Time Management Tips for Balancing Work and Study

Time Management Tips for Balancing Work and Study

December 15, 2022

You may make a decision to study further while you’re holding down a full-time job.

This can offer career benefits, but it’s tough to balance your work, educational commitments, and your personal life.

You will need to use the right time management strategies to make balancing it all possible.

Stay organized

Unless you are well organized, it will be difficult to cope.

If you organize your time strategically, you will use it more wisely.

It is essential to have a detailed weekly calendar where you can note down what you need to do.

Combining all your professional, educational, and family commitments in one place can help you to prioritize and allow for some personal time too.

Having a color code for different types of time blocks can be very helpful.

You can see how much time you need to spend in different areas and try to find more balance between them.

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If you always try to do everything yourself, it can be difficult to cope.

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Learn to prioritize

Some activities are non-negotiable, and others are less important. With so much on your plate, it is okay to say ‘no’ sometimes.

It may not feel good to turn down a request to bake a cake for a school cake sale or help in some other way.

But with tight deadlines both at college and at work, you have to keep your priorities strongly at the forefront of your mind.

Schedule tasks based on your energy levels

You need to figure out when you are most productive.

If you force yourself to do complex tasks when your brain is tired, you are unlikely to produce good work. Schedule complex tasks for times when you feel energetic.

Use the times when you may have less energy for doing more routine tasks, such as answering emails.

Track your time

When you track your time, you can get to the root of when you function best and when your productivity drops.

There are many different online apps you can use to track your time.

When you understand what your distractions are, you can work on preventing them from derailing you.

For example, if you spend too much time on social media platforms, you can block your access to them during the day. If notifications distract you, you can turn them off.

Allow for some flexibility

You must schedule some time for rest and relaxation.

If you go straight from one commitment to the next, it can be stressful.

You may even burn out if you keep going at a hectic pace every day.

If you allow for breaks, you will be more productive over the long term, whether you are working or studying.

You can’t always stick rigidly to your schedule and may run behind from time to time.

Building in some flexibility can give you breathing space to make some changes.

Work smarter, not harder

Unless you work smart, you will spend too many hours struggling to keep up.

You will have to juggle so many balls for study and work that you’re bound to drop a few.

You need to assess what outcomes you want to achieve and the best way to get there.

Is there a better, more efficient way to do something? Are there tasks you could drop altogether with few consequences?

You may feel as though you’re accomplishing a lot by multi-tasking, but studies show that you won’t be as effective if you try to spread your focus across many tasks at the same time.

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A balance of work and play is very important, especially when you add studying to the mix.

The only way to manage is to use time management strategies such as staying organized, prioritizing, and working harder, not smarter.

Remind yourself of why you are making sacrifices at this period of your life and what rewards it can bring.


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