50+ Funny Working From Home Memes

50+ Funny Working From Home Memes

June 22, 2022

There is no place like home … unless you work there. Then, it’s just a workplace. Still, remote working brings a lot of new things, like experience and a wealth of new comedy content.

Memes you can totally relate to!

Everyone sees working from home differently. While your friends think you are enjoying staying home, eating, and working from the comfort of your bed, the reality is probably very different.

A decade ago, most employers would have balked at the idea of employees regularly working from home. That is why most organizations that have adopted remote work rapidly ran into plenty of issues.

Some problems relate to the inability to keep meetings productive, as well as difficulties when it comes to keeping in contact with the employees. These problems became the target of memes with time. These memes show the reality of working at home in a funny and interesting way.

Two years into the pandemic, each time we sign in to our social media we are greeted by a new collection of memes. After all, memes related to working from home are something most people can relate to.

The most common memes are related to:

  • Zoom meetings
  • Working from Home – Expectations vs Reality
  • Distractions
  • Working from home with kids

We all know we can only stay productive if we rest our brains and take a break from time to time. So before you head straight back to work (from home), scroll to laugh and share these with your remote work colleagues.


Zoom meeting distraction

zoom meeting meme


Ready for zoom calling

zoom call meme


The list of reasons why I want to go back to the office

office meme


When you working from home and your boss messages about an online meeting

working from home meme


Every kid in quarantine

zoom call meme


Everytime when someone asks who will give a presentation

zoom call meme


Me reading the announcement from a company about allowing to work from home permanently



When you are distracted by your co-workers while having an online meeting



The best combination



Dressing well is overrated



How do I feel when my wife while working from home asks me to setup her computer



After 2 months of working from home



Such an ordinary day



Time tracking: 0
Me: 1



My face on zoom when my c-worker asks for the 100th if you can hear them



Remote work: what social distancing feels like



Me waiting for everyone to join the zoom call so I can say and mute



Me hearing my name on the zoom call and having absolutely



Me leaving the zoom meeting after being on mute, and contributing only with by



After 1 year of remote work



Me work from home



When you try to find the screen share, but the camera is still on



My life is a mess



When I’m not sure exactly what I’m listening to



I can’t do it anymore



Zoom meeting reality



Resourcefulness matters





Seize the day



When you literally work from home



When someone asks me how I feel working from home



Consequences of working from home



What is your worst distraction?


When you accidentally share the wrong screen



Every mom knows





When they asked me how I am still late when I work from home



Going back to the office after one month of remote work



When family members and roommates become your coworkers



How I look while eating:



Work from home = Casual Fridays



Zoom meeting reality 2



After one month of remote working



When co-workers start talking about their children at the Zoom meeting



It is important to remain professional



Just to remember



When Friday doesn’t feel as funny anymore, because you don’t leave the office



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