15 Best Time Tracking Apps for Android

15 Best Time Tracking Apps for Android

August 3, 2022

Many people feel completely lost when they forget to bring their phones. And with reason. Our smartphones have become a crucial part of our daily lives. We rely on them to wake us up, tell us time, keep us in touch with the important people in our lives, etc.

When it comes to timetracking Android apps, there is a huge market out there. In other words, you could be stuck looking for that perfect app for quite a while. That is why we bring you the 14 best options currently available.

1. Time Analytics

Time Analytics timetracking android

Time Analytics is a timetracking android app you can easily use on the go. The app relies on timesheets you can fill in two ways.

Firstly, there are automatic timers you turn on when you start a task and turn off when you’re finished with it. The app will automatically turn the data into timesheet entries.

The second option allows users to manually log and edit their time entries.

This will give any employee the opportunity to edit the automatic entries if they forget to switch timers.

It is important to note that all entries are connected to clients and projects. In other words, the time and resources each task takes up will be allocated to the right client.

The app was designed to be as intuitive and easy to use as possible.

This means that any user can log their time through the app, no matter their proficiency with technology. Moreover, your company can save even more time by creating templates. Simply list all the data you need to track for your business analyses.

Then, your employees can simply check all the boxes. This way, they’ll never forget an important component, nor will they waste time on unnecessary fields.

The application gives you a great variety of reports. No matter your industry, you’ll be able to track the most important KPIs.

This, in turn, will let you make smart business decisions and plan your next step. Additionally, you’ll be able to see a problem developing before it becomes unsolvable.

Time Analytics also takes care of billable hours. You can determine each employee’s hourly billing rate. The hours they spend on any task can be exported into an Excel sheet. In other words, you’ll be able to give your clients an itemized list along with their bills. This way you’ll avoid any questions and misunderstandings.


  • Time tracking – your team can track the time each member spends on any specific task or project. You will be able to see your top performers, as well as make sure you’re delegating tasks so no one is overwhelmed by their workload. Additionally, you’ll learn how much time each task takes on average. In other words, you’ll be able to make more accurate estimates in the future
  • Reports – all the data your team tracks via Time Analytics is used to create comprehensive reports. These reports are all visualized in beautiful and clear graphs. In other words, you will be able to notice trends with a single glance and make decisions that will propel your business forward.
  • Time off tracking – employees can request eight different types of paid time off through the app. You will never have to worry about being short-staffed, as the availability of all team members will be clearly indicated.
  • Billing and invoicing – create Excel sheets that show all the resources and time that went into your projects. This way, you’ll be able to explain any misunderstanding and be as transparent as possible.


  • Free
  • Starter – $4.99 per user per month
  • Optimum – $6.99 per user per month
  • Premium – $12.99 per user per month

Time Analytics offers a 14-day free trial.

2. Timely

Timely timetracking android

Timely is a timetracking Android app that automates the entire process.

The application recognizes the time any team member spends using different applications and web pages. In other words, the employees theoretically don’t have to spend any time on the time tracking process itself.

The mobile app isn’t as accurate (unless your team works exclusively from their phones). Yet, they can create timesheets with billable and non-billable hours tracking. That is to say, it’s a good way to determine employee utilization.

The application integrates with the most popular business tools, like Trello, Jira, GitHub, and others.


  • Automatic time tracking – know what your employees are working on in real-time
  • Project management – use a drag-and-drop system to assign tasks
  • Integrations – add the time tracking aspect to your favorite tools


  • Starter – $10 per user per month
  • Premium – $18 per user per month
  • Unlimited – $26 per user per month
  • Enterprise – custom plan

Trial period

14 days

3. RescueTime

RescueTime timetracking android

This is another automatic time tracking application. Again, the app scans the employees’ computer activity.

RescueTime will issue a warning to users who are multitasking or procrastinating as well. We need to mention that the employees may not be too happy with these features.

The application has a feature called Focus Work. This option helps users utilize their time more efficiently. Namely, the app will block all distractions (you get to determine the websites that count as distractions) and lets the employee focus on deep work with nothing to take away their attention. At the end of the Focus Work session, you receive a report on your performance.


  • Time tracking – automatically monitor user activity and sort it
  • Focus Time – let the employees work uninterrupted for a designated period
  • Alerts – get a reminder to get back to work


  • Lite – free
  • Premium – $9 per user per month

Trial period

30 days

4. Smarter Time

Smarter Time timetracking android

Smarter Time is a timetracking Android app that doesn’t only focus on work.

If you’re looking for an app you can use to track your sleep and schedule plans outside of work. The app acts as a personal assistant that helps you reach your goals and holds you accountable.

The app integrates with Google Calendar and Maps, which is a great option for employees constantly on the go. It also analyzes all entries. In other words, you will receive reports on your daily activities. This makes the app a great solution for those of us who want to improve our habits and become more productive.


  • Timeline – recognize your daily patterns and start improving them
  • Analytics – see whether you’re completing your goals and what’s preventing you from doing it
  • Integrations – integrate the app with Google Maps and Calendar


Free with in-app purchases

5. TimeTune

TimeTune timetracking android

This is another timetracking Android app that logs more than your work hours. TimeTune is an assistant for every day. The app allows users to create a daily routine. Then it analyzes whether the user is keeping up with it. Finally, you will receive a report on how you’ve done. The routines can be daily, weekly, monthly, or even seasonal.

You can organize your time very easily by using tags. This way, you can keep all parts of your life organized in the same place, yet separate. Timers and reminders are an integral part of the app. That is to say, it isn’t a simple diary. Instead, TimeTune actively works on improving users’ habits and helping them achieve their goals.


  • Time management – log your daily activities to create a timeline
  • Schedules – create schedules and set goals for yourself
  • Reminders – work on achieving your goals by holding yourself accountable


Free with in-app purchases

6. Swipetimes


Swipetimes is a project-based timetracking Android app. It relies on timesheets and creates reports on your daily activities. It is designed to help anyone keep up with their plans and manage their time more efficiently. The app records all time spent on tasks and projects. Hence, you will be sure not to miss any billable hours again.

The application allows users to set up alarms and reminders to make sure no obligation, meeting, or due date is missed. It delivers accurate reports, so the users can get an insight into the time they’ve logged. The data logged in the app can be exported in multiple formats, including XML and Excel.


  • Project tracking – see time spent on projects and due dates
  • Reminders – never forget about any obligations again
  • Exporting data – add itemized lists to your clients’ bills


Free with in-app purchases

7. Clockodo

Clockodo timetracking android

Clockodo is a cloud-based time tracking app for Android devices. It can be used by individuals, small, or mid-size businesses. The app’s mission is to give its users an insight into its strongest elements, as well as areas that could use some improvement.

The time entries are created through a stopwatch. That is to say, you can start and stop tracking time with a single click. The app will stay on in the background as long as the stopwatch is active. Additionally, you don’t even have to be connected to the internet, as all data is saved until you reconnect.


  • Reports – receive the exact information you need to keep yourself up-to-date with your business
  • Time tracking – track time spent working with a single click
  • Project management – track how quickly your projects are progressing


  • Freelancer – free
  • Starter – $5 per user per month
  • Pro – $10 per user per month
  • Enterprise – $13 per user per month

Trial Period

14 days

8. ATracker

ATracker timetracking android

ATracker is a timetracking Android and iOS application with a wide variety of customization options. This is another application that allows different types of tasks, from personal to professional and everything in between. There are over 800 icon options for the tasks, so you can customize your experience.

Time tracking itself is fairly simple, as the automatic timeclock starts with a simple tap of a button. We wouldn’t recommend this application to users who don’t want to track their entire day. The reason for this is the app’s comprehensive setup which requires all activities to be tracked.


  • Customization – choose icons, color-coordinate and use tags
  • Simple time tracking – track any task with a single click
  • Organization – break your days down into tasks and schedule them


  • Lite – free for 5 or fewer users
  • Pro – one-time purchase of $4.99
  • Premium – $2.99 per user per month

9. aTimeLogger


ATimeLogger is a simple timetracking android application. The interface is extremely user-friendly. The application isn’t exclusively business-oriented. Hence, it is a great personal time tracker that can give its users a more accurate sense of their daily schedules. The time tracking itself is automatic. In other words, the app is quick, automated, and accurate.

You can have an overview of all activity through pie charts and clear graphs. This is ideal for users who want to identify their habits and change them for the better. The application has a scheduling option as well, and allows its users to create reminders and lists.


  • Time tracking – an automatic task tracker
  • Scheduling – create a plan for your day and see it through
  • Reports – see how productive you are and hold yourself accountable


One purchase of $4.99

10. Apploye

Apploye timetracking android

Apploye is another useful android time tracking application. It provides users with a GPS locator and geofencing features. In other words, you will be sure your employees are truthful about their location at all times. You can track time through an automatic timers or add and edit them manually to make sure your reports are as accurate as possible.

The application offers a Pomodoro timer, which is a great tool for employees who need regular breaks. It also comes with an idle time reminder in case the timer is running while an employee is not working. the application delivers key metrics reports on the team’s performance. This can help the management recognize problems and prevent them from expanding.


  • Time tracking – automatic time tracking with manual options
  • Scheduling – assign and schedule tasks for each team member
  • Reports – remain informed about every key performance indicator for your company


  • Solo – $4 per month (one user only)
  • Standard – $5 per user per month
  • Premium – $6 per user per month
  • Elite – $7 per user per month

Trial Period

10 days

11. Toggl

Toggl timetracking android

Toggl is one of the best-designed timetracking Android apps on the market. Toggl offers three different business software solutions. However, we will be focusing on Toggl Track. The application doesn’t require users to enter tasks, projects, or clients. That is to say, you only track time, which is automatically transferred into a calendar or grid format.

After you’re done with work for the day you can add details to your timesheet. The application is great when it comes to noticing idle time. That is to say, the app will detect the timer is running while your computer is idle. Then, it will offer you the option to edit the time entry. This way your records will be as accurate as possible.


  • Time tracking – an automatic timer combined with manual entries
  • Reminders – provide highly accurate reports
  • Sleek design – Toggl is a beautiful and easy-to-use app


  • Free
  • Starter – $10 per user per month
  • Premium – $20 per user per month
  • Enterprise – custom pricing

Trial Period

30 days

12. Clockify

Clockify timetracking android

Clockify is one of the most well-loved time tracking applications on the market. The interface is clean and navigating it won’t be a problem even for the users who never used this type of app before. The time tracking system can contain an automatic stopwatch, or rely on manual entries. All data is gathered in a timesheet that shows exactly how the employee’s day or week went.

The app also contains simple project and team management features. Hence, the management will be able to assign tasks and get information on the progress of their projects at all times. If you are looking to improve overall efficiency and understanding of your employees’ habits, you can use the Time Audit feature as well.


Time tracking – automatic and manual timesheets

Reports – dive deep into your productivity

Time audit – understand exactly where your team wastes time



Basic – $4.99 per user per month

Standard – $6.99 per user per month

Pro – $9.99 per user per month

Enterprise – $14.99 per user per month

Trial period

7 days

14. Hours

Hours timetracking android

Hours is one of the simplest timetracking Android applications on our list. The tracking process starts with a simple click of a button. It allows users to create tasks and projects and dedicate timers to them. the simplicity of the interface is great for all users, including ones who aren’t very tech-savvy. You can also group similar tasks by using tags.

Users will receive reports based on their performance during the day or week. This way, they’ll be able to assess their productivity and identify problematic areas. They can also export the data they receive in XLS format.


Time tracking – a simple one-click automatic timer

Reports – get daily and weekly statistics on your work

Interface – extremely easy to use


$8 per user per month

15. TrackingTime

TrackingTime timetracking android

TrackingTime is a timetracking Android application perfect for users who practice time blocking. The time is represented through windows or blocks, reminiscent of a calendar. User can choose between different views – monthly, weekly, daily or collective team. The time blocks are color-coordinated for easier navigation as well.

In contrast to other time tracking apps on our list, TrackingTime offers the option of planning ahead. In other words, the app will account for meetings or other activities you’ve set up ahead of time. The timer is automatic, and thus, very accurate as well.


Time tracking – an automatic time tracker that provides accurate logs

Reports – receive reports based on your team’s activity

Real-time monitoring – see what your team is up to



Pro – $7 per user per month

Trial period

14 days


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