Teamwork Time Tracking – Feature Review

Teamwork Time Tracking – Feature Review

Jelena Lukic
Written by Jelena Lukic
April 27, 2023

Do you want to learn more about Teamwork time tracking? We created an account and want to share our experience.

Teamwork is a time tracking platform with the goal of keeping all projects profitable. It features timesheets that contain valuable information on the time your team spends working.

The app also aims to help businesses understand resources spent on different activities. Hence, the users can manage them more efficiently.

We are here to take a closer look at the app’s time tracking feature. Let’s dive in.

Teamwork Time Tracking – an Overview

Teamwork billable time software

                               Source: teamwork website

Teamwork time tracking is designed to make the process quick and simple. The app has two time tracking options – automatic time clock and manual time entries.

The entries can be made directly onto the app’s timesheets. These timesheets contain logs of time spent on specific tasks. Additionally, they show the total hours worked in a day.

It is important to mention that the app allows users to add details to their time logs. Hence, the employees and employers can have a better understanding of everyone’s productivity.

Automatic Time Tracking

As we’ve previously mentioned, Teamwork time tracking has an automatic option. It contains a simple time clock with a clean design.

Each time entry is connected to a task. Thus, the app logs time entries into the timesheets as well.

  • Start – the employees simply click a Start button to start tracking time spent on a task
  • Pause – this option captures time not spent working – a quick break or a meeting, for example
  • Stop – once the employee is done with a task they click a Stop button to log the time

Time Reports

Simply recording time spent on tasks isn’t enough for a time tracker to help any business. That is why reports are a necessary part of all time tracking software solutions.

Teamwork isn’t an exception. Thus, the app delivers reports using the data it collects.

  • Graphs – there are two graphic views of the analyzed time
  • Total time – see how much time each employee has spent working in a set period
  • Utilization – understand the ratio of billable and non-billable hours for every team member

You can also see the data presented in percentages.

                                Source: teamwork website


Timesheets are another way to make time logs. They also serve as proof of work. Team members can overview their timesheets to make sure the information in them is accurate.

  • Review logs – a great way to keep tabs on your own productivity
  • Edit – make changes to the existing logs or create new ones when necessary
  • Add details – use tags and descriptions and add billability status

                                Source: teamwork website

Teamwork Time Tracking – Pricing

Teamwork offers five plans. In other words, businesses of all sizes can use it. Here is an overview.

Free forever (up to five users)

  • Basic task management
  • Multiple project views
  • Basic templates

Starter ($8.99 per user per month; 3 users minimum)

  • Time tracking
  • Basic integrations
  • Improved Gantt charts
  • Customizable branding

Deliver ($13.99 per user per month; 3 users minimum)

  • Unlimited clients
  • Project and portfolio health reports
  • Visual intake forms
  • Automation

Grow ($25.99 per user per month; 5 users minimum)

  • Resource management
  • Advanced budgeting
  • Capacity planning
  • Burndown reports
  • Unlimited custom fields
  • Custom reports

Scale plan (custom pricing)

  • Powerful client work
  • Resource scheduling
  • Granular admin permissions
  • Custom and scheduled reports
  • Retainers and profitability management

Teamwork FAQ

Which types of teams benefit the most from using Teamwork?

Teamwork is specifically tailored to cater to client work. As a result, it is highly beneficial for teams involved in client work such as marketing teams, agencies, consultancies, business development and professional services, product teams, software development teams, and creative teams. These teams tend to derive the greatest value from using Teamwork.

Is Teamwork suitable for my team’s needs?

Without knowing any more about your team, it’s hard to answer that question. Based on our collective experience, this is how we’d recommend answering this question. (It’s the process many of our customers use to research project management software.)

  1. Look through the features list — does Teamwork have what you’re looking for?
  2. Check the price point —does it fit with your budget?
  3. Study third party reviews from Capterra, G2 or your go to
  4. Sign up for a free trial so you can test it yourself. (Or book a demo and fast-track your way through.)

By the time you’re done, you’ll either have your answer or you’ll have a lot of questions for our support team!

Is Teamwork easy to switch to?

We strive to make the transition as effortless as possible. If you’re currently using popular project management tools such as Wrike, Asana, Basecamp, ClickUp, Trello, or Monday, you can seamlessly import all your projects with just a single click.

How does the 30 day trial work?

To maximize success, we recommend that our customers upload a few actual projects and thoroughly test them with their team. The readily available templates make it easy to get started. This approach allows everyone to provide valuable feedback on their experience, leading to enhanced adoption when the time comes to make the switch.

Can I switch plans simply?

At any time, you have the flexibility to upgrade or downgrade your plan directly from the settings menu.

How can we pay?

For monthly subscriptions, we accept credit card payments, including Visa, MasterCard, and Maestro. If you prefer an annual subscription, we also accept payments by bank transfer. If you need to use a different payment method, please reach out to support for assistance.

Are there automatic contract renewals?

No. You have the freedom to cancel your subscription at any time without incurring any cancellation fees.

Interested in an Alternative? Try Time Analytics!

As you have seen, Teamwork time tracking could cause some issues when it comes to its pricing.

Namely, the app’s price point is quite steep compared to its alternatives. Additionally, there are user minimums that can cause problems.

Time Analytics is a time tracking solution that avoids these problems with its straightforward fees. It also has a sturdy time tracking feature that helps companies plan future steps with ease.

Time Analytics time tracking

                             Source: Time Analytics website

Automatic Time Tracking

Time Analytics features a simple time clock as well. This accurate stopwatch has a simple Start/Stop system that allows anyone to use the feature without training.

  • Task list – the users can choose a task from a provided populated list of upcoming activities
  • Time and cost allocation – all tasks are connected to their respective projects and clients
  • Simplicity – just click the Start or Stop button and the time will be logged automatically

Time Analytics Timesheets

The software relies on timesheets to keep all time logs in order. The users can use these documents to manually add time entries as well.

  • Simple tracking – create time entries directly in the timesheets if that’s more convenient
  • Two overviews – the timesheets are presented in daily and weekly overviews for easier use
  • Billable hours – mark each activity as either billable or non-billable and get time utilization reports
  • Invoicing – export the timesheets and use them as an appendix for your invoices


Time Analytics offers a plethora of accurate reports. keep track of all key performance indicators in visual and clear analyses.

  • Team productivity – understand each team member’s workload and plan future projects
  • Project insights – determine which projects are profitable and analyze them further
  • Client reports – recognize your most important clients and negotiate or terminate unfavorable contracts

report for Customer Service Representatives

Time Off Scheduling

The application features an easy way to plan according to availability. Users can mark their vacation, PTO, holidays, etc. Then, this information is presented in a clear overview.

  • Booking time off – choose whether you’re using vacation time, sick leave, or holiday
  • Break tracking – manage regular daily breaks with simple timers
  • Reviews – let the managers review time off and availability anytime

Time Analytics Pricing

Time analytics pricing

Time Analytics comes with two simple plans without any user limits. You can try them in a 14-day free trial.

Starter ($5.99 per user per month)

  • Time tracking per client and project
  • Two timesheet views
  • Overtime and time utilization tracking
  • Time and cost allocation and reports
  • Time off tracking
  • Performance overview
  • Billing and pay rates

Optimum ($8.45 per user per month)

  • All features from the Starter plan
  • Invoicing assistant
  • Profit reports
  • Custom onboarding for new users
  • Email reminders

Time Analytics FAQ

Does the end of my free trial period entail any charges?

We don’t need your credit card details during the trial, and there won’t be any charges. When selecting a paid plan after the trial period, the charges will be determined by the plan you choose.

By what means do I determine the cost of the license?

Find the final cost by multiplying the number of active (enabled) users in your organization with the price per user/month specified in the pricing plan.

By what means do you calculate the user count for billing?

Only the users (team members) marked as Enabled in your Team section incur charges. Simply mark individuals as Disabled if they leave the company or if you no longer need to monitor their time. Users who are disabled or deleted do not contribute to the billing calculations. Data associated with the deactivated or deleted user will be securely stored.

How do monthly and annual payments differ?

If you decide on an annual license, you receive a significant discount (equivalent to two months at no cost), will be issued just one invoice, and are required to pay for a full year’s subscription. There are no discounts available for monthly-based payments, and you must manage the invoices each month.

Is there a possibility of getting discounts?

A discount of 30% is applicable to teams with over 50 employees subscribed. Additionally, if your user count exceeds 150, you may be eligible for an additional discount.

Can I terminate my license at any time as per my requirement?

Yes, that’s an available choice. Time Analytics will put an end to the auto-renewal of your subscription, and the service will be concluded at the culmination of your present subscription period (monthly or annually). You retain access to Time Analytics until the conclusion of your subscription period, and no reimbursements are applicable for the interval between the cancellation date and the end of the subscription period.

Is there an option to export my data after my subscription concludes?

Definitely, all your data entries can be exported after your plan is over.

Can I rely on the security of my data?

We are fully committed to data security at Time Analytics. Our servers are housed in a top-tier data center that benefits from 24/7 surveillance, and we continuously update our application to ensure it is protected by the latest security patches.

Teamwork Time Tracking vs Time Analytics

As we’ve previously mentioned, there is a big pricing difference between the two apps. However, when it comes to time tracking features, they are pretty evenly matched.

If you are looking for a time tracking solution that will accurately log employee hours and give you reports on team and company performance you can’t go wrong with either option.

Teamwork Time Tracking vs Time Analytics

Starting with Time Analytics

If you want a simple, quick, and user-friendly solution, we definitely recommend checking out Time Analytics. The application’s transparency and ease of use are sure to help any team.

The app has been designed to help companies avoid micromanagement as much as possible. Instead, it lets the managers take care of their employees’ issues productively.

The same applies to tracking business performance. Namely, the app delivers informative reports on employees as well as clients and projects.

Give Time Analytics a try to lead a happy team and a successful business!

Jelena Lukic

Jelena has a Master’s Degree in teaching Serbian literature and language. Creative writing is her biggest passion.

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