15+ Best Time Management Tools for 2024

15+ Best Time Management Tools for 2024

August 3, 2022

Using a time management app is one of the easiest ways to boost productivity. Time management tools make it simple to keep track of everything in one place, allowing you to complete goals more quickly and ultimately saving you time.

Even though time management apps are nothing new, the saying “There’s an app for that” has never had a more accurate meaning than it does now. Whether you’re a manager wanting to assign duties to staff members or just trying to organize your daily work schedule, there is time management software with features created with you in mind.

To help you become more productive and spend less time planning and more time doing (especially if that means more time for yourself!), we’ve compiled a list of the top time management apps.

What Are Time Management Apps?

There are many different time management apps, but they all share the same feature — keeping track of the time you spend on the activities you choose to monitor.

A time management tool can provide you with time trackers, to-do lists, memos, calendars, and/or a combination of these to help you prioritize your time more effectively. To help you understand how your time is spent and how to prioritize, these tools often have additional features like a calendar or task sharing, project tracking, and analytics.

This is helpful for freelancers who need to know how many hours they have worked on a specific project, but also for organizations and businesses tracking the hours worked by remote employees.

Some time tracking apps may do more than just record your working hours; they can also create invoices for you automatically, offer advice on how to be more productive, and even alert you if you’re losing focus.

Time Management Apps Benefits

The benefits of using time management software are numerous, but the most important ones include:

Setting the Goals

By defining goals, you may outline your optimal outcome and the steps necessary to get there. You can develop your goal-setting skills with the support of these tools.


Most time management apps can assist you in organizing projects, tasks, and other activities so you can follow your plan and increase productivity.

Staying Organized

You can keep track of your calendar and to-do list with the help of some of the time management apps described in this article. You can also write careful notes and quickly and easily find certain information.

Improving the Communication With Your Team

Some time management tools are intended to enhance teamwork, communication, and the delegation of the most crucial and pertinent activities, strengthening the professional bond between you and your team.

Setting Your Priorities

To avoid skipping or missing deadlines, these tools can assist you in organizing and prioritizing work according to the tasks’ relevance and urgency.

Lowering Stress

Time-management apps can assist you in completing all of the above, reducing stress and motivating you to work hard, thus helping you achieve even better results at work.

What’s the Best App for Time Management?

Using this time management software regularly will give you more time to focus on the most important things in your life. You’re obviously missing out if you’re not using some of the many time management tools available.

But how can you choose which apps to utilize when there are so many options? Here are our top choices!

1. Time Analytics

time analytics time management


  • Intuitive Design
  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Numerous Reports
  • Automatic Timers
  • PTO Tracking
  • Billing and Invoicing through Excell
  • Expense Tracking
  • Cost Allocation
  • 14-Day Free Trial

Time Analytics uses timesheets to help you organize and track your time. Still, it also has many additional features, such as automatic timers, reports, PTO tracking, etc. The software has proven itself as an excellent tool for office, field, remote workers, and freelancers.

The Interface

Time Analytics solutions have a very well-designed and easy-to-use interface. The intuitive interface paired with a minimalist design ensures you won’t get distracted from your tasks. Moreover, the user-friendly layout ensures that anyone can use it without spending a lot of time getting to know it.

Time Tracking and Organization

Time Analytics offers two options for time tracking. With the first, users can manually enter their time logs into the timesheets. In other words, whenever a task is completed, the employee can record their time spent on it.

The use of an automatic time clock is a requirement of the second option. The user only needs to start the timer once they start working and turn it off when they are finished because the clocks are related to jobs and projects. The timesheet receives the information after that.

Additional Features

  • Hourly Billing Rate: The system allows you to configure an employee’s hourly billing rate. This results in more precise bills. To prevent any further inquiries from your clients, you can even include your staff’s timesheets right on the bills.
  • Various Reports: You can get numerous reports based on the timesheets, which can help you focus on the KPIs that are crucial to your company and get accurate statistics based on the records of your staff. By doing this, you’ll be able to spot issues earlier and address them before they hurt your business.
  • Invoicing Assistant: Your clients will be able to see exactly what they are paying for since you can easily export the timesheets using Excel and add them to your invoices. They will be able to see how many hours and what activities went into the result you delivered.
  • PTO Tracking: Through the tool, your employees can submit requests for time off, which management may examine, consider, and approve. Eight paid time off options are available that address all potential reasons for employee absence.
  • Expense Tracking and Cost Allocation: Time Analytics allows you to keep track of all the money and materials you spend on various projects. The platform will distribute them to the clients involved in those tasks. Moreover, your employees can also mark whether certain hours are billable or non-billable. And again, the costs will be distributed to the proper clients by Time Analytics.


  • Free
  • Starter – $4.99 per user per month
  • Optimum – $6.99 per user per month
  • Premium – $12.99 per user per month

If you’re not sure which plan is the best for you and your team, you can get a 14-day free trial for the Time Analytics time tracker.

2. Toggl Track

toggl track


  • Time Tracking
  • Calendar Integration
  • Gmail and Asana Integrations

Due to its specialized features, Toggl Track, which was developed with experts in mind, may be used by freelancers, small enterprises, and corporate teams equally.

Toggl Track functions as time tracking software, but it also does much more because of additional features and integrations with other Toggl products. Naturally, it can track your time spent on projects and provide reports to show you where you spend the most time so you can work more effectively.

Its calendar functionality also allows you to schedule portions of your day so that you won’t overbook yourself. Furthermore, you can conduct reports to simplify billing at each month’s end.

Toggl can be readily integrated into your existing tools because of the interfaces with Gmail, Asana, and other services. The pricing tiers range from free (for five users) to $18 per user for bigger organizations.

3. Rescue Time

rescue time time management


  • Task-Based Alert
  • Blocks Distractions
  • Weekly Email Reports

The primary goal of RescueTime is to get rid of distractions and help you concentrate on productivity. You can establish goals using its many features, and it will give you feedback by sending alerts when daily targets are reached.

RescueTime Lite is a free program that lets you establish objectives, track the time spent on websites, and receive a weekly email report. Serious time management enthusiasts can go up to the RescueTime Premium service, the only available option.

RescueTime keeps track of what you’re working on and will alert you if you’re attempting to multitask or otherwise lose concentration. When you switch from one app or website to another, the app immediately starts clocking the time to help you track how much time you’ve spent online. This enhances effectiveness and production.

4. Focus Keeper

focus booster


  • Pomodoro Technique
  • Simple and Efficient
  • Basic Interface

As its name suggests, the Focus Keeper app is specifically designed to help you retain your focus while working. The main feature of this app is the Pomodoro Technique.

As you might know, the Pomodoro Technique is a key component of some of the top time management tools since it’s one of the best time management techniques available. It calls for high concentration for a small amount of time. It’s mainly geared toward people who put off doing things because they feel overwhelmed by them.

Besides the Pomodoro Technique, Focus Keeper also offers a straightforward, effective user interface that is simple to adapt to your needs.

Focus Keeper is intended to improve your focus and lessen any stress you may feel due to time constraints. If you want to keep your team and yourself from being burned out, this software is excellent, although it doesn’t offer much more.

5. Remember the Milk

remember the milk


  • 15+ Years on the Market
  • Attach Files to Tasks
  • To-Do Lists

Remember the Milk has been around for more than 15 years and is compatible with various devices, wearables, integrations, and widgets, allowing you to manage every aspect of your busy day in one app.

With this to-do list app, you can quickly organize tasks and subtasks that you have to complete, either within the app itself or by sending a quick tweet, asking Siri or Alexa a question. It also provides the option to add and evaluate tasks from your wrist for Apple Watch users.

With built-in themes, Remember the Milk elevates the standard to-do list to a new level so you can personalize the app and keep things aesthetically pleasing. You can add files to your tasks, making everything genuinely in one place.

6. Timecamp

time camp time management


  • Automated Time Tracking
  • Attendance Tracker
  • Invoice Assistant

To increase team productivity, Timecamp provides a number of easy-to-use time tracking features. The feature set consists of team time monitoring, sending invoices based on time spent, keeping track of attendance, and tracking billable time. Slack, Jira, and Evernote are just a few of the more than 50 productivity tools it can easily link with.

Additionally, Automatic Time Tracking can be utilized to assign entries to the appropriate projects and track employee internet usage. Time management software combines all of these features to track a team’s productivity and the time they spend working on a project.

There is a free tier with restrictions because it only allows one person. The Basic tier, which has no user cap, supports billable time features, and is available as a monthly or annual subscription, is the next higher plan tier.

7. Forest

Forest time management


  • Fun and Simple to Use
  • Increases Focus
  • Helps the Environment

You can stay focused and in the moment with the help of the productivity and time management software Forest. The program assists you in completing your tasks by ingeniously keeping you away from your smartphone.

It’s also really easy to use.

It enables you to add other apps—such as WhatsApp, Facebook, and others—to a blacklist since they prevent you from concentrating on what is important right now.

The app forces you to plant a virtual seed in Forest and see it develop into a fully grown tree in less than 30 minutes rather than scrolling around your phone. This tool shows you that you can only succeed when you concentrate on what counts.

Basically, the purpose of sowing a virtual seed instead of simply scrolling through apps on your smartphone is to help you concentrate on what really matters.

8. Evernote

Evernote time management


  • Take Notes
  • Voice Notes
  • Personal Organizer

Now, Evernote is not a typical time tracking tool, but it’ll help you organize your time more effectively and be more productive by taking notes. You can record all of your thoughts, ideas, and photographs in various formats, such as notes, voice recordings, and so on.

Using the app, you can also keep all of these in one well-organized location. You can use the productivity tool to record conversations, speeches, etc., and share files with others whenever and wherever you like. Furthermore, you can store web pages using an Evernote browser extension.

This program can also be used as a personal organizer, pocket notebook, and task manager. The best feature of Evernote is that it is a cross-platform time management tool that integrates seamlessly with most of the other apps you use.

9. ClickUp

click up time management


  • Automate Processes
  • Reach Goals
  • Monitor Projects

ClickUp is an excellent productivity application that enables users from various industries to manage their time efficiently, automate tasks, and collaborate in one location. The tool is totally customizable and offers a feature-rich experience to remain on track, accomplish your goals, and keep track of every project update, whether you’re a solopreneur, a student, or a team of any size.

With ClickUp’s global time tracker and time estimations capabilities, you can increase your productivity on any activity. Regardless of your project management approach, ClickUp even interacts with over 1,000 additional time management apps, so you can start saving time right now. Additionally, you have unlimited access to all of these time management tools.

10. Todoist



  • 15 Years on the Market
  • For Professional and Personal Use
  • Offers Templates

Todoist is one of the most complete time management apps accessible, which is why it has such good ratings. The app was initially created in 2007; therefore, various features have been added throughout time while keeping its user base in mind.

Todoist includes features for both personal and professional use, whether you’re trying to set personal objectives or introduce a new product or service. Prioritizing and communicating are made even easier by creating and managing projects (subtasks), easily assigning responsibilities to others, and viewing everything on your plate at a glance.

Since Todoist is compatible with almost all platforms, including iOS, Android, macOS, Windows, and more, you can easily switch between your phone and computer and be sure that everything is up to date.

11. ManicTime

Manic time


  • Works Without Internet
  • Not Cloud-Based
  • Automatic Time Tracking

Do you need a time management tool that helps ease your privacy worries regarding sending information to the cloud? ManicTime runs locally, saves its data locally, and doesn’t connect to a distant server.

It can automatically keep track of time spent on a webpage or a local file, just like some other cloud-based systems. Additionally, ManicTime connects with task-based platforms like Github and Jira.

ManicTime makes it simple to convert your monitored hours into personalized reports that give any further information you could need. These are structured and prepared for import into your chosen spreadsheet or invoicing program.

12. Clockify

clockify time management


  • Good for Teams
  • Monitor Projects
  • Usage Metrics Summary

Clockify is a straightforward time tracking and timesheet app for teams, and it’s also free. While typically, this implies a trade-off in terms of features, Clockify can keep vital functions. In addition to a time tracker and timesheets, it offers the ability to create and manage teams and projects and a dashboard that summarizes all active projects and usage metrics.

With the help of the time management and time tracking tool Clockify, you can track how much time you spend on various tasks and get reports to help you perform better. You can determine if you spend your time on worthwhile things or not with the help of this software.

After finishing, the tool will produce reports that detail how much time you spent on each job. This app is fantastic when you want to bill your clients depending on the number of hours performed.

13. Asana

Asana vtime management


  • Good for Multitasking
  • Allocate Tasks
  • Track Teams

Asana is an online and mobile tool that enables you to manage projects, track teams, and organize them all in one location. By encouraging your team to complete tasks and projects without wasting time, the software helps with time management.

Using Asana, you can provide project specifics, create deadlines, and allocate tasks to the appropriate team members. Additionally, you can order tasks and projects according to their urgency and significance.

In addition, the software enables you to monitor the progress using a straightforward visual project plan to avoid gaps, overlaps, and hidden issues. This app’s Focus Mode, which enables users to focus on and complete one job at a time, is its best feature and helps users avoid multitasking.

14. Workflow

ProWorkflow timesheet tracking app


  • Link Apps
  • Automate Operations
  • For Content Creators

Workflow is a helpful time management program for entrepreneurs or anyone who uses many channels for advertising their goods or services. With the help of this software, you can link all of your apps and automate your operations so that you can manage them from a single dashboard.

Workflow lets you choose specific actions from each app and activate them with a single click. If you use Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, for example, you can group these platforms in one location before choosing your intended activities, such as:

  • Use Instagram to post
  • Send a tweet., etc.
  • Copy objects to the clipboard

This app is made to simplify your life and save you time.

15. Bear



  • Focus Mode
  • Create Notes
  • Save Ideas

Bear functions quite similarly to Evernote in that it allows you to write both prose and notes. You can use this software to make simple to-do lists out of notes, ideas, and thoughts so you can work on them later.

Bear and Evernote are different in that this software allows you to add attachments, tags, and notes. You may also connect your notes to create a full story, blog article, or essay. Bear lets you add hashtags to your notes to make managing and organizing them simple.

To help you concentrate on your writing, the focus mode hides notes and other options.

Start Managing Your Time and Get More Efficient

There is an app out there that will work for you, whether you need it for personal, professional or both purposes. It could take trial and error to determine which app will easily fit into your daily routine; that’s why we recommend you try Time Analytics. This time management tool can help you save time whether you’re a freelancer or manage a team of 50 people at work and need an effective approach to keep them on task. More time for life management translates into more time for other activities. Sign up for Time Analytics and take charge of your time management!

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