7 Best Time Tracking Software for Contractors (Reviews and Pricing)

7 Best Time Tracking Software for Contractors (Reviews and Pricing)

Bojan Radojičić
May 25, 2023

Looking for a time tracking software for contractors that can help you keep track of time and efficiently manage your projects?

Choosing the best timesheet app for construction for your company can be overwhelming. There are hundreds of solutions on the market today, all with different prices, options, integrations, and features.

But do not worry, with this article 50% of the work is done.

After we tested almost all available solutions, we selected the list of the most popular time tracking apps for contractors.

Let’s get started.

Best Time Tracking Apps for Contractors at Glance

1.Time Analytics 

Best for contractor’s time tracking and timesheets

Time Analytics – Time Tracking Software for Contractors

Time Analytics Software is time tracking software for contractors, engineers, architects, and more. This software offers time and cost tracking of each construction worker and other people per each project, client, or working task.

Time Analytics helps contractors to be focused on delivering projects on time and within the budget– by taking care of administration and time utilization.

With this timesheet app for construction, you will be able to create and control value-driven key performance indicators (KPI)  such as work time utilization, billable and non-billable hours per project, the structure of time consumption per different working activities, employee productivity rate, client profitability, accuracy in invoicing, and more.

Main features:

  • Construction worker and other staff timesheet tracking – manage employees’ time and track billable hours and rates.
  • Performance management – the dashboard provides an overall picture of organizational performance
  • Cost tracking – cost tracking per project, client, or working task
  • Client monitoring – monitor the profitability of a client 24/7
  • Accurate reporting – reporting tools for workers, clients, projects, and tasks
  • Invoicing assistant – create an invoice based on settled hourly rates
  • Productivity management – reduce nonproductive working hours and improve project profitability


Time analytics pricing
  • Starter: $4.99 per user, per month (billed annually) or $5.99 (billed monthly)
  • Optimum: $6.99 per user, per month (billed annually) or $8.45 (billed monthly)
  • Free trial: 14 days
  • Credit card requirement during the trial: No

Time Analytics offers special discounts for teams with 50+ users. Read more about pricing plans.

Watch Time Analytics quick demo.

2. Hubstaff

Best for time tracking, workforce, and project management.

Hubstaff is a contractor time tracking platform that has the goal of reducing the time needed to track time. In other words, using the app is very simple.

This platform is ideal for practices with multiple psychologists, as it has many monitoring options. If you are managing a team, you will be able to understand employee utilization perfectly. Additionally, your team won’t face the discouragement brought on by micromanagement.

Hubstaff also delivers accurate and detailed reports. They concern both employee activity and the business’s general health. That is to say, you will be able to notice issues and come up with solutions before they become prominent.

Main Features

  • Time tracking – easy automatic time tracking for all employees
  • Productivity tracking – monitor whether your staff is wasting time during office hours
  • Reports – receive highly accurate and tangible information on your practice


  • Desk Free – free (single user
  • Starter – $4.99 per user month with a minimum of 2 users
  • Grow – $7.50 per user month with a minimum of 2 users
  • Team – $10 per user month with a minimum of 2 users
  • Enterprise – $25 per user month

Watch Hubstaff’s quick demo.

3. JustWorks Hours

Best for payroll and invoicing

boomr time tracking software for contractors

Justworks Hours is a time tracking software for contractors and workforce management software for companies of all types and sizes. This solution will simplify your timesheets, payroll, and accounting.

With this useful timesheet app for construction, you can track your employees’ hours in real-time on any device, get overtime alerts and automatic billing reports.

Main features:

  • Project tracking – monitor the status of your employees ’progress across a variety of different tasks and projects
  • Time tracking – mobile and desktop time tracking
  • Payroll and invoicing
  • Reports – custom reports for productive time, drive time, travel time, and specific project time
  • Shift management – automate your employee shift schedules by creating your own custom shift rules
  • GPS tracking
  • Integration with FreshBooks, Slack, QuickBooks, BambooHR, and more


Justworks Hours doesn’t list prices on their official website. For more information, contact their sales team.

Trial: 30 days

Watch Justworks Hours quick demo.

4. Connecteam 

For Employee  Construction Time Tracking

Connecteam is a contractor time tracker that offers features needed to communicate with your team, schedule shifts, track time, and organize your business.

In one place, Connecteam offers you time tracking, job scheduling, multiple communication tools, online mobile-first checklists, forms and reports, and much more.

Main features:

  • Time tracking – manage and track employee work hours on the job, projects, and clients
  • Employee scheduling – create and manage schedules easily
  • Employee communication – multiple ways to communicate and engage employees
  • Checklists and forms – custom checklists, reports, and form
  • Task management – allocate tasks to your deskless workforce


  • Free (up to 10 employees)
  • Basic – $35/month for the first 30 users + $0.6 per additional user
  • Advanced – $59 per/month for the first 30 users + $1.8 per additional user
  • Expert – $119 per/month for the first 30 users + $3.6 per additional user
  • Enterprise – custom price

Watch Connecteam’s quick demo.

5. Zoho Projects 

Best for full construction project tracking

zoho time tracking software for contractors

This time tracking software for contractors is a cloud-based project management app. Zoho helps you plan projects, collaborate with your team, and track work efficiently.

The platform gives you the ability to integrate with several other Zoho applications.

Main features:

  • Time tracking – record work hours, create invoices and comprehensive reports
  • Task management – manage projects by breaking them down into milestones, task lists, tasks, and subtasks
  • Task automation
  • Team Collaboration – project team communication platform
  • Charts and reports – task, issue, and timesheet reports
  • User administration
  • Integration with Zoho apps, Microsoft apps Google apps, and more


  • Free
  • Premium – 5 EUR per user, per month, with a limitation of 50 users
  • Enterprise – 10 EUR per user, per month

Trial: 10 days

Watch Zoho Projects quick demo.

6. ClockShark

Timesheet app suitable for construction workers

clockshark time tracking software for contractors

Clock Shark is a timesheet-based contractor time tracker with features such as scheduling, job management, team communication, quoting, and invoicing. It is specially built for construction, contractors, and field services.

ClockShark offers mobile apps for iOS and Android devices that allow field workers to track their schedules, clock in and out, and add photos and files for specific jobs directly to timesheets.

Main features:

  • Time tracking – recording data needed for payroll and job costing
  • Team and employee scheduling – create and update employee schedules, reschedule jobs, or reassign employees easily
  • Job management – organize jobs and collaborate with the team
  • Track GPS locations
  • Invoices and payments – create accurate invoices for completed jobs, and get paid faster
  • Integration with Xero, Sage, QuickBooks, Zapier, and more


  • Standard– $20 monthly base fee + $8 per user per month
  • Pro – $40 monthly base fee + $10 per user per month

Trial: 14 days

Watch ClockShark Quick Demo.

6. TMetric 

Best small team timesheet app for construction

tmetric time tracking software for contractors

TMetric is very suitable for construction businesses.  This time tracking software for contractors is designed to help contractors to complete projects on time and within budget.

TMetric allows you to create projects, track work time, set up billable rates, prepare reports, and printable documents for clients. Also, with TMetric, you will be able to set budgets for projects, set rates on any task, project, or team member, invoice clients, see your workday on a timeline, and get detailed reports.

Main features:

  • Time tracking – track and control every task you work on
  • Project management – setup projects, budgets, and rates
  • Team management – measure the productivity of your team and monitor workflow
  • Time-off – track employees’ sick leaves, seasonal vacations, work absences, and time off
  • Billing and invoicing – set billable rates and easily create invoices, based on tracked time and expenses
  • Reporting – get insights into projects and team productivity
  • Task management – easily monitor and organize tasks
  • Integration with Asana, Jira, MS Office, and more


  • Free
  • Business— $7 a month or $70 a year
  • Professional — $5 a month or $50 a year

Trial period: 30 days

Watch the TMetric quick demo.

Need Help Choosing the Right Time Tracking Software?

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Bojan Radojicic, Master Degree in Economics, is a financial performance consultant with more than 15 years of experience. He is responsible for adding value services based on innovative solutions.

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