Time Doctor vs Toggl: Features, Benefits, and Comparison

Time Doctor vs Toggl: Features, Benefits, and Comparison

Ajay Jagtap
Written by Ajay Jagtap
February 22, 2023

Having a tough time deciding between Time Doctor and Toggl? 

Tough call, isn’t it? Don’t worry; we are here to help.

Time Doctor and Toggl Track both are among the top time-tracking software. 

However, both are built with different time-tracking approaches to cater to specific audiences.

Therefore, choosing one right for your requirements is vital, so you don’t end up spending extra time, money, and resources on the wrong tool.

Interested in an in-depth Time Doctor vs. Toggl comparison? Let’s dive right in.

Time Doctor vs Toggl at a Glance

Time Doctor vs Toggl

As you can see, both tools have somewhat different benefits; Time Doctor offers detailed reporting, whereas Toggl seems one step ahead in terms of project management.

Still, there is a lot to find out.

Let’s understand both the tools and their features for a thorough understanding.

Time Doctor Overview

Time Doctor Overview

Source: Time Doctor

Time Doctor is an employee time-tracking software that helps you and your team be more productive every day.

It helps employers monitor employee hours, activity, and projects or task they are working on. 

Furthermore, it also offers productivity insights to employees about their strengths and weaknesses—to help them be more productive, accountable, and self-directed.

We recommend Time Doctor to businesses wanting to monitor employee productivity, hours, and projects. 

1. Time Doctor Time Tracking

Time Doctor Time Tracking

Time Doctor is a time tracking tool focused on increasing user productivity. It works with two time tracking methods; manual and automatic. 

The manual time tracking method requires employees to start or stop time tracking. 

On the other hand, the automatic method uses the automatic timer to start or stop the time-tracking process.

Both have their own advantages, manual tracking offers employees full control whereas automatic time tracking maximizes flexibility.

2. Employee Monitoring With Time Doctor

Time doctor gives you the ability to record your employees’ screens and have a real-time workflow.

Time doctor has multiple employee monitoring features:

  • Employee activity monitoring
  • Employe database
  • Employee time tracking
  • Employee portal
  • Idle time monitoring
  • Keystroke recording

Time doctor can record a lot of employee details, including time usage on the app and web—which can be crucial during payroll, invoicing, and budgeting.

3. Time Doctor Project Management

As we know time doctor allows you to integrate your project management tool, but it also has a specialized feature for project management.

Team leaders or authorized users can create tasks and assign projects to team members.

Here’s an overview of Time doctor’s project management features:

  • Time spent on each project.
  • Team productivity
  • The most productive employees
  • Productive hours, and more.

You can integrate it with other project management tools like Asana, ClickUp, and more.

4. Time Doctor Reporting

Time Doctor offers a detailed reporting feature; it can record a lot of employee information, including time usage, productive time, website and app usage, etc.

Let’s understand these reports in detail:

  • Activity Summary reports: Summary reports include time reports created within the given time frame.
  • Timeline: Timeline visualizes employee workday; when they start working, take a break, and log out.
  • Projects and tasks: Time doctor records time spent on projects and associates tasks to offer detailed reporting.
  • Website and app usage: It tracks websites and apps, user visits throughout the day—and offer detailed reporting based on website and app usage.

5. Time Doctor Integration

Some of Time Doctor’s key integrations include:

  • Project management tools – Asana, ClickUp, Jira, and more.
  • Payments and Invoicing – Gusto, Payoneer, Paypal, and more.
  • CRM – Hubspot, Pipedrive, Zoho.
  • Helpdesk – Intercom, Zendesk, Freshdesk, and more.
  • Communication – Slack, Zapier, Asana, and more.

Pros and cons of Time Doctor

Pros and cons of Time Doctor

Read Time Doctor Review for more information.

Toggl Track Overview

toggl track

Source: Toggl

Toggl Track is a time-tracking solution by Toggl. This product helps companies track their employee time and activity. It has some advanced project management features that set this apart from other time-tracking tools available in the market.

Toggl track lets its users track billable and non-billable activities, so companies can track profits—and create accurate and transparent invoices.

We recommend Toggl Track to freelancers and businesses with advanced Project management and tracking requirements.

1. Toggl Track Time Tracking

Like Time Doctor, Toggl Track has two time-tracking methods: Manual and automatic.

A key difference here is the Toggl track requires you to define a trigger to start automatic time tracking, with the manual process remaining the same.

These triggers can be a certain keywords or program, and you can adjust these triggers within the Toggl Track app.

It has some other timekeeping features that include:

  • Tracking every website or program visited for more than 10 seconds.
  • Pomodoro timer to remind you to take breaks at regular intervals.

toggl track timer

2. Toggl Track Employee Monitoring

Regarding employee monitoring, Toggl track has very few monitoring features. 

So if you are looking for a tool for detailed employee monitoring, Toggl track isn’t a good fit for you.

Toggl track doesn’t offer screen recording and screenshots, but as mentioned before, it tracks all the websites and programs visited for over 10 seconds.

3. Toggl Track Project Management

Toggl Track is a productive time-tracking and project management solution with detailed project or task insights.

Here’s what you can track through Toggl Track’s dashboard:

  • Time spent on the project 
  • How long it takes to complete a project
  • Time estimates for similar projects
  • Productive employees

These insights can be useful to determine how much time to allocate to a project, whom to allocate, and project deadlines.

4. Toggl Track Reporting

Just like Time Doctor, Toggl Track also has a detailed reporting feature. Here’s an overview of what to expect from Toggl track reporting:

  • Weekly Report: It helps you determine how much time you tracked during the last week, and on what task you spent most of the time.
  • Summary Report: Offers a summary of tracked time and billable hours for various tasks.
  • Detailed Report: You can enable filters and generate customized detailed reports by clients, projects, tasks, etc.

5. Toggl Track Integration

Some of Toggl Track’s key integrations include:

    • Project management tools – Asana, Jira, Notion, and more
    • Calendar – Google Calendar, Outlook Email & Calendar, and more.
    • CRM – Salesforce, Capsule CRM, Desk.com, and more.
    • Communication & Mail – Slack, Gmail, Outlook, and more.
  • HR & Accounting – Xero, Spidergap, ZohoBooks.

Find more Toggl Track alternatives.

Pros and Cons of Toggl

pros and cons of toggl

Time Doctor vs Toggl: Time Tracking Comparison

Both the tools, Time Doctor and Toggl, have similar time-tracking features but with different approaches.

Both offer manual and automatic time tracking, but Toggl requires you to define triggers to start tracking, whereas Time Doctors start tracking as soon as you start the system.

Toggl and Time doctor both have manual and automatic tracking features too. 

But, with some advanced time tracking features, Time Doctors comes at the top regarding time tracking.

Time Doctor vs Toggl: Project Management Comparison

Both tools, Time Doctor and Toggl, have similar project management features. 

Time Doctor is great for tracking your team’s performance on a project, while Toggl has a better (Project Future) forecasting feature.

Time Doctor vs Toggl: Reporting Comparison

Time Doctor and Toggl both offer detailed reports based on collected data. However, Time Doctor has a more detailed and customizable reporting system.

Time Doctor structures information to create precise reports—and help better analyze the team’s productivity.  

Time Doctor vs Toggl: Pricing Comparison

Time Doctor vs Toggl: Pricing Comparison

Find more information about Toggl Track pricing

Time Analytics – An Alternative

Time Analytics time tracking

Time Analytics could be a great alternative to both the tools, Time Doctor and Toggl. It’s an intuitive, easy-to-use time-tracking solution for freelancers, small businesses, and large-scale enterprises.

You can easily set up Time Analytics and start tracking time in a few minutes for a productive workday.

Some of its time tracking features include:

  • Overtime and time off tracking
  • Adjustable billing rates
  • Time and project reporting
  • And more.

1. Time Analytics For Time Tracking

The time analytics model is based on employee-filled timesheets. You can create either manual or automatic entries.

All the entries in Time Analytics are connected to specific projects or clients. So, time and expenses are allocated automatically depending on work hours.

It makes the accounting and invoicing process a lot easier for employers. Time Analytics’ automatic timer is highly accurate when tracking or recording time.

my timers Time Analytics

2. Time Analytics For Project & Team Management

Time off management allows employees to enter their planned time off, so the team lead, or manager can review their request directly from the dashboard.

It’s a unique shift planning feature for seamless work management. This feature allows all users more transparency & helps avoid overwork and burnout.

3. Time Analytics Reports

Time Analytics offers several client, project, and employee-related reports. Have a look at some of the examples:

  • Billability Report: Record billable and non-billable hours per project and identify hours that are missing.
  • Transparency Assurance Report: Have evidence of performed work ready even before the client asks for it.
  • Overtime report: To take note of employees’ efforts and reward them.
  • Profit Generation Reports: To optimize your profits by observing the structure of profit per project or service line

Time Analytics has a comprehensive reporting system to cover all the important aspects of a business.

Furthermore, it offers an intuitive data presentation for a thorough understanding.

4. Time Analytics Pricing

Time analytics pricing

The platform offers two payment plans.

The Starter plan starts at $5.99 per user/month, and the Optimum plan costs $8.45 per user/month. 

Both pricing options come with a 14-day free trial.


Time doctor and Toggl Track are amongst the top time tracking tools available. 

Their features, time-tracking, employee monitoring, and project management approaches might seem different because they cater to different audiences. 

Choose one that suits your requirements best. 

Hopefully, you’re now one step closer to making a decision.

Which one are you choosing? Time Doctor or Toggl Track?

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