7 Best Time Tracking Tools for Therapist in 2024

7 Best Time Tracking Tools for Therapist in 2024

August 11, 2022

Most people used to have a very limited view of therapy before. Fortunately, things are rapidly changing.

The truth has become apparent – Therapists provide some of the most important services.

For example, the statistics are showing that one in eight adults seek and receive help with their mental health in the UK.

The pandemic has affected many people’s mental health for the worse in the last few years. Hence, the number of people going to therapy has grown as well.

Some therapists have incorporated online sessions into their work. The decision to start working remotely has helped many therapists and patients remain safe and healthy.

However, this model can have a negative effect on the therapists’ work schedules. We believe we have the solution

Why Use a Time Tracking Solution?

Therapists, at least in their private practices, are freelancers. This means they offer a service directly to their customers.

Similar to other freelancers, mental health professionals can stumble upon patients who aren’t willing to pay for the services they’ve received. This is especially prominent with the online therapy model. Of course, there are also other issues a time tracking solution can solve. They include

  • Invoicing the patients for accurate charging and cost allocation
  • Limiting sessions to the previously negotiated amount of time
  • Receiving reports on your practice’s success in the previous period
  • Identifying problematic clients and taking notes on them

As a therapist, you are selling your expertise and your time. We firmly believe that not having to worry about the latter will allow you to give the best care possible to your patients.

Best Time Tracking Apps for Therapists

We have found the most efficient and feature-rich applications. They will help you control your sessions and allocate expenses.

That is to say, you will be able to focus on helping your patients to full capacity.

1. Time Analytics


Time Analytics is a versatile time tracking solution that relies on timesheets. There are two ways to track your sessions. The first one relies on an automatic time clock. This option allows you to time your session with absolute accuracy. On the other hand, you can create entries for each session manually. Both options allow you to enter all data you deem important for each session.

Each entry can be connected to a specific patient or their cases as well. This way, the app will allocate costs to the right patients each time. Are you worried about the different hourly fees you use? Don’t fret, Time Analytics allows you to adjust that too for each patient.

Additionally, you can filter the timesheets and export them into Excel. In other words, you can deliver invoices to all patients very simply if they ask for them.

Using Time Analytics is extremely easy for anyone. The interface is user-friendly, and there are only a few steps in the entire process. this means anyone can fill timesheets quickly and without a hiccup.

timesheet for therapist


Why is Time Analytics Good for Therapists?

The platform allows users to create and customize templates. This means you will be able to include everything you need in your timesheets. This includes notes on the session, the amount of time it took, and the patient.

You can determine which fields are absolutely necessary for your work, as well as additional information you may add sometimes. The templates can reflect the necessity of these categories as well.

Time Analytics delivers different reports to its users. You will be able to track your patients’ state as well as your performance. Even though the timesheets are filled quite quickly, the information you enter is turned into tangible data.

These reports can help you make the most out of your practice. They can indicate both already existing and new issues. This way you’ll be able to make changes to prevent the problems from further impacting you and your patients.


  • Time tracking – use an automatic time clock to track your sessions, or create timesheet entries manually for the most precise and accurate overview of your work
  • Editable fees – set up your standard fee as default and adjust it for the patients with different arrangements
  • Notes – write down observations, ideas, and questions you want to examine in future sessions
  • Simple interface – you can use this time tracking app easily and in a few minutes – perfect for the time between sessions
  • Reports – receive reports on the financial state of your practice to prevent problems in the future and improve your current business model


Time Analytics offers few pricing plans plans:

  • Starter: $4.99 per user, per month (billed annually) or $5.99 (billed monthly)
  • Optimum: $6.99 per user, per month (billed annually) or $8.45 (billed monthly)
  • Free trial: 14 days (No credit card needed)


2. RescueTime

RescueTime is one of the most well-known time tracking apps. It is available for all devices. In other words, you can continue using your preferred method of communication with your patients. The software is active in the background and monitors your activity. It automatically detects useful and distracting apps and web pages, so you can learn more about your habits.

The application acts as a digital wellness monitor of sorts. In other words, it will warn you when you’re multitasking or distracted. This can help you remove chaos from your daily schedule.

The application features an interesting feature called “Focus Work”. This option allows you to determine which apps and websites are distracting. Then, you can work without them interrupting your work.


  • Monitoring – know which apps and web pages you are using during the day
  • Focus sessionsfinish your work without distractions
  • Reports – learn about your working habits and nip issues in the bud


RescueTime review pricing

Read more on what is included in RescueTime pricing plans.

3. TrackingTime

If you are having trouble visualizing your working time, TrackingTime could be a great app for you. Namely, the app takes a time-blocking approach to tracking time. in other words, each session you have will be marked with a rectangle of a specific color. This way you will be able to understand both your previous and future work schedule in a single glance.

You can choose different views – daily, weekly, and monthly. This will allow you to plan, and make changes without impacting other appointments. You will receive records of your working hours as well, showing your daily, weekly, and monthly accomplishments. The reports the app delivers are extremely flexible and offer many options. For example, you can plan client billing in a matter of minutes. If you are interested in your productivity, the app will offer you many different options you can observe.


  • Time tracker – a simple one-click online time tracker for your sessions
  • Planning – set up your schedule for the foreseeable future
  • Reporting – receive productivity reports and see how successful you are


TrackingTime review pricing

4. ATracker

ATracker online timesheets for managing time

ATracker is a great option if you are very particular about how your time tracking app should look. To put it simply, you can completely customize the app’s interface. There’s no reason for your tool to be even a little confusing or difficult to use. You can choose from a wide variety of icons (800+ of them, to be precise).

This also means the app isn’t strictly business-related. You can use it to plan your entire day, from chores and shopping to your professional endeavors.

The time tracking aspect of the app is incredibly simple. That is to say, you can start and stop tracking with a single click on a specific task. This application is great for individuals who want to learn more about their habits – even the smallest ones.


  • Customization – create the perfect interface for you
  • Time tracking – click a task to start or stop tracking time spent on it
  • Reports – learn about your daily habits and work on improving them


ATracker review pricing

5. Harvest

Harvest time tarcker

Even though Harvest’s biggest advantage lies in its team functions, this time tracking app can be extremely useful to therapists too. It is available on all platforms and can be used on multiple devices. Offline time tracking is a great option for in-person sessions. To put it differently, you will be able to track session time without any distractions.

If you are used to a specific work app, Harvest can be a good time tracking addition to it. In other words, there are numerous integrations the app offers. Slack, Asana, Trello, and other time management and business apps are just some examples. That is to say, if Harvest doesn’t offer a specific option another piece of software has, you can integrate the two apps seamlessly.


  • Time tracking – create tasks, connect them to your patients, and measure your session time
  • Offline tracking – avoid online distractions and focus on your work exclusively
  • Integrations – connect Harvest with all apps you already use


Harvest review pricing

6. Toggl Track

Toggl track

Toggl is one of the most attractive time tracking platforms out there. Aimed at a younger user base, the platform still doesn’t sacrifice functionality for looks. The interface is very simple and doesn’t ask for much data to be able to track successfully. To put it plainly, you can simply start a timer, and add details to the tracked time later on.

There are a lot of useful features the platform offers. However, we have to notice they are more focused on teams rather than solo players.

Toggl Track offers some of the most precise time tracking options. It makes sure you don’t miss a single billable minute, or overcharge your patients. The Pomodoro timer within the app is the perfect addition to any therapist’s routine. You will be able to set up an accurate time that will measure the length of each session and notify you once it passes.


  • Simple time tracking – start a task timer and add details later
  • Precision – the timer makes sure you charge you don’t under- or overcharge
  • Pomodoro timer – limit the time of your sessions simply


Toggl track review pricing

Check out or article on what is included in Toggl Track pricing plans.

7. Timeular

Timeular time and tracking

We’ve decided to finish our list off with an interesting entry. That is to say, Timeular isn’t a simple program you use on your computer or mobile device. The app comes with a physical device that you turn as you go from one task (or, in this case, patient) to another.

The physical aspect of the app gives a more tangible feel to the time you spend working. The eight-sided die tracks the time spent on specific tasks and automatically records changes. The work of a therapist can be taxing. That is why the physicality of the system will prevent you from forgetting to pay attention to your time.

The system reports are full of insights into the way users spend their time. You will be able to learn about your habits and make improvements where you can.


  • Physical timer – an eight-sided die you turn to indicate the start of a new session
  • Reports – receive insights on the ways you spend your time
  • Integrations – add Timeular to your daily routine without any issues


Timeular time tracking

You need to purchase the tracker separately. It costs $69.

To Conclude

Time tracking is an important part of any professional’s daily habits. Therapists aren’t an exception either. They need to understand the time they spend with different patients. These insights can point them in the right direction in their healthcare providing and financial aspect of their practice.

Respecting your own time is an important element if you are looking to remain at the top of your game. Burnout can happen to anyone. You doing more than you’re physically and mentally able to do can seem like a good thing in the short run. However, neither you nor your patients will benefit once the consequences of overworking kick in.

We found the best time tracking apps for therapists. Now, it’s your turn to choose the one that suits your style of working and preferences.

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