Simple Tricks to manage time and overcome work stress

Simple Tricks to manage time and overcome work stress

March 16, 2022

We’ve all been there, finding our workday pretty hectic. Even at that, you still end up having many works on your table unattended to. What do you think of this? Of course, it’s pretty frustrating and displeasing. That’s because it seems you haven’t gotten enough time to do all the essentials. Consequently, resulting in deep stress that can ruin your well-being and affect your productivity.

But you know what? The glad tiding is that good time management will relieve stress which in turn guarantees a fulfilling day. Are you thinking of how to get started with it? You’ve got no worries! Global Gambling Market Research has come up with effective time management plans. With that in mind, this guide includes everything you need to know on time and stress management. Let’s dive in right away!

Tricks to manage time and overcome work stress

Why do you need time management?

Time management is a process of managing time and organizing specific activities. Whether you’re a small business owner or entrepreneur, time management helps produce the most fulfilling deals and achieve goals. Aside from increasing your strength to plan your day efficiently, it also helps to work smarter instead of working your fingers to the bone.

Do you think that’s all? Not yet! Managing your time effectively also aids in less stress, increasing focus, lessening distractions, boosting your self-confidence, and maximizing your energy. Likewise, it helps to achieve better stability. With this, you can be sure of being extremely productive at the end of the day.

It doesn’t stop there! Being in control of your time gives you more freedom to do other necessities. To crown it all, time management helps to achieve even your biggest goals in life.

Time Management basics

Without any debate, time management is a must-have skill for all business owners out there. However, doing something without knowing how it works is like having a car without knowing how to drive. That’s why we have come up with some essential steps in time management for better productivity and balancing. Let’s check them out!


Regardless of what, the first step in time management is to plan your day ahead of time. It helps to properly organize your tasks. Besides, it also provides adequate time to get ideas on how to get the day going. We recommend you create a to-do list and write it out. 

Set priority. 

Sure, the workload might be high, don’t forget to identify your essential tasks. It will help you overcome stress and achieve better results. Irrespective of the urge to get started with it, kick off with the essential ones, establish your goals and focus on priority.  

Do one thing at a time

Christopher Westra says, “the quickest way to do many things is to do one thing at a time”. Since success is built sequentially, there’s virtually no way you can achieve your aim at once. You might end up achieving nothing if you plan to engage in different activities in sync. Meanwhile, you can incorporate the idea of what is slack time in project management to help you keep track of your activities.

Eliminate unnecessary distractions

Another excellent principle of time management is to remove unnecessary interruptions. Note that it’s always hard to get back on track when distractions happen. So, carefully avoid all forms of interruption and stay focused.

Outsource your work

Overworking can excessively stress you out. Thus, identify tasks that others can help you with, and then assign them to someone. Consequently, it will offer you time to take a break. Also, it gives you more time to attend other events of the day. 

8 Popular time management techniques

Since we’ve been on market research, we have discovered various effective time management methods you can easily opt-in for. To make things easy, we have picked out the 8 best time management techniques to prioritize your task and crush stress conveniently. How about we take a look at it?

  1. Pareto Analysis  

Also known as the 80/20 rule, Pareto analysis is a popular time management technique developed by Vilfredo Pareto, an Italian economist. It’s best for all problem solvers and analytical thinkers. This technique declared that 80% of our accomplishment is from 20% of our deals.  

The Utmost aim of this decision making principle is to help prioritize tasks necessary to increase your productivity. To use this method, start by writing out the activities you need to engage in. Recognize the source of each issue or task. Then score the task, categorize them according to their principal cause and prioritize them by their importance. After this, it’s time to start with your highest priority.   

2. Pomodoro Techniques  

Francesco Cirillo makes this system. Pomodoro technique is centered on the idea that people should effectively work with time. You should break down your tasks, set a timer to complete each work in 25 minutes with intervals of a five-minute break in it.  The word “intervals” is called the Pomodoros.

The rule behind this method is that you should frequently take a 15 to 20 minutes break after four pomodoros. This timer ensures you adequately feel refreshed and get new ideas on how to solve the next task.

3. Getting Things Done (GTD) Method 

Getting Things Done (GTD) Method is a technique designed by David Allen, a consultant. As the name implies, this approach entails doing things without any difficulties. David Allen invented this technique because he believes that having many details in the head can lead to uncertainty and unnecessary tension.

The GTD method involves five simple practices. Firstly, you’re required to pick up all that leap to your brain by storing it in your inbox. Next, simply clarify your thoughts and identify the category of each work. Then, put them in order of preference and audit them to ensure they stay in the right place. Lastly, start with the important ones.

4. Time Blocking Method 

This is a structure that involves breaking down your task into specific duration. Aside from the fact that you tend to identify your work with this time planning method, you also get to know the exact time the task should be done. Consequently ensures you are solely focused on the day’s work for better productivity.

Designing your time block is as easy as pie. All you need to do is to generate a work list and assign adequate time to each task. Meanwhile, ensure you effectively go through the list to keep up with time.

5. Eisenhower Matrix

Invented by Dwight Eisenhower, it is one of the popular techniques that ensure effective time use. It’s otherwise referred to as an Urgent-Important matrix. Sometimes we focus on tasks that are essential instead of the ones that need urgent attention. But, this time management technique helps to pinpoint your task category effectively. Moreover, the essential basis of effectiveness in time management is the ability to discern between the pressing and crucial events of the day.

You don’t have to be an expert before you can use this process. Just split your tasks into four different axes. Identify them as necessary, not necessary, top-priority, and not urgent. Thus, it will further aid in identifying the activity to start with.

Popular time management techniques

6. Rapid Planning Method (RPM)

The Rapid Planning Method(RPM) is a technique invented by Anthony Robbins. The main idea of this method is to alter your thinking to achieve your goals or rather get the desired results. As if that’s not enough! Beyond focusing on your visions, Robin’s method gives a distinctive difference amidst progressing with your plan and hoping to make it real. 

With this process, you need to put down your activities for the weeks and equally identify their importance. Make three columns on a paper, divide them according to the task, the outcome expected and steps to take to the peak. Take adequate time to study your RPM blocks. With that, you’re good to go.

7. Parkinson’s Law

Cyril Northcote Parkinson invented this unique time management law. He is renowned for the phrase “work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion.” This quote implies that you tend to execute a task within the exact scheduled time.

Meanwhile, there is still more to this technique. You can conveniently apply this law to an establishment for excellent performance. The technique aims to transform a company’s aim to complete even the most complex tasks in no time. Just be practical, start early and also set a deadline to meet your goal.

8. Eat That Frog Technique

Lastly, the method is created from Mark Twain’s expression ” “Eat a live frog the first thing in the morning and nothing worse will happen to you the rest of the day”. While mass processes postulate that you should engage with the most straightforward task first, in the reverse case, this approach’s central principle is, to begin with, the most challenging project.

The author believes that executing the most strenuous job first will make other tasks stress-free. Hence, it will further increase your productivity and reduce stress.

Time management services

Whether you’re a newbie or an expert, get better with this time management software. These are effective time tracking systems that help with proper day structuring. It ensures your brand stays well organized throughout the day.  Also, these services make work faster and complete within a limited time. Without thinking twice, there are unlimited time management apps and tools on the track today, including Mitrefinch, Avaza, Scoro, ProofHub, Focus Booster, and many more. 

Expert Opinion of our SEO-specialist

Our specialist, Vitaliy Shkura with more than 6 years’ experience in marketing and promoting i-gaming projects assesses that time management skills are needed to overcome multitasking and improve your work quality. Getting overly worked up can take a toll on your physical and mental health. It’s advisable to get enough energy to keep up with everything. With good time management, you can never miss out on more daily opportunities and progress. That sounds cool, right? Visit and gain more insight to improve your business life.


Without further ado, improving your time management skills becomes a walk in the park with this article. We’re sure you are here to take away stress, make smarter decisions, and get more productive. As a result of that, don’t forget to have our time management basics in your book. Using time management services and techniques will also ensure better productivity and a successful career. 


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