Timesolv Reviews 2024: Details, Pricing, & Features

Timesolv Reviews 2024: Details, Pricing, & Features

December 13, 2022

Timesolv is a software solution that helps lawyers and law firms keep track of their billable time.

The platform has been tailored specifically for the legal field. It also serves as a billing option.

In other words, it allows easy direct payments.

The platform can be used anywhere and from any device, online or offline.

To put it differently – your team will be able to log time and fees as soon as possible.

The time tracking features are basic, but that makes them very simple to use.

Users have been singing praises to the simple system, with some notable exceptions when it comes to payment options.

Let’s dive deeper into the program and see everything it offers.

What do Timesolv Plans Include?

Monthly Plan


Price Per User

Annual Plan


Price Per User

Timesolv has a great number of useful features. The software started as a law firm-specific service, but now it is expanding into other industries. That is why two plans are included in its offer.

Timesolv Legal is dedicated to legal firms, while Timesolv Pro allows accounting, consulting, and PR firms, as well as freelancers, to track their time and receive payments.

The platform offers a 30-day free trial for all of its plans.

This means you can see whether the software suits the needs of your business first. Only after that will you have to make the decision on purchasing the plan.

The pricing of the plan is determined by the number based on the number of users.

That is to say, the pricing will reduce the number of employees your organization has.

Timesolv Legal

  • Unlimited clients, matters, and document storage
  • Trust Accounting
  • Multiple billing formats
  • Multiple integrations including QuickBooks, Xero, and Office 365
  • Task and activity codes (ABA)
  • Conflict management
  • 6 different hourly rates
  • Flexible billing
  • Recurring expenses management

Timesolv Pro

  • Time tracking
  • Batch invoices

Consulting firms

  • Project management
  • Different hourly rates
  • 31 report options


  • Recurring expenses management


  • Client Portal
  • Flexible billing templates

TimeSolv Pricing

As we have previously mentioned, the platform’s pricing depends on the number of people using it.

This is what the pricing looks like.

  • 1-4 users – $39.95 per user per month
  • 5-14 users – $37.95 per user per month
  • 15+ users – $35.95 per user per month

Timesolv Features

TimeSolv timesheet tracking software

Time Tracking Features

Timeslip conversion – Import historical data from timeslips so you don’t lose track of former cases

Time tracking – Create time entries anywhere and from any device to achieve maximum accuracy. Use abbreviations and multiple-timer options for easier management.

Collaboration Features

Document management – Keep all documents on one secure server, tag and access them anywhere anytime

Client Features

Invoicing – Automate the billing process to increase the billable time as much as possible

Trust accounting – Manage all trust payments quickly and easily and keep your account automatically above the threshold

Reporting – Receive 31 different reports on your firm’s state and current affairs

Management Features

Expense tracking – Organize expenses, observe them clearly, and access them from anywhere

Project management – Make sure projects are on time and budget with milestones and planning

Offline tracking – You can track your time, billable and non-billable from different synchronized devices. The time will add up no matter whether you’re online or not

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of payment do you accept?

Timesolv automatically withdraws from all major credit cards, as well as checking accounts.

Will the monthly subscription rate be all that I actually pay?

Yes. There are no other unexpected fees like set-up costs.

Do I have to sign a long-term contract?

No. Timesolv offers flexible monthly plans

An Alternative to Timesolv

Timesolv is a great solution, offering many highly specific features to fit the legal industry’s demands.

It also offers some features geared toward other industries.

However, the pricing point of the software is quite high.

This is true even with the reduced pricing for larger teams.

If you are looking for a simpler, yet effective alternative, Time Analytics could be a great option.

You will get a great time tracking platform with flexible billing options for a fraction of Timesolv’s price.

We must mention the fact that Time Analytics isn’t geared toward a specific industry.

Hence, it doesn’t offer law firm-specific features or automatic billing.

In other words, the platform is geared towards businesses from all industries that want simple, reliable, and affordable time tracking, reports, and basic project management.

Time Analytics Pricing

Time Analytics Pricing

Starter Plan ($4.99 per user per month)

  • Project and client time tracking – use an automatic clock or create manual entries to record all activity done for a project or client
  • Daily and weekly timesheets – see how your team functions during workdays with all their activities clearly marked with the data on tasks, projects, and clients
  • PTO tracking – avoid misunderstandings and being understaffed. Allow all employees to have their time off without worrying they’ll be called in suddenly
  • Expense tracking – keep a watchful eye on your budget and make sure you’re not overstepping it
  • Utilization and overtime tracking – understand the structure of each employee’s workday and identify sources of potential problems to find the best solutions
  • Cost allocation – allocate expenses to the right clients accurately with custom billing rates
  • Performance monitoring – a unified report dashboard will show you all aspects of your business at a glance
  • Data import
  • Around-the-clock email support

Optimum plan ($6.99 per user per month)

  • Everything included in the Starter
  • Invoicing assistant – add a transparent itemized appendix to your invoices based on all billable activity done for the client
  • Profit and revenue reports – find out who are your top performers and other important metrics with visual, highly accurate reports
  • Email reminders – the platform will automatically remind employees to fill and submit their timesheets if they haven’t done so
  • Customized onboarding – avoid any hiccups at the start with our guided onboarding

Time Tracking Features

Time Analytics time tracking

Time Analytics is a time tracking solution first and foremost.

In other words, the time tracking aspect is extremely simple and offers flexibility through two time tracking methods.

Your employees can create manual entries directly into their timesheets.

On the other hand, they can choose to automate the process.

In that case, they can create a time entry that will use a time clock to track their time automatically.

The system adds these entries to the timesheets as well.

  • Simplicity – Make simple entries or start a timer with a single click
  • Templates and flexibility – Create Favorites lists and create templates that include all needed information
  • Real-time view – Get an insight into the current activities of the entire team
  • Two views – See all tasks in a daily or weekly view to get a better insight into the state of all projects
  • Allocating tasks – Create a task and allocate it to a team member

Project and Client Performance

Time tracking in and of itself doesn’t mean much of you cannot receive valuable information on the state of your business.

This is true as overall success doesn’t only depend on you doing your job well.

In other words, you need to know whether projects and clients are helping your business or hindering you.

Time Analytics does just that – turns time entries on the company or department level into comprehensive reports on projects and clients.

Once you identify problematic projects and clients, you will be able to negotiate new terms.

Moreover, you will be able to recognize when the time comes to terminate a collaboration.

If you eliminate unprofitable projects your team will have more time to dedicate to more important clients.

Your company will, effectively, have less work and be more profitable at the same time.

  • Key performance indicators – find the most important aspects of your business and keep an eye on them
  • Client tracking – find out which clients are more profitable and prioritize accordingly
  • Profit generation tracking – learn how your business makes a profit per service line or project
  • Billing – add a document that proves your team’s work to the invoices you send
  • Billability optimization – make sure you’re charging all billable activities and never lose money on a project again.

Tracking Employee Performance

Any organization is dependent on its members.

Time Analytics allows business owners and managers recognize the value of each employee.

However, many managers will unwillingly micromanage their employees while trying to recognize their efforts.

This is bound to both exhaust the managers and create a feeling of discontent among the employees.

Simply put, micromanagement communicates distrust.

That is why Time Analytics offers a way to have an insight into the daily activity of your employees. yet, they will be the ones providing the information via timesheets. Now, in contrast, you are showing trust.

  • Unrecorded hours – See whether employees are using all their working hours and how
  • Overtime – Find out which team members are struggling with their workload
  • Productivity evaluation – Learn which employees have the most billable hours and mark them as top performers
  • Task structure – Identify issues within your workflow and fix them to your and your employees’ benefit
  • Profitability optimization – Are your predictions on revenues accurate? Learn how to improve

Online Timesheets

Timesheets are one of the most popular methods for time tracking.

However, managing them isn’t an easy feat.

That is why we have digitalized the entire process.

In other words, your managers will never have to go through hundreds of paper timesheets by hand.

On the other hand, filling out the online timesheets will take the employees only a few minutes each day.

This is possible due to the high customizability of the reports.

  • Templates – Create a template that will only ask for the information relevant to your organization
  • Daily and weekly view – Choose how to view the timesheets depending on the frequency and the scope of the tasks
  • Editing – The employees can make changes to their timesheets before submitting them
  • Review – Managers can also edit the timesheets when necessary
  • Export – Depending on your needs, you can export the timesheets as either PDF files or Excel sheets

Billing Appendix

All businesses should value their reputation.

The best way to increase it is by being fair and transparent.

This is another aspect of business Time Analytics that can help you with.

Itemized lists of performed tasks are crucial both to our client’s trust and expense calculation for each employee and department.

  • Appendix – Add an itemized list of all performed tasks to your invoices so the clients understand the importance of your service
  • Billing rates – Assign your employees individual billing rates or authorize them to do so themselves
  • Custom invoices – Filter the information and find the data relevant to the client to include in the appendix
  • Editing – Make sure all information is accurate and make changes where you need to
  • Export – Send the PDF or a printed copy of the appendix to the client

Time Off Tracking

Time is the most important resource for any professional service company.

That is why tracking your employees’ time off is of great value for planning and scheduling.

There is no point in planning a project if you end up short-staffed.

That is why an employee availability chart is a must.

As you can imagine, we have a solution for that too.

  • PTO requests – The employees can request time off directly through Time Analytics
  • Availability – Take one simple look before assigning tasks to make sure all team members will be present
  • Different forms – There are multiple different forms and PTO types to choose from
  • Track accrual and balance – Know the remaining time off for all employees and have a convenient reminder

Time Analytics company performance

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I be charged when my free trial period expires?

No. We do not require a credit card in the free trial period and there is no charge within the trial. In case you select one of the paid plans after the trial period you will be charged in line with the selected plan.

Can I use Time Analytics for free after the expiration of the trial?

Once your initial trial expires and you haven’t picked one of the plans, Time Analytics will extend your trial for an additional 14 days. If you want to continue using Time Analytics after the expiration of the trial or the extended trial you will need to purchase a plan you prefer.

How to calculate the license cost?

Calculating the monthly or yearly license cost is simple. Multiply the number of active (enabled) users in your organization by the price per user/month that is stated in the pricing plan.

How do you count users for the purpose of billing?

You only pay for the users (team members) marked as Enabled in your Team section. If someone leaves the company or you do not want to track their time simply mark them as Disabled. Once the user is disabled or deleted they are not accounted for in billing. The data associated with the deactivated or deleted user will be retained.

What is the difference between paying monthly or annually?

You are offered both monthly and annual licenses. You can select a payment period that is more suitable for you. If you select an annual license you will get a significant discount (two months are free), you will receive only one invoice, and you have to pay a whole year’s subscription. Monthly-based payment is without discount and requires invoice administration each month.

Do you offer discounts?

Time Analytics offers two types of pricing discounts

The first discount is quantity-based, that is, for large teams.

The discount is applicable for teams with over 50 employees. In case you have over 150 users, you have the right to an additional discount.

The second discount is related to paying the yearly instead of the monthly license. By paying the yearly license you get to use the platform for free for two months.

Parting Words

Timesolv is one of the best industry-specific time tracking software solutions.

It has helped lawyers keep track of their cases for years.

We created an overview of the platform’s features and plans and gave you an alternative to look into.

Hopefully, this article gives you all the information you need to make an informed decision.

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