Tempo Timesheets Reviews 2024: Details, Pricing, & Features

Tempo Timesheets Reviews 2024: Details, Pricing, & Features

Saad Ali
Written by Saad Ali
March 15, 2023

Time Tracking apps are all over the internet, and different companies offer various features in each of them.

What makes time tracking software good is that it should do the basic to advanced tracking operations like time tracking, reporting, invoicing, and more.

Tempo Timesheets is one of the most popular software that has proven successful in the time tracking niche. But what features does it offer, what are the pros and cons of using Tempo Timesheets, and how does it hold itself compared to other competitors?

This article will cover everything you need to know about Tempo Timesheets.

Tempo Timesheets Review

Tempo Timesheets Review

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Tempo Timesheets has been one of the industry’s leading time-tracking and time-management applications since 2010.

What sets Tempo apart from competitors is that you can build detailed and advanced reports with all your employee data in seconds.

Tempo Timesheets does an amazing job of breaking down complex data and turning it into simplified reports.

Moreover, Tempo also analyzes high-level information across your business to assist you in making better business decisions.

The feature list is extensive regarding the most advanced form of Tempo and works great when integrated with Jira.

Temp has excellent timesheet management, online time tracking features, and leave/vacation tracking, and it is quite easy to use.

So let’s talk about the list of features that Tempo Timesheets provide and see how it stacks up against the competitors.

Time Tracking

Tempo Timesheets offers extensive time-tracking features for Jira. The time tracking tool is automated, providing reliable data for generating reports and invoices and implementing accounting.

The time tracking works with automation and is easily integrable with Google and Microsoft Calendars. You will automatically get important alerts, and your employees will get all the necessary information before or after they start work.

Tempo also provides automated suggestions that make it easier to fill the timesheet. It works similarly to Google Sheets, which offers autofill features. Overall, Tempo Timesheets is a smart time-tracking software ideal for companies looking to increase their productivity. \

Here are the time tracking features that Tempo offers:

  • Integrate time with Google and Microsoft calendars to get important reminders
  • Get automated suggestions to make timesheet data entry easier
  • Organize finances and build custom reports

Reporting Features

Reporting is the main quirk of Tempo since it offers simple-to-view flexible reporting. Since Tempo is smart, it automatically calculates important data from your company, projects, and employees to turn it into a full report to make decisions.

The reporting features incorporate time-tracking reports with different dates and parameters. Moreover, the stakeholders also get a full report on worked time for a user or a group of users. Tempo also provides export features.

So if you’re looking to use the data from the reports outside the app, you also have that option. Since Tempo can be integrated with Jira, you can get insights from both Jira and Tempo.

When it comes to the managers’ side, they can get a simplified user report that they can use to track entries and time and provide the employees with their performance reports.

Here are the reporting features that Tempo offers:

  • Export to Excel or CSV
  • Configue time on reports with different dates and parameters
  • Get insights from Jira or other Atlassian ecosystem software
  • Manage users’ time using advanced reports


Effective budgeting is quite important when it comes to project management. You can easily and effectively implement agile budgeting for the Jira server with Tempo budgets. This includes CAPEX and OPEX as well.

What Tempo does extraordinarily is letting you quickly navigate large project portfolios? Tempo lets you view big projects in one detailed overview, making budgeting easier.

Moreover, it also provides advanced filters and customizations so you can sort projects based on different metrics. Tempo also allows you to easily create financial plans for your projects in just a few clicks. It offers tracking costs, profitability, and revenue with each project.

Here are the budgeting features that Tempo offers:

  • Quickie navigate huge project portfolios with information
  • Use quick and advanced filters to sort information
  • Track cost, revenue, and profitability with a single click

Additional Integrations

The biggest focus point of Tempo is its integration options. You can integrate Tempo with Jira or anything across the Atlassian ecosystem. Tempo allows many customizability options, making it one of the best time-tracking software.

Tempo can be integrated with software like Microsoft 236, Jira, Google Calendar, Tempo Planner, Tempo Cost Tracking, Exply, and activity timeline. If you don’t know what integration means, it simply means that Tempo can extend its functionalities by aligning with other software like Jira.

The integration allows Tempo to provide users with an all-in-one time tracking solution without switching between different software to do a simple task.

Here are the integration features that Tempo offers:

  •  Jira,
  • Tempo,
  • and many other Atlassian software

Support Options

Regarding the support options, Tempo Timesheets are full of them. There are three types of support: Tempo Support, Structure support, and Roadmunk Support. You will explore the help center with many resolved issues in Tempo Support.

There’s also the idea portal, the Atlassian Server Migration guide, Welcome enter, Developers, and Additional services.

Moving on to structure support, Tempo also offers structure training and has built an Atlassian Community for developers to talk to each other. You can simply login into Tempo’s Help Center to send a ticket, and the team will respond to you shortly. Here are all the support options available in Tempo Timesheets:

  • Tempo Support
  • Structure Support
  • Roadmunk Support

Pros and Cons of Tempo Timesheets

tempo timesheet


tempo timesheet review


Tempo offers a unique Cloud Pricing calculator to create your plan. It offers Timesheets, Planner, and Cost Tracker. Each feature costs $11 per month for a single user. However, the reporting options are free with any plan.

Simply put, Tempo starts at $11 per month, and with every user added the price increases.

  • Starts at $11 per month/user

Time Analytics as an Alternative

Time Analytics time tracking

Time Analytics is a one-fit-all solution when it comes to time-tracking. It tracks all the company’s processes, monitors tasks, and generates reports in a user-friendly manner. Moreover, if you’re a freelancer, a company,  or a startup, Time Analytics has a solution for everyone.

The strong forte of Time Analytics is the plethora of management features that it offers to users. Whether your business has simple or complex tasks, Time Analytics helps you and generates billable hours, so your business thrives on automation.

Time Analytics takes a lot of stress from the management’s hands and provides solutions that will aid you in your daily business operations. As a Tempo Timesheets replacement, Time Analytics offers great features that make it a worthy opponent to Tempo. So let’s talk about the features.

Online Timesheets

Time Analytics provides simple timesheets that reduce the admin’s time spent. With the extensive data displayed, you can understand your costs, track your spending, and focus on other important things.

Time Analytics’ timesheets provide details of your projects, clients, work tasks, and time off. If you want more advanced timesheet features, then Time Analytics, with its advanced reporting and sorting abilities, provides you with a huge amount of data with its advanced reporting and sorting abilities.

When it comes to the ease-of-use and user-friendliness, Time Analytics is better than Tempo Timesheets.

Here are the timesheets features that Time Analytics offers:

  • Sorting and filtering options
  • Add items to include in reports like projects, tasks, clients, notes, and more
  • Review team’s performance and activities
  • Edit timesheets as needed

Time Tracking

Time tracking is the main focus of Tempo Timesheets, and it is an all-in-one team tracking software for excellent remote and hybrid work. It offers you insightful reports and analytics. You can select your projects, start the time or add it manually, market the activity as billable, add notes, and do much more with time tracking.

The thing where Time Analytics excels is at simplifying complex features and making them user-friendly. So, whether you’re a beginner or a technical user, you will experience the same features.

The time tracker tool also features a daily or weekly calendar, making managing team task meetings easier.

Here are the time tracking features that Time Analytics offers:

  • Track time with the most insightful reporting and analytics options
  • Get daily or weekly calender view for better management
  • Manage teams and activities

time tracking- Time Analytics

Project Reporting

Reporting is the strong point of Time Analytics. It might be better than Tempo Timesheets, but it covers all the important aspects of project management for a company. Firstly, you can manage profit generation, increase your profits by looking at the billable data closely, and have clear evidence of how many hours an employee has worked.

With powerful reporting Time Analytics has proven to increase profitability by up to 20%.

Here are the reporting features that Time Analytics offers:

  • Profit generation management reports
  • Track biillable and non-billable hours for crystal clear invoicing
  • Review all the work before invoicing

Time reporting-Time Analytics


Time Analytics puts security as the main frontier of its core values. Firstly, all the critical data, like credit cards, passwords, and more, are not stored in Time Analytics. The sensitive data is stored in other popular platforms like Stripe and uses a one-way hashing algorithm to prevent threats.

Time Analytics also backs up your data daily, and it is kept for one week before removing it. So, when it comes to security, the platform is safe.

  • SSL Encryption
  • Data Encryption
  • No Third Party Access
  • Regular Backups

Support Options

  • Email Support
  • Phone Support
  • Contact Form


Starter: $4.99 per user/month

Optimum: $6.99 per user/month

Pros and Cons

time analytics pros and cons

Tempo Timesheets vs. Time Analytics

Both Tempo Timesheets and Time Analytics are great solutions for time-tracking and productivity. Both solutions offer extensive features like advanced reporting, an intuitive time-tracking tool, amazing customizability, and more.

However, Tempo Timesheets has better integration with other apps like Jira. On the other hand, Time Analytics is better in terms of being easy to use. Both software has their pros and cons. If you’re already into the Jira ecosystem, Tempo Timesheets will be a seamless transition for you.

However, if you put ease of use, advanced reporting options, and user-friendliness as the main priority, then Time Analytics is your ideal solution.

tempo timesheet

Getting Started with Time Analytics

Time Analytics is a great alternative to Tempo Timesheets, even surpassing it in some cases.

For example, the cost-effectiveness of Time Analytics is massive compared to many other solutions on the market. It is also fast, hype efficient, and easy for companies, freelancers, and startups.

Get Started With Time Analytics Today

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