Top 8 Time Tracking Software For Developers

Top 8 Time Tracking Software For Developers

October 20, 2022

The use of time-tracking software is highly beneficial for software development firms and individual programmers. Businesses that use time tracking software gain enhanced productivity, improved working relationships with management and clients, and a competitive edge. 

Since it helps with keeping better tabs on projects and individual tasks, many companies use the finest time-tracking software to evaluate the efficiency of their teams and employees on the job.

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Time-Tracking App: Overview

Time management is the key to being more productive in your personal and professional life. In order to better manage your time, you should use a time tracking tool to see how much time you spend on various tasks. 

Workplace time tracking tools are helpful for companies and workers alike. With this data, employees can adjust their schedules as needed. As an added bonus, this lets individuals assess their own efficiency and take pride in their work.

Benefits of Time Tracking Software for Developers

  • Enhancing Productivity in Software Development

The best time tracking software allows you to examine every aspect of your day, from the hour you spent doing research to the twenty minutes you spent on a quick conference call during your lunch break. Such tools can monitor which activities took longer than anticipated and adjust your time allocation accordingly.

  • Analyze the Development Team’s Process

It is easy to assume that time-tracking software for software developers only keeps track of when the workday begins and ends. Among the benefits is the ease with which one may maintain tabs on one’s schedule, including such things as upcoming appointments, tasks, and opportunities to receive and provide feedback to clients. So, you may analyze the team’s process and see any potential problems.

  • Client Billing Made Simple

A developer time tracking system allows you to easily record billable hours, which may be used to generate invoices for payment. This week, team A, for instance, devoted 22 hours to the client’s project. Team B continued their study and adjustments for another five hours. 

You get access to every detail of every assignment, as well as the efforts of every member of the app development team. You may save yourself time and avoid data migration headaches by using one of the many time-tracking software designed specifically for app developers that also include an invoicing feature.

  • Increase Software Developer Accountability

One of the most popular uses of time tracking software is to keep tabs on how much time employees spend at work. It’s easy to keep track of when employees arrive and leave work for the day. 

Not only that, but you can watch them at work while they do it.  Employees are held accountable for their actions while yet having the freedom to set their own schedules thanks to this software.

  • Eliminate Duplicative Steps in Payroll Processing

Traditional payroll relies heavily on time-consuming manual data entry. You need to compile all-time cards for app developers for each division. Then multiply their hourly rate by their pay rate to get their total weekly income. 

Payroll processing is taken care of by the software developer’s time tracking system. Just enter the worker’s details, like their hourly wage, and the software will take care of everything else. It is still possible to change their weekly salary by hand inputting new figures.

  • Gain Influence Over The Developer’s Finances

Time tracking software for developers can help you see the big picture of your company’s human resource costs and the revenue generated from client billing. You’ll also gain a deeper understanding of how team members’ efforts add up to a successful business.

  • Serves As A Method of Diagnosis

A manager can see which developers put in extra time in order to finish their tasks by tracking their time spent on each task. Through these tools, a manager can determine if the existing team of developers needs any help or if it’s time to hire developers for expansion. 

When a specialist puts in fewer hours than expected, it may be a sign that they are struggling.  Therefore, a time tracking tool for software developers is an important tool for keeping tabs on the efficiency of a team.

  • Maintain Time Logs For Developers

Software developers can use a time tracking tool to monitor their active and inactive periods. Therefore, managers won’t have to keep tabs on what their software developer is up to while at work. Software development firms or their management can benefit from keeping track of developers’ output in this way. Managers also determine which tasks actually need employees and which do not. Having access to more technological resources is usually beneficial because it accelerates a company’s development.

  • Check the Job’s Progress at a Glance

While some HR departments have automated the application evaluation process, others still manually examine each and every resume that is submitted. Typically, in this situation, a manager will investigate the developer’s resume, work history, and current or prior companies. 

  • Streamline Software Project Timelines

Even if you are not in charge of managing the team’s project schedule, it is still a good idea to have the team use app developer time-tracking software to keep track of their time spent working on the project. The explanation for this is straightforward: repetitive jobs make it easier to lose track of time. 

In addition to alerting you if you’re about to go over your allotted time for a project, time tracking software can also help you determine how much time you’ve actually spent on it. Your sanity can be preserved by doing this.

  • Keep Your Eyes On The Big Picture Projects

Time tracking software provides a fantastic means of coordinating personnel and assets, which is a necessity for any project. Since the software is tied to the person in charge of a project or task, it can record any changes, milestones, remarks, or conversations that arise while working on the project or task. It’s a great tool for facilitating team collaboration and maintaining attention to high-priority initiatives.

  • Examining Multiple Projects Side-by-Side

In a nutshell, development projects can be compared over time using tracking software. Whether you prefer a sorted list or a graphic timeline, you can easily discover which initiatives have been the most successful and apply this knowledge to future endeavors. In order to maximize the value of your work, you should also be familiar with the various ways in which projects might be categorized.

  • Check the Team’s Results

Managers can gain valuable insight into their teams’ efforts through the use of tracking. In order to keep your developers in check, tracking software is a must. What this means is that you can communicate to your developers exactly what you expect of them, and check in with them to make sure they’re meeting those expectations.

  • Determine Improvement Areas

Tracking developer time is a low-cost way to quickly determine where your team can make the most progress. While it does require additional effort on your part, the results will provide you with valuable insight into your current work patterns and suggestions for improvement. 

If you keep track of how you spend your time, you can determine the most productive times of the day and consider shifting less important work to those times. Indeed, you should strive to achieve maximum efficiency without compromising quality.

Top 8 Time Tracking Software For Developers

Waka Time

Waka Time is a time-tracking app designed specifically for software developers. Waka Time is a suite of free, open-source IDE add-ons that provides comprehensive visibility into your ongoing projects. It’s an easy-to-use timer that provides precise information about how long different types of coding tasks actually take.

Key Features:

  • Ability to keep track of time automatically
  • Accurate data
  • Uninterrupted project detection automation
  • Over 600 languages are supported
  • Keep in touch with the team via a private leaderboard


The software developer community generally agrees that Harvest is the best tool for keeping track of time and money spent on projects. Its usefulness extends to endeavors of every scale. As a robust time tracking tool, Harvest enables businesses to assess the efficiency of their teams, the quality of their projects, and the overall state of the company.

Harvest may help businesses in a wide variety of ways, including but not limited to: time tracking, expenditure tracking, project management, tracking billable hours, budgeting, scheduling, and many others.

Key Features:

  • Gain an understanding to enhance efficiency
  • Provides tools for tracking the time spent on creating software
  • Automatic prompts are at your disposal
  • Simple adaptability to existing systems

Time Analytics

Time Analytics is a time tracking software designed for consulting firms, contractors, IT firms, engineers, law firms, and more.

It offers features such as time trackers, timesheets, team overviews, client invoicing, expense reports, productivity management, and more.

Time Analytics helps managers to be focused on delivering projects on time and within the budget– by taking care of administration and time utilization.

Key features:

  • Developers timesheet tracking — manage employees’ time and track billable hours and rates.
  • Performance management — dashboards provide an overall picture of organizational performance
  • Cost tracking — cost tracking per each project, client, or working task
  • Clients monitoring — monitor the profitability of a client 24/7
  • Accurate reporting — reporting tools for workers, clients, projects, and tasks
  • Invoicing assistant — create invoices based on time utilization
  • Productivity management — reduce nonproductive working hours and improve project profitability


7pace time tracker is a cloud-based time tracking software primarily designed to assist software developers and companies with the administration of projects, user approval procedures, activity tracking, attendance tracking, and more.

Using 7pace’s time tracking software, businesses can get a clear picture of the hours put in by employees, the tasks completed by the team, and the total amount of time it has taken to complete the project.

Key Features:

  • Limits on entry
  • Activity dashboard
  • Workflow approval
  • Automatic time capture
  • Activity tracking


Apploye is a popular time tracking tool that was carefully made to assist organizations of all sizes in tracking and controlling the progress of their various projects. In addition, this software provides numerous capabilities that are utilized on a daily basis by firms of various sizes, including staff tracking, activity tracking, screen observation, application testing, GPS tracker, and job site tracking.

Apploye also facilitates the assignment of roles to administrators, supervisors, and staff members. In addition, the software manages time and attendance, leaves of absence, payroll rates, etc.

Key Features:

  • Automatic time capture
  • Costing and Invoicing
  • Tasks and scheduling constraints
  • Controlling attendance
  • Observational dashboard and activity tracking system

QuickBooks Time

There are more than 30 nations where QuickBooks Time is actively used. By cracking the code, QuickBooks developed a time tracking application that was simple to use and accessible by anyone. This flexible tool allows software developers to record their hours worked on any device, be it a smartphone, tablet, or desktop computer. 

Owners and managers can monitor a wide variety of employee data, including where they are and when they are working, as well as their notes, job classifications, paid time off, and vacation time.

Key Features:

  • Autonomy of team members
  • Skillful reporting
  • GPS capability
  • Real-time schedule modification
  • Controlling tasks


Hubstaff is the most effective time-tracking software available to help designers organize their schedules and stay on track with their work. To help software development teams improve their workflow and productivity, it provides accurate, real-time data on how team members are spending their time and effort. 

In addition, Hubstaff provides extensive reporting tools, automatic payroll, GPS location tracking in real-time, and the ability to capture screenshots of employee work in progress.

Key Features:

  • Facilitates tracking of user engagement, revealing which team members are devoting the most time to a certain task
  • The process of establishing a repayment plan is streamlined
  • Obtain comprehensive reports
  • Registering and analyzing attendance data
  • Automatic time capture

Tracking Time

Developers and freelancers alike use Tracking Time, another time tracking app that works in real-time. It’s a timer and task manager in one, making it ideal for software developers. 

It’s easy to monitor and control how much time each member of your team spends on tasks related to clients, projects, and workers with the help of this software. The Time Tracking tool’s ability to provide an overview of all active projects and clients is one of its most valuable features.

Key Features:

  • Costing and planning for a project
  • Timesheets for reporting purposes
  • Effective administration of teams and personnel
  • Receipt of attendance reports
  • Easy timekeeping with a clock-in/clock-out functionality

You can read about Hubstaff pricing here.

Bottom Line

There is a lot of pressure on people who work in software development because of the short timelines under which most development projects are completed. A developer’s life can be simplified and accelerated with the help of efficient time-tracking tools. Powerful time tracking software can help you increase productivity, complete projects on schedule, and send correct invoices to clients.


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