and accounting billing software offers a minimalistic app that tracks the duration of certain activities and gives you insight into how much time is spent on each task.

It integrates with other accounting software, making the work smooth and automatic.

Key Features

  • Simple time management software for accountants
  • Instant budget feedback in the timecard
  • Works across all platforms — PCs, tablets, smartphones
  • Creates multiple timers for different tasks
  • Reports time by person or task


  • Saves about an hour per month
  • Helps employees stay on top of the tasks with running timers
  • Sets budgets and keep them on track


  • The free plan is offered for an unlimited number of people but with limitations to the one (1) project.
  • $19 USD / month plan is available with limitations of up to 10 projects.
  • $49 USD / month plan is available with limitations of up to 30 projects.
  • $79 USD / month plan is available with limitations of up to 60 projects.
  • $149 USD / month plan is applicable with no limitation of projects.

Trial Period

Tick offers a 30-day free trial that doesn’t require your credit card info.

3.Myhours – Free Time Tracking App

MyHours time tracking solution for architects

Myhours is a free time tracking app that aims to unify all features you need to lead a successful accounting business. The software allows its users to get rid of their messy inboxes by streamlining projects from start to finish.

You can also track every step and important metric along the way. For example, you can set up a budget for a project and receive a warning if you are close to overstepping it.

Calculating your firm’s profit is one of the biggest advantages you will get from using Myhours..

Key Features

  • Project and task organization
  • Billable rate management
  • Detailed time tracking
  • Custom and appealing reports
  • Timesheets and log approvals
  • Email reports for clients


  • A sturdy, yet flexible invoicing system
  • Task prioritization
  • In-app report editing
  • Detailed insight into all aspects of your business


  • Free plan
  • Pro – $6 per user per month

Trial period

Myhours offers a 14-day free trial.

4. Bill4Time– Accounting Time and Billing Software 

Bill4time expense and time tracking

While Bill4time is primarily used in legal settings, we find that it’s also suitable for accounting firms. This handy tool provides online invoicing and payments and tracks both expenses and time per project. Additionally, it gives regular reports so you can stay on track with your business’s financial health.

Key Features

  • 256K-bit SSL encryption and SSAE 16 Type II certification
  • Creates detailed invoices
  • Tracks time to capture revenue-loss
  • Creates and edits invoice batches
  • Guarantees data safety


  • Time tracking for CPAs and accountants
  • Manages clients, projects, tasks, accounting, and reports
  • Timesheet management system is perfect for CPAs, accounting, tax and audit firms
  • Improves productivity
  • Software support and integrations


Pricing starts from $29 USD per user, per month for the Time and Billing plan, while the Legal Enterprise plan starts from $89 USD per user, per month.

Trial Period

Bill4Time offers a 14-day free trial.

5. WeWorked – One of the Best Time and Billing Software for Accountants

WeWorked time and projects calculation

WeWorked timesheets for accountants provides timesheet approval, balance tracking, and billable projects calculation. It’s best suited for small to large businesses that can benefit from automatic time capture, mobile time tracking, and the monitoring of billable and non-billable hours.

Additionally, the software is intuitive, easy to use, and doesn’t require a tutorial or training.

Key Features

  • Tracks time at your location or remotely
  • Automatic reminds employees to fill their timesheets
  • Reduces billing errors and tracks expenses from anywhere
  • Available for browsers, iOS, and Android


  • Suitable for remote teams around the world
  • Stay on top of the nature of your team’s projects
  • Keep your data safe, secure, and encrypted


Pricing depends on the number of users. It starts at $9.99 USD per month for three users and goes up to $79.99 USD per month for 100 users.

Trial Period

WeWorked offers a no-strings-attached free trial.

6. QuickBooks – Accounting Software with Timesheets

QuickBooks billing and time tracking software for CPAs

Although QuickBooks is a very popular billing and time-tracking software for CPAs, financial advisors, and tax accountants, it’s also a great time management tool for small businesses. The program offers detailed accounting functionalities and the smartphone app provides GPS tracking for easier travel expense management.

Key Features

  • Track time, income, and expenses
  • Detailed timesheets for accountants
  • Create and send invoices, and accept credit cards for faster payments
  • Run and export financial reports and deduct taxes
  • Manage billable hours and clock employees
  • Automatically organize your books


  • Expense management and live bookkeeping for freelancers
  • Accept all types of payments and roll payouts
  • Save time and scale smarter with profitability insight


Pricing starts from $4.5 USD per month for one user (Simple Start plan) and goes up to $8.70 USD per month for three users (Plus plan).

Trial Period

QuickBooks offers a 30-day free trial.

7. Jetpack Workflow– Time & Billing Software For CPAs

Jetpack workflow designed with CPAs in mind

JetPack Workflow is your accounting firm’s managing admin. Its cloud-based timesheet management software for accountants manages, tracks, and automates your client’s work. It was explicitly designed with CPAs, accountants, and bookkeepers in mind.

Key Features

  • Standardize processes and customize jobs for clients
  • Safely store client information and documents
  • Generate reports to track your team’s project progress
  • Manage your firm’s internal processes
  • Provide training and customized support


  • Increase your profit and time spent on client work
  • Decrease the time spent on admin client work
  • Excellent timesheet reporting for CPA firms
  • Grow your client base instead of focusing on planning


Pricing starts at 45 USD per user per month.

Trial period

JetPack Workflow offers a 14-day free trial.

8. ClickTime – Easy Online Timesheet Tool for Accountants

Clicktime easy online timesheets

ClickTime will help you easily organize, manage, and track your employee work time. It also provides you with reports on expenses to help reduce project costs and improve operations.

Offers overtime calculation, mobile time tracking, and offline tracking for easy management.

Key Features

  • Employee database, activity tracking, and time organization
  • Expense tracking, billing, invoicing, and overtime calculation
  • Vacation tracking and time tracking by client or project
  • Export reports into different formats
  • Simple to set up and use, no need for a training


  • Allows you to focus on work and clients, not administration
  • Breaks up time according to tasks completed
  • Timesheet reporting suitable for accounting and CPA firms
  • Summarizes hours by client, project phase, or task


Clicktime offers four pricing plans:

  • STARTER – $12 USD per user, per month (includes easy time tracking, 70+ reports, and email reminders)
  • TEAM – $16 USD per user, per month (additionally includes approval workflows, advanced billing rates, and time-off management)
  • PREMIER – $28 USD per user, per month (additionally includes utilization goals, resource planning, and project budgeting)
  • ENTERPRISE – Custom price (includes everything above plus single sign-on, named account manager, and custom integration)

Trial Period

Clicktime offers a 14-day free trial.

9. Time Doctor – Time Tracking Software with Focus on Productivity

Time doctor time tracking and billing software for accountants

Time Doctor is a time-billing accounting software. Time Doctor tracks how your accounting firm uses time, and it provides you with reports and analytics to improve performance.

The software integrates with over 60 tools to make your time management and organization of work activity easier.

Key Features

  • Cloud, SaaS, and web-based time trackers
  • Automatic time capture, monitors both employee activity and idle time
  • Manage billing, invoicing, timesheets, and billable and non-billable hours
  • Online punch card, tracks offline and mobile time
  • Tracks employee salaries


  • Track and monitor your employee’s projects and tasks
  • Offers the flexibility of managing multiple clients
  • Helps your accounting firm grow into a company


Time Doctor offers three different plans:

  • Basic plan – $7 USD per user, per month
  • Standard plan (most popular) – $7 USD per user, per month
  • Premium plan – $20 USD per user, per month

Trial period

Time Doctor offers a 14-day free trial that doesn’t require your credit card info.

10. Toggl Track– Time Tracking Solution Loved by More Than 5 Million Users

Toggl track has more than 5 million users

Toggl Track is a simple yet compelling time tracker and timesheet app for accountants. Even though it’s so simple, it comes with impressive features like idle time detection and tracking reminders. If you have a small team, its free plan should cover your time tracking needs.

Key Features

  • One-click timers for easy tracking
  • Provides multi-device support
  • Time tracking by client, project, or employee
  • Billing, invoicing, and manages billable and non-billable hours
  • Mobile and offline time tracking


  • Track employee productivity for specific projects
  • Categorize tasks and generate weekly reports
  • Especially useful if you’re paid by the hour
  • Simple timesheet reporting


Toggle Track offers four different pricing plans:

  • The free plan is available for up to five users
  • Starter – $10 USD per user, per month
  • Premium – $20 USD per user, per month
  • Enterprise – custom pricing

Trial Period

Toggle Track offers a free 14-day trial.

You can find more information about Toggl pricing here.

11. Xero – Specialized for Accounting Business

Xero designed for bookkepers

Xero is a powerful timesheet billing software designed especially for granular accounting. Their online platform will provide you with everything you need to build the perfect solution for your business needs. With Xero you can capture costs, reimburse payments, track expenses, organize time, and much more.

Key Features

  • Share information with clients, track timesheets and expenses, pay bills
  • Simplify employee expense claims
  • Track business finances and cash flow in real-time
  • Tracking fields for expenses, invoices, and bills


  • Share information, data, and reports to your clients directly from the platform-less confusion and less back and forth
  • Track project profits and prepare estimates and quotes
  • Manage compliance workflows, clients, and staff in one place


Xero offers three plans. Pricing starts with $11 USD per user, and goes up to $62 USD per user, per month.

Trial Period

Xero offers a free 30-day trial. After that, you can decide which plan suits your needs best.

12. TaxDome – A Platform for CPAs, Bookkeepers, and Accountants

Tax dome platform for CPAs

TaxDome is a fully integrated time tracking & billing software for CPAs with well-connected and easy-to-navigate modules.

Besides billing and time tracking, you can use it for automated workflows, e-signatures, file storage, and more.

Key Features

  • SSL encryption to keep your data safe
  • Portal dedicated to clients
  • An intuitive platform that understands financial professionals’ needs
  • Document management and due-date tracking
  • Approval process control and workflow


  • Excellent timesheet reports for CPAs and accountants
  • Track the communication with your clients
  • An all-in-one solution creates a paperless office
  • Client, project, and staff management in one place


Pricing starts from $50 USD per user per month (when billed annually).

Trial Period

TaxDome offers a two-week free trial.

13. Ronin– Accounting Time and Billing Software

Ronin online time tracking and invoicing app

Ronin is an online time tracking and invoicing app with basic accounting features. It allows you to specify employees roles and set time budgets and rates for time tracking. Ronin will also enable you to make multi-currency invoices and integrate with apps like PayPal and Stripe.

Key Features

  • Set estimates and track expenses
  • Create a customized or recurring invoice
  • Collaborate on a project and track your team’s time
  • Manage clients, projects, employees, and estimates
  • Quickly store and access your clients’ data


  • Role-based permissions for easy team management
  • Saves time and improves the client relationships
  • Comprehensive suite of tools for both freelancers and small businesses


Ronin offers a free plan with a limitation of up to two clients, one contact per client and one staff user.  Other paid plans include:

  • Agency – $49 USD per month, with a limitation of up to 5 users.
  • New users are charged $10 USD per user per month.
  • Team – $29 USD per month, with a limitation to 3 staff users
  • Solo – $15 USD per month, with a limitation to 1 staff user

Trial Period

Ronin offers a free 30-day trial.

14. Replicon– Track Project Time and Costs

Replicon track projects time and costs

Besides time tracking, Replicon also provides an advanced project management solution with an abundance of features to organize your team’s workflow.

It will help you submit and monitor expenses, manage resources and employee attendance, set estimates and rates for different services, and much more.

Key Features

  • Real-time data validation for dynamic routing
  • A centralized platform that will allow you to stay on top of all services
  • Capture project hours, in/out time, and apply rates for precise invoicing
  • Pre-populated timesheets and GPS tracking
  • Mobile timesheets and digital receipts


  • Streamline client billing with the invoicing module
  • Use intuitive time capture to track billable and non-billable by project
  • Avoid billing errors and project delays


Pricing of features that include time tracking starts with $18 USD per user per month.

Trial Period

Replicon offers a full-access 14-day free trial.

15. TimeCamp – Accounting Firm Timesheet Billing Software

TimeCamp time tracker with accounting features

Time tracking for accountants has been made incredibly easy with TimeCamp — a free time tracker with accounting features. Besides staying on top of your deadlines and project times, TimeCamp will also allow you to keep track of your expenses and control the budget.

This intuitive software will track your time automatically or let you enter it manually.

Key Features

  • Manage all projects in one place
  • Keep track of the margin, budget, and expenses
  • Control the payroll and manage administrative procedures
  • Allocate budget to employees, clients, tasks, or projects
  • Create invoices based on tracked hours


  • Accurate estimates for predicting future expenses
  • Timesheet system management
  • Track remote employees with GPS
  • Create quotes, define taxes, and track billable and non-billable hours


TimeCamp offers a free plan with unlimited users and projects.

Paid plans include:

  • Basic plan for $7 USD per user per month
  • Pro plan for $10 USD per user per month.

Trial Period

TimeCamp offers a 14-day free trial.

You can find more information about TimeCamp pricing here.

16. Scoro – Optimize Your Time

Scoro optimize time utilization

Scoro is an end-to-end service automation solution that will allow you to manage your entire team’s workflow. You can schedule and track work, manage projects, lists, and task boards. Scoro also provides you with real-time reporting dashboards.

Key Features

  • Quoting, billing, and advanced reporting
  • Advanced calendar and reminder system
  • Manage budget, campaign, and contacts
  • Cost-to-completion tracking, billing, and invoicing
  • Enhances efficient team collaboration


  • Streamline projects and optimize time
  • Monitor your team’s time use
  • Insightful timesheet reporting for accounting firms
  • Track productivity and profitability


Scoro offers four pricing plans:

  • Essential – $28 USD per user, per month
  • Work hub – $42 USD per user, per month
  • Sales hub – $42 USD per user, per month
  • Ultimate – Custom pricing

Trial Period

Scoro offers a fully-featured 14-day trial, no credit card required.

17. Clockify – Free and Simple Time Tracker and Timesheet App

Clockify free and simple time tracker

Clockify is a free time tracker that allows you to track billable hours, productivity, and employee attendance. The software itself is easy to use, and  the dashboard is flexible so you can customize it to your team’s needs.

Key Features

  • Project management with billable hourly rates and estimates
  • Accurate and effective across multiple platforms
  • Granular reports that can be customized to your needs
  • Specify time duration for each project
  • Track employees’ hourly rates


  • Easy-to-use timesheets module
  • Integrates with Pixie so you can track time directly from tasks
  • Visualize time breakdown for different projects
  • Filtering and grouping options for better organization


Clockify offers basic features for free forever. Extra features are given in paid plans:

  • Basic –$ 4.99 USD per user, per month
    • includes all FREE features, plus time for others, hiding time and pages, required fields, bulk edit, time audit, customized export, project templates, and historical rates
  • Standard – $6.99 USD per user per month
    • includes all BASIC features plus lock timesheets, time approval, manager role, targets, reminders, import timesheets, task rates, time rounding, invoicing
  • Pro – $9.99 USD per user, per month
    • includes all STANDARD features plus labor cost and profit, scheduled reports, budget and estimates, alerts, custom fields, force timer, GPS tracking, screenshots
  • Enterprise –  $14.99 USD per user, per month
    • includes all PRO features plussingle sign on, custom subdomain, and control accounts

Trial Period

Clockify offers a 7-day free trial so that you can try their extra features.

18. Beebole – Easy and Beautiful Time Tracking System

BeeBole time and control expenses with modules

BeeBole is a timesheet management system for accountants working for both small and big companies. The software allows you to track time and control expenses with modules for departments and projects. It’s also GDPR-compliant and multilanguage.

Key Features

  • Custom modules and timesheet approval
  • Multiple currencies for billing costs
  • Configurable reports and a team calendar
  • Employee database, scheduling, and tracking
  • Online punch card and offline time tracking


  • Track your team’s productivity with automatic time capture
  • Calculate overtime, billable, and non-billable hours
  • Manage payrolls, budgeting, and forecasting


Pricing starts at 6.99 USD per user per month.

Trial Period

Beebole offers a 30-day free trial.

19. Avaza – Easy Time and Expense Tracking

Avaza time and cost tracking

Avaza is an intuitive, easy-to-use, responsive project and task management system. Accountants love it for its ability to integrate with Xero, while managers get the most use out of its time scheduling and tracking, and expense management.

Key Features

  • Cloud-based software for client-focused businesses
  • Project management and collaboration
  • Quoting, invoicing, and task tracking
  • Kanban boards task lists, Gantt Charts, status views, priority views
  • Easy data import and export


  • Project to invoice capabilities
  • Effortless collaboration between team and clients
  • Seamless integration with QuickBooks
  • Provides timesheets suitable for accounting firms


  • Free – available with limitation to 1 user with timesheet/expense access
  • Startup —$ 9.95 USD per month, with a limitation to 2 users with timesheet/expense access
    • Adding new users costs additionally $5 USD per user per month
  • Basic — $19.95 USD per month, with limitation to 5 users with timesheet/expense access.
    • Adding new users costs additionally 5 USD per user per month
  • Business — $39.95 USD per month, with a limitation to 10 users with timesheet/expense access
    • Adding new users costs additionally 5 USD per user per month
    • There is no limitation to active projects

Trial Period

Avaza offers a free trial.

20. Zoho Projects – Online project management with timesheets

Zoho projects track the project progress

Zoho Projects is a project management software with 200,000 global customers. It allows you to easily assign tasks to your team, track the project progress, and communicate with your team and client. Zoho Projects will provide you with detailed reports, allowing you to get all your projects done in time.

ZOHO One is an ecosystem of 40+ apps. There is also ZOHO CRM software which is designed to address your sales and marketing side of business mainly.

Key Features

  • Automatic time capture and activity tracking
  • Manage assignments, budget, calendar, and capacity
  • Color codes, icons, and brainstorming
  • Track expenses and cost-to-completion
  • Track vacation, leave, and time by employee, client, and project


  • Precise project planning and execution
  • Efficient communication with clients and employees
  • Tracks all major project milestones
  • Simple reports on timesheets


  • A free plan is available with a limitation of up to three users and three projects and space for file attachment of 10 MB
  • Premium – €5 EUR per user, per month, with a limitation to 50 users
  • Enterprise – €10 EUR per user, per month

Trial Period

Zoho Projects offers a 10-day free trial.

21. Noko – Time and Billing Software For Accountants

Noko background time tracker

Previously known as Freckle, Noko is a timesheet management system for accountants. It stands out from other software for a few reasons but mainly due to its robust reporting features. You don’t need a detailed initial setup — instead, Noko will begin tracking time as soon as you start it up while blending seamlessly into the background.

Key Features

  • Unlimited projects and hourly backups
  • No need for installation or long-term contracts
  • Weekly timesheets, PDF, Excel, and CSV export
  • Track non-billable time and expenses
  • Multi-currency invoicing and billing increments


  • Keeps your data safe with bank-grade SSL encryption
  • Import data from other time trackers
  • Measure your project goals and meet them


  • Team – starts with five users for $49 USD per month.
    • Additional users cost 10 USD per user per month.
  • Organization (most popular) – starts with 25 users for $199 USD per month.
    • Additional users cost 8 USD per user per month.
  • Enterprise – starts from $499 USD per month
  • Solo – One user for $18 USD per month

Trial Period

Noko offers a free 30-day trial.

22. Harvest– Expense Control and Project Budget Management

Harvest cost control and budget management

Money and time are the two main currencies in business, and Harvest takes these both very seriously.

Over 400,000 tracked hours and $13 billion USD from paid invoices over the last ten years, make it one of the most reliable time monitoring software offered. It’s a time tracking app that helps businesses grow.

Key Features

  • Track expenses and time easily
  • Automatically transform tracked time to revenue
  • Add time tracking to Asana, Trello, Jira, and Slack
  • Integrate with PayPal and Stripe for quicker payments
  • Track time as you work or enter the hours all at once


  • Integrates with tools your team is familiar with for streamlined workflow
  • Get visual summaries of your team’s time spending
  • Get visual reports for easier project management


  • Free plan – limited to one user and two projects
  • Pro –  $12 USD per user, per month; unlimited users and projects

Trial Period

Harvest offers a free 30-day trial.

23. Paymo – Time and Task Tracking

Paymo plan and schedule your team's projects

Remote teams and small businesses benefit greatly from Paymo — an intuitive time and work management solution. This accounting time tracking and billing software will allow you to plan and schedule your team’s projects while communicating efficiently with your employees and clients.

Key Features

  • Advanced task planning and management
  • Schedule and track projects
  • Time zone tracking and employee activity monitoring
  • Gantt timeline view and Kanban board
  • Client portal and collaboration tools


  • Keep track of an entire project — from start to payment
  • Track significant milestones of each project
  • Calculate the time spent on the project so your client can understand what they’re paying for


  • A free plan is available with a limitation of up to 10 users.
    • *The number of projects is not limited.
  • Small office – $11.95 per user, per month
  • Business – $18.95 per user, per month

Trial Period

Gain access to the plan of your choice during your 15-day free trial.

24. Journyx – Project Time Tracking and Resources Management

Journyx project and resources management

Journyx will streamline your timesheet processing and automate project cost accounting so your team can focus on your clients. You can track profitability, pay your employees, and bill your clients, all within this platform, effortlessly.

Key Features

  • Activity tracking and overtime calculation
  • Vacation, leave, and offline time tracking
  • Multiple billing rates, invoicing, tracking of billable and non-billable hours
  • Timesheet and reimbursement management
  • Time tracking by client and project


  • Better managment of employees and budget
  • More precise management of established schedules
  • Integrates with QuickBooks


Pricing is not publicly available.

Trial Period

Journyx offers a free demo.

25. Teamwork Projects – Project Management with Time Tracking

Teamwork project planning software

Teamwork Projects is a project planning software that helps your team improve both their productivity and their final project. It allows you to manage anything from project planning and scheduling to campaigns and a product launch.

Key Features

  • Track Cost-to-completion, due date, and progress
  • Manage budget, campaign, and calendar
  • Access controls, permissions, and business process automation
  • Track status and percent-completion
  • Customize templates and third-party integrations


  • Track all major project milestones
  • Prioritize tasks and projects
  • Maintain research archives for projects


  • Free forever – limited to five users, two projects, and 100 MB of storage (for individuals and very small teams)
  • Pro – $12.5 USD per user, per month
  • Premium (Recommended) – 22.5 USD per user, per month (ideal for larger teams)
  • Enterprise – customized pricing (advanced security and premium support)

Trial Period

Teamwork Projects offer a 30-day trial period.

26. BigTime– Automation Software for Timesheet Management and Billing

BigTime software with extensive accounting features

BigTime is a time tracking app suitable for accountants, architects, engineers, IT-services firms, marketing firms, legal firms, and scientific and management consultants. It’s a professional service automation software that organizes all your company info in one place. It’s best suited for accountants who need extensive accounting features.

Key Features

  • Timesheets, customizable views, user-driven presets/defaults, and smart lookups
  • Expense tracking (billable and non-billable hours, equipment, mileage, reimbursable/non-reimbursable, etc.)
  • Custom payment processing, invoicing, and billing
  • Business reports and analytics
  • Integration with other tools


  • Customized timesheets for accountants and clients
  • Real-time insight into resource allocations
  • Streamlines internal processes
  • Focus on data without extra tools


  • The Express plan is $10 USD per month per user, with a minimum of five users.
  • The Pro plan is $30 USD per month per user, with a minimum of five users.
  • The Premier plan is $40 USD per month per user, with a minimum of five users.

Free Trial

BigTime offers a free trial of their timesheet software for accountants.

The Benefits of Time Tracking and Question

No More Paper Timesheets and Excel Spreads

Using physical paper timesheets and excel templates to keep track of employee time is becoming an obsolete practice in today’s offices. New time tracking methods are available, and they enable businesses to understand what’s happening daily on a deeper level. Reports on key metrics by the task, client, employee, and other categories are some of the most important options timesheet software for accountants offers.

There are a few reasons the use of timetracking software for accountants is becoming so popular. Most of these reasons fall under a few categories: efficiency, cost effectiveness and convenience.

First, the paper and Excel methods don’t allow admins or managers an overview of employees who have or haven’t completed their timesheets. Time tracking software allows those in charge to see who is productive and who needs development in this area. This is a huge reason for the recent popularity of accountant time tracking.

Secondly, time tracking software for accountants usually only costs a few dollars per user per month. This is a small price to pay to have a better idea of what’s getting done each day.

Finally, filling the timesheets only takes a couple of minutes a day. The accountants can log their time in detail at the end of their day without disrupting their workflow.

You will be able to calculate and allocate work hours per various categories, such as projects, tasks, and clients automatically. Timesheet software offers modules for time reporting that do all these tasks for you.

As a perk,  you will be sure that all your employees are logging their time and submitting the timesheets, as the program will send out a reminder to users after a week of inactivity. This way you’ll be able to curb time theft.

Logging Time Through a Single Click

Time tracking software for accountants comes in many shapes. Some systems can be very complex, with multiple timers and a great variety of compulsory data. Often, these systems can be overwhelming for most users. Especially if they aren’t computer experts.

In these cases, logging time can take quite a bit of time, as well as a complicated initial setup with the admin team. That is why you should make sure to choose a relatively simple platform that is accessible to all team members.

time analytics time tracker

Security and Transparent Timesheets for Invoicing and Payroll

Reputation can make or break a business. It’s important to remain reputable with both with your clients and your employees. Timesheet software for accountants can help you achieve this through itemized invoices and payroll.

When it comes to invoicing, having an itemized and accurate bill is a great way to maintain a fair and transparent business relationship. Receiving an invoice that details how much time, energy, and resources went into your project makes any miscommunication impossible.

Efficiency, trust and care among your employees should be a priority as well. Some countries made monthly timesheets a mandatory document to be able to conduct payroll as well. You will greatly benefit from your employees logging their time, as you will be able to measure their productivity and see whether they’re respecting their contracts.

Results that are significantly lower than the rest of the team can signify an accountant is experiencing burnout, needs additional help, or is simply slacking. You will have an accurate insight into their time and results and be able to check in with them to see if they need help.

Time tracking for CPAs allows businesses to allocate their costs according to the services they provide and pay their employees justly.

Understanding Profitability

Time tracking software solutions offer project profitability reports. Their value lies in determining your most valuable clients.

Accountant time tracking allows you to track how big each client’s profit margin is. This is shown through numerous crucial KPIs. These metrics will show whether you need to change contract terms or even terminate certain collaborations that are especially unfavorable.

Eliminating negative business practices and clients that cost you money is bound to increase your billable time and significantly improve income statement.

profitability per project

Optimizing the Hours Structure

Understanding the ratio of billable and non-billable hours is an important goal for every manager and business owner. They should always strive to optimize hours structure, which means reducing menial and repetitive tasks, as well as unnecessary meetings to be able to increase the number of billable hours. this will also leave you with more time for bigger projects with higher hourly billing rates.

Optimizing the Hours Structure

Increase Productivity

Businesses aren’t the only party that can benefit from using time tracking software for accountants. The employees themselves can gain a better understanding of their own time and the ways they spend it. This will allow them to measure their productivity and increase it by working smarter, and not harder.

Simply put, they will be able to follow their natural work rhythm. This means using the most productive periods during the day for the most demanding and important tasks, and taking breaks or doing smaller and repetitive tasks during lower activity periods.


There are different labor laws (which include time tracking regulations) in different countries. Hence, you should first take the time to see whether the time tracking system you are considering follows them.

For example, the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) requires every business to have accurate working hours records. Yet, companies can decide the way they will keep this data. A time tracking solution safely keeps this data, so it is ready at any time if a company goes through a government audit.

Prevent Buddy Punching

This time theft practice is one of the most widespread, and using a timesheet software platform makes it impossible. To put it simply – buddy punching requires a physical way to clock in, whether it’s a written timesheet or a punch card.

A single employee ‘’stealing’’ five to 10 minutes here and there isn’t a big deal. However, employees constantly using this technique to appear to be at work when they’re not, can turn into a big problem. Hence, it is important to ensure all your accountants know how seriously you take workplace honesty.

Overtime Detection

Companies that don’t require some overtime here and there are rare. In accounting, it is normal to have a spike in activity around the end of fiscal periods. However, not all overtime is good, and it can indicate more serious problems within your organization.

A rise in overtime can be caused by simple forgetfulness during the initial period of using a time tracking system. in other words – users may forget to clock out. On the other hand, there are more insidious reasons for overtime.

The first one is an employee or team not being able to handle their workload. In that case, different overtime regulations are going to protect the employees from being overworked, or not paid for their efforts. In this case, you will have to calculate overtime and pay them accordingly.

On the other hand, some employees will commit another form of time theft, by staying longer in the office without actually working. Timesheet software will allow you to compare the results of your employees compared to their coworkers.

Time Theft Prevention

Time theft represents different behaviors that employees partake in to give the impression of working while not doing so. In other words, they make it seem like they’ve worked for a certain number of hours when in reality that number is much lower, but the company still has to pay them. Different time theft methods cost US employers $11 billion per year. These methods include

  • Buddy punching
  • Fudging with numbers
  • Stand-in attendance
  • Coming in late and leaving early
  • Taking multiple breaks or longer breaks than mandated
  • Using work time for personal matters

Timesheet software is a great way to conduct a time audit. The benefits of this practice include immediately recognizing which employees aren’t using their time as efficiently as their peers (or at all). This is a great way to make your employees more self-aware of their actions and their impact on the company. More importantly, they will understand their work rhythms and adjust their work structure to become more productive.

Time Off and Time Tracking

Attendance and time off tracking are a crucial part of any business. This is especially true for the companies that work in multiple shifts. If you track absences and employees can ask for days off through the same system, you’ll be able to plan shifts without conflicts or being understaffed.

Expense Tracking and Assessment

One of a time tracking platform’s most important features is cost management. Time tracking software for accountants draws the total price of a work hour. This total price includes direct and overhead expenses.

Once the platform has all the necessary data, it can allocate expenses to different projects and clients. This will significantly simplify your billing process, which, in turn, raises the company’s total productivity.

Time Tracking Apps FAQ

How Do Time Tracking Apps Work?

  • The process is quite simple. Employees log the working hours they spend on a specific task, project, or task. The systems often give the employees the option to label their hours as billable or non-billable. The accountants will also be able to track their billing rates.
  • Once you decide which criteria are important for your business, you can create a time tracking template that can be used on recurring tasks or be a daily model for a specific position.
  • The time tracking is most often conducted through an automatic tracker (i.e. a stopwatch), or manually.
  • The platform then pulls all entered data into its database and turns it into reports on different aspects of your business.

Do Time Tracking Platforms Take Away Employee Privacy?

Most employees don’t jump in joy once they find out you will start using a time tracking software solution. The reason is simple – no one likes feeling like they’re being monitored all the time.

That is why it is important to make sure your employees understand that you care about their privacy. You can communicate this by the time tracking method choice itself. For example, a timesheet-based solution allows the user to track their time on their own. On the other hand, solutions that take screenshots or monitor keystrokes and mouse activity are more invasive and can raise privacy concerns.

Monitoring user interaction with documents, web pages, and apps is also invasive. All of these techniques signal a level of distrust, which will create distrust on the side of the employees as well.

A trust-based timesheet solution allows employers to get all the information they deem necessary without micromanaging or invading their team’s privacy.

Are Time Tracking Platforms Secure?

A time tracking platform is a third-party service that unifies all information about work, projects, clients, and employees on the company level. Security concerns are understandable.

Time Analytics understands these concerns and takes technical, organizational, administrative, etc. measures to make sure nothing happens with our users’ data. Our Privacy Policy details exactly how the data is being used, with no exceptions. Your data is secure, and will never be sold to any other company or individual. It is also only used for time tracking and analysis.

Can a Time Tracking App Help Small and Large Businesses?

The simplest answer is – yes. If you use a platform that tracks time accurately and delivers reports on your business, the size of your team doesn’t matter—for a few reasons.

Firstly, you will be able to react immediately when things start going awry– thanks to real-time tracking. Secondly, it will allow you to register underlying problems within your company that aren’t obvious at a glance – such as low-performing employees and clients.

Other benefits of time tracking include creating invoices and payroll slips and documentation with ease. Finally, the personal benefit of understanding work rhythms makes time tracking platforms great for freelancers as well. Never get lost in work or undercharge again.

Is a Free Timesheet Software for Accountants Enough?

As you may know by now,  there ins’t a universal answer for every business. There are many free time tracking solutions, as well as some that offer a free plan or trial. However, the quality of these platforms isn’t consistent.

You also need to be aware of the fact that some businesses have much higher demands than others. You can always start with a free version and upgrade it if you aren’t completely satisfied with the results.

The Pricing of Time Tracking Software

Affordability is one of time tracking software’s biggest advantages. While some companies charge exorbitant fees for their services, most solutions only cost a couple of dollars per user per month.

We are aware that even this small investment can be burdensome for larger companies. Because of this, Time Analytics has special discounts for clients with a large number of employees. You can check out the Time Analytics pricing page for more information.

Are You Convinced That Time Tracking is Right for You?

Time tracking has become one of the main methods to fight off time theft. According to Salary.com, time and wage theft cost the US industry alone $400 billion per year. The site also reports that 21% of employees admit to wasting 5 hours during their workweek, and 3% waste ten hours – a quarter of a standard workweek.

Fighting against these losses happens through knowing what your employees are doing during their work hours, and making sure the distribution of tasks is equal and just.  An accounting time tracking platform does exactly that, while also helping employees learn about their habits and how to increase productivity without causing burnout.


Start managing your time

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Top 29 Timesheet Software Solutions for Small Business in 2022

To almost every man worldwide, the last 12 months have been rather strange, to say at least. Even if you or your loved ones haven’t had any health issues this year, your life has changed. Our personal and professional lives, our so beloved work-life balance, have been challenged like never before in decades.

During this pandemic, we got used to working remotely. Regular office talk has almost vanished; communication has gone online almost entirely.

This text will talk about small businesses and how they can use timesheet software to track their remote workers’ time. More than any other sector of the economy, there is a strict dichotomy among small businesses:

  • Those who say ”No, we do not need it. We are a tiny firm; we can track everything ourselves, we do not need any automation.”
  • Those who say ‘’Yes, we need time tracking solution’’ (or they already use one)

If you belong to the first group, my goal is to explain that time tracking software for small businesses can be crucial for their survival. Therefore, you should read this text in the following manner: skip the list of the top 26 time tracking tools for small businesses and other companies with remote work. Go directly to the second part of the text. If you get convinced that you need the best timesheet software for small businesses, get back to the list.

If you believe timekeeping software for small businesses is necessary, go through 26 tools first. After that, relax, get yourself a cup of tea or coffee and read the second part. Finally, you can leart more about time tracking best practices.  The second part will help you reflect on your business, get some fresh ideas and new perspectives.

The Best Timesheet Software for Small Business

1 – TimeAnalytics – Timesheet Solutions for Small Business

free timesheet software for small business

What are the main product features?

  • Time and expense tracking: reasonably easy, takes a few minutes.
  • Timesheets: time review for a selected period per each person, client, task, project, and billable/non-billable activity.
  • Advanced reporting for clients, employees, projects, and working tasks.
  • Calculation of billable hours, time utilization, total costs, and cost rate per client, project, and activity.
  • Measurement of employee productivity and profitability

What are the pricing plans?

  • Free plan: up to five unlimited users, 30 clients, 30 projects, and 100 monthly time entries per user (this timesheet system is recommended for small teams).
  • Starter plan: 4.99 $/person monthly or 4.29$/person monthly, if paid on an annual basis. Up to 15 unlimited users and up to 150 clients. The number of projects and time entries is unlimited. You also get 24h e-mail support in comparison with the free version.
  • Optimum plan: 6.99$/person monthly or 5.99$/person monthly, if paid on an annual basis. Compared to the Starter version, you get an unlimited number of users and clients.
  • Premium plan: 12.99$/person monthly or 10.99$/person monthly, if paid on an annual basis. Compared to the Optimum version, you get phone support and profitability tracking.

Who is this software for? This is the best timesheet software for small firms in the field of accounting, tax, and audit, as well as other professional service companies, such as law firms, consulting firms, advertising agencies, etc.

Why do we say that? We come from an accounting, tax, and finance consulting background. Our consulting company faced organizational issues, such as tracking profitability per clients and projects and tracking employee work. Therefore, we internally developed a timesheet solution to solve our problems. Then, we decided to market the solution to similar businesses.

We are not a software development company. We are business doctors. We just prescribe the very medicine we take ourselves.

2 – Clockify – Free Timesheet Software Suitable for Small Teams

Clockify time tracker

What are the main product features?

  • Time entries: manual or clockwork (time clock), to get accurate time
  • Producing dashboards: for individuals and the team
  • Producing reports: an overview by day (week), project, activity, and user
  • Calculation of fee per hour on the project

This is a free timesheet software for small business so you can track time for free and later upgrade in case you need more features:

  • Basic plan: 4.99 $/user monthly, or 3.99$/user monthly, for annual payments. With this plan, you get an admin user to audit time entries, set required entry fields, etc.
  • Standard plan: 6.99$/user monthly, or 5.49$/user monthly, if paid annually. With this plan, you get all Basic plan features, plus you can lock timesheets, set targets and reminders, calculate invoicing amounts, etc.
  • PRO plan: 9.99$/user monthly, or 7.99$/user monthly, if paid annually. You get all Standard plan features, plus you can calculate labor cost and profit, set budgets and estimates, schedule reports, get GPS tracking, etc.
  • Enterprise plan: 14.99$/user monthly, or 11.99$/user monthly, if paid annually. You get all PRO plan features, plus you get Single sign-on (SSO), Custom subdomain, and Control accounts.

This time tracking software is a good solution for large enterprises and multinational companies but may also be used by small businesses. Clockify’s clients are IBM, Google, Amazon, Siemens, Cisco, Nike, American Express, etc.

3 – Timesheets.com – Time and Expense Tracking

Timesheets time tracker

The main product features include:

  • Time tracking
  • Time off and PTO: track time-off balances, review usage history, and time off reports
  • Mileage & Expense: track expenses for Billing & Employee Reimbursement
  • Mobile app: mobile time tracking app is browser-based, so it handles time and costs on any device
  • Human Resources: integrated HR system
  • Reporting: tracking time spent for payroll or billing clients

Timesheets.com offers a Freelancer plan (free plan), as well as a Standard plan (4.50$/user monthly) and a NonProfit plan (3.60$/user monthly).

Timesheets.com is small business timesheet software, primarily for businesses situated in the United States, since its payroll features are harmonized with US labor regulation.

4 – Time Doctor – Powerful Tool for Productivity Increase

Time Doctor online tracking

Time Doctor offers product features such as:

  • Time tracking
  • Screenshots
  • Web usage reports
  • Information necessary for payroll
  • Reporting on time spent by employees and time spent on projects

After the 14-day free trial, you may choose the following pricing plans:

  • Basic plan: 7$/user monthly. You get time tracking per tasks and projects, unlimited screenshots, and activity tracking.
  • Standard plan: 10$/user monthly. Along with all Basic plan features, you can track apps and URLs, get info for payroll, and can make 60+ integrations.
  • Premium plan: 20$/user monthly. Along with all Standard plan features, you get client login access, VIP support, Concierge Account setup and Video screen captures.

Time Doctor is a good online timesheet software for large American companies. Some of the clients are Verizon, Firehouse Subs, Keller Williams, etc. However, it may be used as timesheet software for small businesses, too.

5 – Scoro – Ultimate Time and Project Management

Scoro timesheet solution

Scoro offers the following benefits for your business:

  • The control hub for your business: get all of your work in one place and track everything from projects, sales, and daily activities to team productivity and profitability.
  • Holistic time management: managing your time holistically – knowing precisely what you need to work on and when, and see how changes and delays impact plans in real-time.
  • Easy-to-use collaborative platform: fully end-to-end work management software.
  • Understanding every aspect of both time and money: detailed view of planned and completed activities, time spent (total and billed), revenue and cost, and ensuring optimal utilization.
  • Integration with popular accounting timesheet software, cloud storage solutions, and 1,000+ other tools through Zapier.

After the 14-day free trial, you may choose the following pricing plans:

  • Essential: for smaller teams wanting to manage all the vital aspects of their business in one place. Price is 26$/user monthly, for five users minimum.
  • Work hub: getting things done efficiently with holistic time management, effective resource planning, project management, and collaboration tools. Price is 37$/user monthly, for five users minimum.
  • Sales hub: a 360-degree overview of customers, pipeline, finances, forecasts, and reports. The fee is 37$/user monthly, for five users minimum.
  • Ultimate: Bring all of the departments together with all the features Scoro offers, topped with advanced automation and reporting capabilities. The price is provided on demand.

Scoro mainly offers its solutions to larger professional firms, but it may be used as timesheet software for small businesses.

6 – Beebole – Time Tracking, Payroll, Budget, and Cost Reporting

BeeBole timesheet system

The main product features include:

  • Time tracking: web time-tracking system for businesses to measure the time spent on projects, clients, tasks
  • Payroll & Budget: payroll, budget, and cost analysis
  • Reports: custom reports on employee time, budget, margin, and profit
  • Mobile: mobile timesheet app that works on all devices and in offline mode
  • Security: securing timesheet data, protected at all times
  • Integrations: e.g., Google Suite (Google Apps) for Business

After the 30-day trial version, the price is 6.99 EUR/person per month.

BeeBole is a flexible timesheet system for large companies but is also a timesheet system for small businesses.

7 – Harvest – Time and Billing Software For Small Business

Harvest online time tracker

The main product features include:

  • Timesheets: tracking time, either manually or by timer. It can be used as both a mobile app and a desktop app
  • Integrations: with software, such as Google Calendar and Outlook
  • Reporting: on teams and projects
  • Invoicing and billing solution: generating and sending invoices to clients, integrations with PayPal and Stripe

There are two main pricing plans:

  • Free plan: up to one seat (user) and two projects
  • Pro plan: 12$ per seat (user) per month

Harvest is a timesheet software solution for large enterprises and multinational companies, as well as small companies. Some of the clients are McDonald’s, Columbia University, Dell, Volkswagen, etc.

8 – Toggl Track – Excellent Free Timesheet Software for Small Firms

Toggl track

There are three main Toggl products:

  • Toggl plan: project planning module
  • Toggl track: time tracking solution
  • Toggl hire: intelligent candidate screening

After the 14 – day free trial, there are two pricing plans to choose from:

  • Team plan: 8$ per user monthly, with standard features
  • Business plan: 13.35$ per user monthly, with all Team plan features plus Access rights, Data exports, SSO (upon request), and Priority support

All paid plans of Toggl track come with a 30-day free trial. Toggl track pricing plans are:

  • Free plan: for up to five users
  • Starter plan: built for small teams (9$ per user monthly)
  • Premium plan: built for facilitating consistent processes across multiple teams (18$ per user monthly)
  • Enterprise plan: solutions for a large and complex organization. The pricing plan is on-demand.

Pricing plans of Toggl hire are:

  • Free plan: unlimited number of candidates, three skills test, one seat per account
  • Standard plan: a compact set of features for small businesses, i.e., everything in Free plan plus unlimited seats, unlimited candidates, Funnel analysis for more efficient hiring, and Candidate sources research. The monthly price is 159$/user monthly (99$/user monthly, if paid every quarter).
  • Premium plan: everything in Standard plan, unlimited skills tests, full access to Test Library, customizable tests, candidate attachments, etc.

Toggl is flexible enough both for large companies as well as small and medium-sized enterprises.

9 – Replicon – Timesheets App Suitable for Small Firms

Replicon tracking time and costs

There are four main Replicon products:

  • TimeBill: tracking project time and costs for accurate billing
  • ProjectTime: tracking all project time to manage costs accurately
  • Expense: simplified project time and expense tracking
  • TimeOff: automated time-off tracking for project resources

The pricing plans are presented in the following picture:

Replicon pricing

Replicon is an online solution mainly made for multinational and large companies. However, it may be used as timesheet software for small businesses.

10 – Clicktime

ClickTime real-time solution

Clicktime markets itself as a user-friendly timesheet solution preferred by small businesses:

  • Employees: both desktop and mobile app; easy ways to edit, add and copy hours; including goals and custom fields are enabled.
  • Managers: keeping projects on track, instantly knowing which projects are over or under budget.
  • Executives: real-time dashboards needed for making business decisions.

All plans include a 14-day free trial and support. Clicktime’s pricing plans include:

  • Starter plan: 12$/user monthly (9$/user if paid annually). It includes easy time tracking, 70+ reports, and e-mail reminders.
  • Team plan: 16$/user monthly (12$/user if paid annually). It includes everything from Starter plan plus Approval Workflows, Advanced Billing rates, and time Off management.
  • Premier plan: 28$/user monthly (24$/user if paid annually). It includes everything from Team plan plus Project Budgeting, Resource Planning and Utilization Goals.
  • Enterprise plan: pricing is on demand. Enterprise plan includes everything from Premier plan plus Single Sign-on, Named Account Manager and Custom Integration.

Clicktime timesheet software is a good solution for large enterprises and multinational companies, but medium-sized and small companies may use it. Some of Clicktime’s clients are IBM, American Express, Mitsubishi, etc.

11 – Timecamp

Timecamp monitoring time spent

Timecamp’s main product features include:

  • Tracking a team’s performance: monitoring time spent on a given project/task
  • Tracking project profitability: analyzing profit margins of different projects and tracking whether the project is still on a budget
  • Tracking productivity: getting team’s proof of work; measuring productivity and time spent on different apps and websites

It is possible to use Timecamp on a free plan, which includes:

  • Unlimited users
  • Unlimited projects & tasks
  • Project templates
  • Bulk edit
  • Desktop & mobile app
  • One integration
  • Tags
  • PDF export

The basic plan (5.25$/user, if paid monthly or 7$/user, if paid annually) includes everything from the Free plan, plus:

  • Time rounding
  • Custom report
  • Hide time from users
  • Management roles
  • Team productivity tracking
  • XLS reports export
  • Unlimited integrations
  • Billable time & budgeting

Pro plan (7.50$/user, if paid monthly, or 10$/user, if paid annually) includes everything from the Basic plan, plus:

  • Custom user roles
  • Billing rates
  • Invoicing
  • Timesheet approvals

Enterprise plan includes everything from Pro plan, plus:

  • Personalized training
  • Private cloud implementation
  • Self-hosted server

Pricing of Enterprise plan is on demand.

Timecamp is used by companies from different sectors (architect studios, law, and accounting firms, education institutions, construction firms, design, and IT firms, non-profit organizations, manufacturing companies, healthcare, etc.) of different sizes.

12 – Quickbooks (Formerly Tsheets.com)

Quickbooks clocking in or out

The main product features of Quickbooks include:

  • Time Tracking: clocking in or out with just one click.
  • Mobile App: download a time clock app for Android or iOS app to track, submit, and approve employee time from virtually anywhere.
  • Scheduling: building employee schedules by jobs or shifts; editing, publishing, and sharing the plan with the crew.
  • Integrations: connecting to accounting or payroll software to automatically sync accurate employee time tracking data for payroll and invoicing.
  • Team Management: project management and geofencing module.
  • Reports: gaining valuable business insight with real-time, interactive reports; predicting time needs for job costs, plan for payroll, and increasing profitability.

After 30-day free trial version, there are two pricing plans:

  • Premium plan: 20$ fixed monthly fee plus 8$ per user monthly
  • Elite plan: 40$ fixed monthly fee plus 10$ per user monthly

The Elite plan includes all elements of the Premium plan, plus the following features:

  • Track project: progress vs. plan
  • Project estimates vs. actuals reporting
  • Project activity feed
  • Timesheet signatures
  • Geofencing

Quickbooks tries to get to all segments of customers, but the main focus is on middle-sized enterprises.

13 – actiTIME

actiTIME recording time spent

actiTIME’s main product features include:

  • Time Tracking: recording time spent on work assignments, leaving comments, or submitting a day off in a weekly timesheet.
  • Work Scope Management: organizing workloads in line with business goals.
  • Reports: analyzing team performance, income, and expenses in depth.
  • Accounting: using time tracking data to calculate revenues and costs.

Pricing depends on whether the client’s data is stored on actiTIME’s server (actiTIME Online) or the client’s server (actiTIME Self-hosted).

The pricing of actiTIME Online is presented in the following picture:

actitime pricing

The pricing of actiTIME Self-hosted is presented in the following pictures:

actitime self hosted

actiTIME focuses mainly on service companies from different sectors (architecture, consulting, design, education, engineering, healthcare, IT, and small businesses) and various sizes.

14 – Vericlock

VeriClock track time from anywhere

VeriClock’s main product features include:

  • Cloud-based solution: accessing VeriClock to track time from anywhere, anytime.
  • Easy to use: simple interface integrating seamlessly with the devices already used.
  • Real-time data: viewing employees clocking in and out, when and where it happens, in real time.
  • Clock in any way: using the App, call in by phone, clock in by text message, or use the VeriClock website. No need to burn data or use minutes.
  • Save time & money: saving time by eliminating manual timesheet entries and calculations and gathering more accurate data.
  • Job costing: monitoring labor costs in real time, comparing similar projects, and getting the data needed to run projects efficiently.

The pricing of VeriClock is presented in the following picture:

VeriClock pricing

VeriClock provides services to companies of different sizes, from local small businesses to multinational corporations.

15 – Redcort

Redcort Virtual TimeClock

Redcort offers Virtual TimeClock software to its customers. Virtual TimeClock is a one-time software purchase that is quickly and easily installed on Windows PC, Windows tablet, or macOS computers.

There are several editions of Virtual TimeClock software:

  • Virtual TimeClock Basic: time tracking software for up to three employees
  • Virtual TimeClock Pro: there is no limit in the number of employees
  • Virtual TimeClock Network: managing time and attendance on multiple computers
  • Virtual TimeClock Payroll Integration: time-tracking software integrated with many payroll solutions

The pricing of Virtual TimeClock is presented in the following picture:

Redcort TimeClock pricing

Virtual TimeClock solution is marketed to primarily small and middle-sized enterprises situated in the United States.

16 – WeWorked

WeWorked employee time tracking

The main product features of WeWorked include:

  • Timesheets online or time clock on the location: Choose the manner of entering time – one method or a combination of timesheets or clock in and out a timecard.
  • Timesheet approvals: on a daily, weekly, bi-weekly, and semi-monthly basis
  • Detailed reports: based on timesheet data
  • Track leave balances: setting up leave policy rules
  • Control permissions: having complete control over who can see and do what through permissions.
  • Calculating billable projects: invoicing using chosen rate (person rate, task rate, or fixed project rate)
  • Task customization: selecting to add specialized tasks to track a specific activity, such as development, testing, and meetings.
  • Project templates: to create projects quickly by copying project information, such as people and tasks, to new and other projects.
  • E-mail reminders: setting automatic e-mail reminders
  • Professional invoices: creating invoices directly from timesheet data in seconds

The pricing options of WeWorked are:

  • 99 $/month: this plan includes three users. Recommended for sole proprietors, independent consultants, etc.
  • 99 $/month: up to ten users. According to WeWorked, this solution is the most popular. Recommended for small businesses and startups.
  • 99 $/month: up to 25 users. Recommended for growing small businesses.
  • 99 $/month: includes 100 users and more

WeWorked provides employee time tracking services to remote teams of different sizes and sectors (service, retail, manufacturing, hybrid, etc.).

17 – Hubstaff

Hubstaff GPS mobile tracking

Hubstaff’s main product features include:

  • Time Tracking: web, desktop, and mobile apps recording time spent on projects
  • Geofencing: automated work tracking on custom locations
  • Employee monitoring: App and URL tracking, optional screenshots, etc.
  • GPS tracking: smarter tracking on teams working out of the office
  • Project budgeting: setting project limits and alarms when those limits are passed
  • Timesheets for small business
  • Work orders & jobs: compiling the list of work assignments and giving tasks to employees
  • Online timesheets: detailed timesheets which can be exported
  • Payroll online software: preparing precise time cards for accurate payroll
  • Productivity measurement: thorough team and individual productivity reports for a given period of time
  • Online invoicing: generating invoices from the software
  • Employee scheduling: simplified shift management
  • Mobile time tracking: entering time spent via mobile app

After two month trial period, you may choose between the following pricing plans:

  • Free plan
  • Basic plan: 7$/user monthly
  • Premium plan: 10$/user monthly
  • Enterprise plan: 20$/user monthly

The free plan is for one user and includes the following features:

  • Time tracking
  • Activity levels
  • Limited screenshots
  • Limited payments

The basic plan includes everything from the Free plan plus:

  • One integration
  • 24-hour support
  • Per-user settings

Premium plan includes everything from Basic plan plus:

  • Unlimited integrations
  • Track apps & URLs
  • Mobile GPS tracking
  • Time off & holidays
  • Scheduling & attendance
  • Expense tracking
  • Invoices
  • Payroll
  • Client & project budgets
  • Auto-discard idle time
  • Timesheet approvals
  • Weekly limits
  • Fleet tracking
  • Unlimited teams

Enterprise plan includes everything from Premium plan plus:

  • VIP support
  • Unlimited job sites
  • Concierge account setup
  • Higher limits on public API

Hubstaff mainly markets its solution to service companies, both medium and small enterprises, and large companies.

18 – Connecteam

Connecteam time clock and sheduling

The main product features of Connecteam can be divided into the following categories:

  • Time Management
  • Daily Operations
  • Internal Communication (designed for employees and teams working out of office)
  • Education & Onboarding (easy and customizable mobile training courses)

The Time Management category includes two main product features:

  • Employee time clock: tracking work hours on jobs and projects
  • Employee scheduling: simplified scheduling of all project phases, from planning to distribution; creating work schedules quickly using templates, in-shift tasks, and more features; keeping the team up-to-date, even when working out of office

Daily Operations category includes the following product features:

  • Digital Forms & Checklist: mobile field reports and automated workflows
  • Task Management: quick mobile task allocation and oversight

The pricing plans are presented in the following picture:

Connecteam pricing plans

Connecteam markets its solution mainly to multinational companies (Nike, BCG, EY, American Eagle, Mango, Phifer Incorporated., HerbaLife, etc.). Still, it may be used as a timesheet software for small businesses.

19 – Timely

Timely automated time tracking

Timely represent excellent timesheet software for small business. Product features of Timely time tracking solution include:

  • Automated time tracking
  • Project tracking: planning, collaborating, and reporting effectively, knowing exactly where project time goes
  • Team tracking: keeping work of remote teams visible
  • Project and team planning: visualizing projects coordinating team schedules, and planning work in seconds
  • Integrations (Azure, Toggl, Harvest, Jira, GitHub, Asana, Trello, Zoom, etc.)

After the 14-day free trial, there are several pricing plans:

  • Starter plan: 10$/user monthly or 8$/user monthly, if paid on an annual basis. This plan includes 50 projects and three teams
  • Premium plan (marked as the most popular): 18$/user monthly or 14$/user monthly, if paid annually. This plan includes unlimited projects and unlimited teams.
  • Unlimited plan: 26$/user monthly or 20$/user monthly, if paid on an annual basis. The Unlimited plan includes everything from the Premium plan, plus unlimited teams and individual capacity.
  • Unlimited +: tailored to the client. Pricing is available on-demand.

Timely is used mainly by professional service companies (law firms, web design agencies, auditing firms, etc.) of different sizes.

20 – ProofHub

ProofHub project management platform

ProofHub is a project management platform that includes time tracking features:

  • Adding timesheets
  • Setting time estimates
  • Tracking time manually or via timer
  • Exporting timesheets
  • Creating time reports

ProofHub may provide the following project management features:

  • Team discussions
  • Review of main activities in table view
  • Kanban boards
  • Gantt charts
  • Calendar

ProofHub offers flat pricing without a per-user fee. A free trial version is included.

The Essential plan requires a 50$ monthly fee, or 45$ per month if paid annually. The plan includes 40 projects, unlimited users, and 15 GB of storage.

The Ultimate Control plan requires a 99$ monthly fee, or 89$ per month if paid annually. The plan includes unlimited project, unlimited users, 100 GB storage, and the following benefits:

  • Custom roles
  • White labeling
  • Custom workflows
  • Project manager
  • Network control
  • Manage trashed items
  • API access for data transport
  • Project and resource reports
  • Advanced activity logs
  • Account transfer tool
  • Priority support
  • Data export

ProofHub provides services to different companies and sectors, from small and medium-sized enterprises to large global companies.

21 – When I Work

When I Work integrated online timesheets

When I Work provides the following product features:

  • Timesheets: integrated online timesheets which can be helpful for payroll purposes
  • Team messaging: team communication platform
  • Time & Attendance: tracking attendance, breaks, and time off, manually or via time clock
  • Employee scheduling

There are two main Pricing plans:

  • Small Business plan: up to 100 employees (2$/user monthly)
  • Enterprise plan: more than 100 employees (pricing on demand)

When I Work is made primarily for middle-sized enterprises and larger companies, they can be timesheet software for small businesses.

22 – Avaza – excellent for small business timesheet  software 

Avaza tracking time and projects

The main product features of Avaza include:

  • Project Management: tracking project from the very beginning to the project delivery
  • Project Resource Scheduling: planning of work of project team members on one page
  • Team Chat: project team communication
  • Online Timesheets: tracking time on projects with flexible billing and cost rates
  • Expense Management: tracking project expenses
  • Online Invoicing: sending customized invoices, tracking each payment, automated recurring revenue, and running reports
  • Recurring invoices: automatically billing customers regularly
  • Quotes & Estimates: streamlining sales workflow with fast and easy quoting software
  • Business Reporting: turning business data into intuitive visual reports for making management decisions
  • Integrations: Zapier, QuickBooks, Trello, Google Docs, Google Sheets, etc.

The pricing plans are presented in the following picture:

Avaza pricing

Avaza provides services to different companies and sectors, from small and medium-sized enterprises to large global companies.

23 – Jibble

Jibble selfie clock-ins

The main product features include:

  • Selfie clock-ins: verifying staff’s Biometric Attendance with Facial Recognition
  • GPS attendance: tracking  staff’s time and attendance with their locations
  • Offline mode
  • Timesheets for payroll: using monthly and weekly timesheets for payroll review
  • Project costing: gathering data for job costing, productivity improvement, and client billing
  • Automatic overtime: managing work hours, breaks, and overtime calculation with Work Schedules

Following monthly pricing plans of Jibble are available:

  • Free plan: unlimited users. The plan includes attendance with facial recognition, GPS, and timesheet reporting.
  • Premium plan: 2$ per active user monthly or 1.50$ per active user monthly, if paid annually. The plan includes attendance with user policies, time approvals, and multiple user levels.
  • Ultimate plan: 4$ per active user monthly or 3$ per active user monthly, if paid annually. This plan is for desktop teams that want to track time on projects and track productivity.

Jibble provides services to different companies and sectors, from small and medium-sized enterprises to large global companies.

24 – Zoho Projects

Zoho task management

Zoho Projects’ main product features include:

  • Task Management: managing both simple and complex projects by breaking them down into milestones, task lists, tasks, and subtasks; visualizing projects efficiently with the help of Gantt charts and Kanban boards.
  • Task Automation: Automatizing task processes with Blueprints
  • Time Tracking: recording time spent working on a task, billable or otherwise
  • Charts & Reporting: using multiple types of charts for planning projects and managing team, tracking project progress accurately with detailed reports, and getting deep insights into how work is moving forward.
  • Issue Tracking and Workflow: recording issues and bugs in projects
  • Team Collaboration: project team communication platform
  • Integrations: Zoho apps, Google apps, Microsoft apps, etc.

After the 10-day free trial, there are the following pricing plans:

  • Free plan: up to three users, two projects max; it is possible to attach files up to 10MB. Additional features are simple task tracking, Gantt Chat Viewer, and Mobile apps (iOS, Android).
  • Premium plan: 5 EUR/user monthly or 4 EUR/user monthly if payment is made annually. Up to 50 users, an unlimited number of projects, 20 project templates can attach files up to 100 GB.
  • Enterprise plan: 10 EUR/user monthly or 9 EUR/user monthly for annual payments. There is no upper limit in the number of users, an unlimited number of projects, 30 project templates, and possible to attach files up to 120 GB.

Zoho Projects provides services to different companies and sectors, from small and medium-sized enterprises to large global companies.

25 – Paymo

Paymo task planning

The main product features of Paymo include:

  • Time Tracking: registering time, monitoring time, customizing timesheet settings, analyzing time, etc.
  • Task Management: Planning out tasks in detail and monitoring their progress
  • Kanban board
  • Team Collaboration: measuring and prioritizing work, ordering tasks logically, viewing the team’s workload in a resource calendar, a team communication platform, etc.
  • Team Scheduling: managing workloads, availabilities, and leave days on a visual schedule
  • Leave Planner: planning vacations and leave days both at a company and user level.
  • Gantt Chart: planning tasks and projects on a timeline
  • Invoicing & Estimates: creating invoices, managing expenses, and automating payments
  • File Proofing: providing actionable feedback
  • Integration: Google Apps, Google Calendar, Zapier, Slack, etc.

After 15-day free trial, it is possible to choose one of three pricing plans:

  • Free plan: up to ten users
  • Small office plan: for growing teams and departments; no user limit; 11.95$/user monthly or 9.95$/user monthly, if paid annually.
  • Business plan: for larger teams; no user limit; 18.95$/user monthly or 15.79$/user monthly, if paid annually.

Paymo provides services to different companies and sectors, from small and medium-sized enterprises to large global companies.

26. RemoteDesk

remote time tracking

RemoteDesk delivers remote worker management, and it is the best solution for corporate companies, call centers, and eDiscovery firms.

The main product features include:

  • Prohibited Devices – detecting the use of prohibited items such as mobile phones and cameras
  • Identity Verification – securing the identities of remote agents
  • Desktop Screencapture – monitoring desktop activity is possible by way of intermittent desktop screenshots
  • Productivity Analysis- this tool allows you to access reports that record an agent’s productive and unproductive hours.
  • Stealth App Detection- scanning and detecting unauthorized apps like spyware, malware, and viruses
  • Url Tracking- RemoteDesk tracks applications, links, and browsers visited by a remote agent

You need to sign up for a demo by filling out the form. The team will contact you within minutes.

27. ClickUp App

click up Timesheet software solutions for small business

ClickUp is a productivity platform that provides an all-in-one app experience for your project management and time tracking needs.

ClickUp’s main time-related features include:

  • Time Tracking: record time, set estimates, add notes, and view reports of your time from anywhere
  • Dashboard Widgets: display your tracked time per member or project using widgets like Timesheets, Billable Reports, and Time Reporting
  • Google Chrome Extension: create tasks and start time tracking from anywhere in your browser
  • Time Tracking Integrations: integrate with other time tracking apps such as Everhour, Time Doctor, Toggl, Harvest, Hubstaff, Clockify, and more
  • Task Management: track a large number of tasks for projects or smaller day-to-day tasks for personal productivity

ClickUp is free forever. To access more features, a 15 day trial of their Unlimited or Business Plans is included. Plan breakdowns are as follows:

  • Free Forever Plan: unlimited users, 100 MB storage, Spaces, and widgets
  • Unlimited Plan: $9/month per user or $5/month per user if paid on an annual basis. Get an unlimited number of Spaces, Folders, Lists in your Workspace, as well as access to more advanced features
  • Business Plan: $19/month per user, or $9/month per user if paid on an annual basis. This Plan offers more features for large teams as well as the ability to mark time tracked as billable, add labels, and include notes

ClickUp’s flexibility, customizable features, and user-friendly interface make it a great solution for single users to large teams worldwide.

28. WebWork

WebWork is an easy-to-use time tracking and employee monitoring software for companies and remote teams of any size.

The main product features include:

  • Time Tracking with Screenshots: WebWork’s desktop tracker performs time tracking with 4 screenshot modes: screenshot mode, background mode, blurred screenshot mode, no screenshot mode.
  • Apps&Website Usage Monitoring: Team owners are able to check and analyze the apps and websites their employees visit daily to understand how productive the working hours are.
  • Activity tracking: WebWork helps to track each employee’s activity based on the quantity of keyboard strokes and mouse clicks during time tracking and presents it in 3 ways: high, medium, and low.
  • Billable hours and Invoicing: Users are able to generate invoices based on tracked billable hours and send them to their clients or partners.
  • Reporting: Detailed reports help users to analyze their team performance and gain more insights about productivity and time management.
  • Task management system: Task management system allows you to track how much time it takes to complete tasks, see who’s working on what, and ensure everyone gets the job done on time.
  • Attendance monitoring: This automated process allows you to observe who comes late, who leaves work early and who tracks less time than required. You can review and analyze the information in a chart and identify any deviation of working hours.
  • Extensions: Users have the ability to track their tasks, and projects with the Webwork Chrome Extensions.
  • Integrations-  ClickUp, Todoist, Trello, Wrike, Bitbucket, Zoho, Teamwork, Jira, Asana, GitHub, Zapier

WebWork offers a single pricing

  • 2.99$ per user per month
  • Free trial for 7 days
  • Users have the ability to pay after using for 30 days

29. Everhour

everhour timesheet software solution

Everhour is time tracking software that makes keeping your time in check incredibly easy. It helps you see how your team and individual team members are performing and monitor their progress. Besides providing impeccable time tracking functions, it takes care of all your project management needs with the help of third-party app integrations. They complement the software, providing a wide range of tools that will make your task and team management easy as a breeze. These integrations include widely used project management, team communication, invoicing, and other tools such as Asana, Trello, ClickUp, Xero, GitHub, Basecamp, and many more. 

The main product features include:

  • Time tracking
  • Third-party app integrations
  • Project management opportunities
  • Billing, budgeting, and balance templates
  • Expenses tracking and invoicing 
  • Reports creation


Everhour provides two payment options – Cloud and Server, with two payment plans – Monthly and Yearly. The Cloud option is $10.00 monthly for the one-month subscription or $8.50 monthly for the annual subscription. It includes 5 users and gives access to all the features of Everhour, such as unlimited integrations and projects. If you’re looking for a private server, you can contact their sales representative for a personalized quote. Also, Everhour offers a 14-day free trial, regardless of the option and payment plan.

Timesheet Software for Small Businesses – is it Necessary?

Timesheet software is a crucial management tool to improve key performance indicators of your company. Metaphorically, if you are General of the Army, a time tracking solution is an interactive map of the battlefield. Using timesheet software, you can see where your company stands both long- and short-term and regroup your troops, if and where necessary.

A widespread response from small business owners on our proposal is: We are a small firm. Our organization is pretty simple since we employ only six people. We do not need such a solution; we manage to track everything by excel timesheets

But is it so?

Even if it’s true right now, it won’t be for a very long time. As an owner/manager of the company, you are the only person responsible for developing your business. The time of scaling will come when you won’t be able to manage everything by yourself. Additionally, you need to make your business flexible and prepare it for significant disruption, like the current pandemic. As a small business, we managed to use Time Analytics in 2020 to increase remote work productivity, communicate effectively, and finish all projects on time while working from our office.

Business Owner’s Perspective: Time is Priceless

One of the most cited definitions of management is from Mary Parker Follet:

Management is the art of getting things done through (other) people.

This is the leading manager’s job: to ensure that other people do the work. To ensure that the best decision is made and implemented. The manager mustn’t get drowned in day-to-day work. Yes, sometimes you need to roll up your sleeves so you don’t lose touch with business operations, motivate your employees, and train them or solve exceptional problems no other team member can solve. But, most of the days, you need time to think, be creative and get a larger view of the current business situation.

Let us go through some questions:

  • Do you have time and energy for business development?
  • Are your employees trained to make decisions and solve problems without you?

Did you answer No on both of the previous questions?

Have you come home on time (not working extra hours) more than ten times this month?

Did you answer No on this one, too?

For high earners, coming home on time has become a luxury. Namely, the National Bureau of Economic Research research showed that the frequency of long working hours increased by 14.4% points among the top quintile of salary earners.

If you answered No on at least two out of three questions, you should consider timesheet software. It could be a tool to help you get back control over your business:

  • You can track time of the employees
  • Get an automated KPI dashboard
  • Monitor profitability of clients, projects, and service lines
  • Get a quantitative basis for management decisions

Fewer Headaches with Tracking Employee’s Hours

Why can a timesheet software be crucial in solving the main management issues?

Well, with time tracking software, you will have much better control over current operations and, therefore, be able to micro-manage less. You can then use your time to think about business and organizational development. Most importantly, you will set an infrastructure to manage many more employees and projects than you currently have.

The Legal View of Timesheet Software for Small Business

Even if you believe you do not need timesheet software for management purposes, time tracking may be legally binding in your country to set up a tracking system of employees’ working time. All European Union member states must set up an objective, reliable and accessible system enabling the duration of time for each worker each day by the Court of Justice of the European Union. If your business is established in the European Union, please see more information about daily working time tracking.

On the other hand, in the USA, The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) establishes rules on working hours, overtime and records keeping. Employees may not be employed more than 40 hours a week without receiving overtime pay.  Besides, the wage that employees should receive cannot be calculated without records of the number of hours worked. Recordkeeping regulations are summarized by Fact Sheet #21.

Each employer must keep certain records for each non-exempt worker. A specific form of the records is not required, but the act does require that the records include detailed identifying information about the employee and data about the hours worked. An excellent solution for preparing an accurate recording of working hours could be Timesheet online platform.

An example of an small business timesheet software is presented in the following picture:

What Are the Key Features of Timesheet Software for Small Business ?

The main factors in choosing adequate timesheet software for small business are:

  • Industry of your business (professional services, tourism, hospitality, trade, manufacturing, construction, etc.)
  • The number of employees (for small teams you will have free timesheet software from the above list)
  • The internal organization of the business
  • Management issues you want to solve with time tracking solution
  • Management goals you want to achieve with the help of timesheet software

Just like in your case, we started with these questions above when constructing the software. After that, we answered three following questions:

  • What time categories will we track?
  • Which KPIs will be calculated?
  • What reports do we need for making business decisions?
  • How we can improve our costs and revenue budgeting with time and cost reporting?

We fill-in time and track it through the following categories:

  • Employee
  • Client
  • Activity (Working Task)
  • Project (Service line)
  • Billable/non – billable hours

By using TimeAnalytics, we get three main categories of KPIs:

  • Financial KPIs: for example, % of billable hours, revenue per hour spent, and cost per client (project)
  • Commercial (marketing) KPIs: for example, the total number of clients, the average number of service lines per customer, and total hours spent on commercial (marketing) activities.
  • Employee productivity KPIs: for example, total hours spent per employee, the structure of work activities per employee, overtime, and number of employees per project (client).

We provided more information on TimeAnalytics’ KPIs: timesheet solutions for consulting firms.

We may get reports and timesheet calculation for hours and costs in the following categories:

  • Employees
  • Clients
  • Tasks
  • Projects


To sum up our text in a few bullet points:

  • Time tracking software for small business is only helpful if you define what management issues you want to solve with it and what management goals you want to achieve.
  • There is no one timesheet software that is the best for all companies in the world. There are only the best solutions for specific types of companies. We believe Time Analytics is the best timesheet app for small businesses providing professional services, such as accounting firms, law firms, design studios, advertising agencies, etc. Our belief is based on the facts that we have experience in managing such a type of business and that TimeAnalytics was the answer to our organizational problems, the same problems professional firms all over the world face.
  • Even if you believe you do not need an automated time tracking solution right now, things can change quickly. This solution may provide you saved time and money and provide you with fewer headaches about your business.
  • With time and expense tracking per project you will improve overall profitability that will reflected in firm’a profit and loss account.

Our company offers Time Analytics software, a tailor-made timesheet software for small businesses. In case you are interested in the 60-day Trial version, please start with employee timesheet automation.

To conclude this text, my team and I would like to wish you good luck with developing your business. Let’s grow together!

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