Timeular vs Toggl Track: Which Should You Choose?

Timeular vs Toggl Track: Which Should You Choose?

January 27, 2023

Can’t decide on Timeular vs Toggl? We are here to help you!

Time tracking has come a long way since timecards, paper timesheets, and Excel spreadsheets.

These methods simply aren’t able to fulfill the needs of a modern business.

That is to say, there are many new and innovative solutions available.

These time tracking tools are catered to specific organizations with specific needs.

Timeular vs Toggl at Glance

timeular vs toggl

Timeular and Toggl Track are both meant for the younger workforce.

That is to say, they aim to make time tracking as streamlined and interesting as possible.

If you aren’t sure which one of the two would fit your business the best – we are about to explore their time tracking methods and other important features.

Hopefully, this will help you make the right decision.

Timeular Intro

Timeular time and cost tracking

Source: Timeular website

Timeular is a time tracking software solution with a unique approach to the practice.

Namely, the company’s goal is to make time tracking more tangible and fun in an innovative way.

The software comes with a physical component – an eight-sided die.

The users can turn the die to a specific side, which starts tracking time on a task connected to the said side.

That is to say, the product is focused on user interaction, and making the process more fun.

The ease of use is a great way to encourage team members to use the platform consistently.

The platform was created with both teams and freelancers in mind.

That is to say, it offers clever insights and helps users increase their productivity and profit.

Toggl Track Intro

Source: Toggl website

Toggl Track is one of the three solutions Toggl offers. This particular product is meant to help companies keep track of employee time. It also comes with task and project management features.

This is to say the application is a great basis for mapping out the entire business process.

It tracks profit and helps you create accurate and transparent invoices.

This is possible as the platform is tracking both non-billable and billable activities and differentiating between them.

Even though there is no physical component to the app, we have to note its beautiful design.

The interface is both aesthetically pleasing, youthful, and intuitive.

Timeular vs Toggl Track – How Do the Apps Compare?

Even though the applications have different tracking methods, they are appealing to the same target audience. Namely, both systems are appealing to younger workforces.

Let us see the similarities and differences between the apps to help you decide.

1. Time Tracking Features

Time tracking is the main purpose of both applications. Let us see how they create time logs.

A.Timeular Time Tracking


Timeular has the most unique time tracking system we have reported on yet.

As we have mentioned, the system comes with an eight-sided die that can be turned to different sides.

The system offers different plans for single users and teams.

If you get the Team option, authorized users will be able to see everyone else’s tracked time and related statistics.

The system relies on muscle memory and the fun activity of turning the die on different sides.

That is to say, each side is connected to a specific task, and once that side is facing upwards the time is being tracked toward the task.

The employees can write task names in erasable markers or decorate the die with stickers to avoid mistakes. They can also create manual entries and edit the existing ones within their timesheets.

B. Toggl Track Time Tracking

toggl vs timeular

Toggl Track offers two ways to make time entries. The first one is completely manual.

The second one, on the other hand, relies on an automatic time clock.

The first option is a great solution for field teams, as they usually don’t have the access to their devices while on site.

So, they can just use the mobile app to track time.

The entries are automatically synchronized across devices.

The automatic tracking mode is very simple to use. The users only have to click a Start/Stop button and their time will be allocated to a specific task, project, or client.

This mode is keyword-based. This means that the program will be monitoring all apps and websites the users are visiting and scan them for these keywords.

2. Employee Monitoring

No business is immune to employee monitoring-related issues. Giving the employees too much freedom can leave the management with the huge task of trying to figure out if anyone is participating in time theft.

On the other hand, the employees can feel a lot of unease if they are being constantly monitored.

Micromanagement is one of the biggest mistakes an employer can make, and it is often very difficult to remain moderate.

A. Timeular Monitoring

Timeular gives all the freedom to the employee. In other words, the employees have the ability to program their dice themselves, use them, and view their reports.

They can also remove, edit, and add time entries manually if they forget to turn the die or turn it off or on.

This is to say that the employees are in full control over the information the system sends to the management.

In other words, the system relies on results, rather than monitoring.

B.Toggl Track Monitoring

Toggl has a sturdier grasp of user activity. As previously mentioned, the application tracks user activity in great detail.

All apps and websites the employees interact with for more than ten seconds are recorded automatically. This makes the reports as accurate as possible.

The users have the option of editing, adding, and removing time entries created automatically to remove any uncertainty.

3. The Importance of Integrations

There are thousands of industry-specific applications. Hence, you are probably already using a business software solution.

Adding another one to the mix can be a risky feat.

You don’t want to choose a solution that only makes things more difficult. For example, incompatible solutions used together can slow users’ computers significantly.

This is why you want to make sure your new software will work like a charm along with your favorite apps.

So, let’s see how Timeular vs Toggl Track stands when it comes to integrations.

A.Timeular Integrations

Timeular has several integrations available. Yet, there is a catch, as the Personal plan (the most affordable one) only comes with the possibility to write your own integrations.

Personal Plan
  • API integrations
Personal Pro and Team Plans
  • API integrations are available as well
  • Zapier integration that allows 3000+ integrations with other solutions
  • Calendar integrations with Outlook, Google Calendar, and iCal
  • Project management option with Jira
  • Use Timeular along Harvest and Toggl

B. Toggl Track Integrations

Toggl offers a great number of integrations. They are either

  • Native
  • Browser
  • Or Automation

This means you can choose between the integrations coming directly from Toggl’s devs.

Or, you can opt for web and third-party integrations.

As you may see, this particular aspect of the apps is on quite different levels.

Additionally, the integrations Toggl Track offers are grouped into multiple categories:

  • Calendars
  • Communication and Email apps
  • Accounting and HR
  • IT and Web development
  • Project management
  • Sales and customer support
  • Task management and to-do apps
  • Writing and documentation

4. The Project Management Aspect

Seeing all projects through is closely connected to time tracking. In other words, if a software solution already contains all user activities and the time they took, it is a good idea to use it to manage projects.

Let’s see how Timeular vs Toggl Track compare when it comes to project management features.

A. Timeular and Project Management

Even though Timeular doesn’t have a dedicated project management feature, it offers some management possibilities.

Namely, the Goals feature allows users to set weekly goals for themselves.

These goals can be sorted by tags, activities, and spaces.

The goal of Goals is to help the employees focus on the more important aspects of their work. this way their daily activities become more rewarding and exciting as they give a sense of accomplishment.

B. Toggl Track’s Project Management features

Toggl Track offers its users a comprehensive timeline of each project in the Project Dashboard area.

You can see the time invested in all projects. The presented time entries are divided into billable and non-billable hours.

The projects can be tracked against time estimates.

That is to say, you can measure employee efficiency and make more accurate estimates in the future.

If a project is nearing its deadline and still isn’t over, you will receive an alert.

In the same vein, you can also see whether your budget estimates were accurate.

You can keep a history of billing rates to make sure future projects of the same scope are forecasted more accurately.

5. Reporting and Dashboards

Having all the information about your employees’ time is a great point of reference.

However, it is more important for them to provide you with tangible value.

That is to say, the information the employees provide in their reports should be used.

Otherwise, you aren’t getting the full use of your time tracking practice.

A. Timeular Reports

timeular reporting

Timeular understands the importance of granular and detailed reports.

That is why the system allows for many filtering options.

You can choose which information is shown, as well as logs from a specific time frame.

Comparing different periods among themselves and their forecasts is as simple as clicking a button.

You can create spaces for different groups (i.e all team members working on a project or specific department spaces).

The dashboard allows you to filter and view the data as

  • A calendar view
  • A pie chart with different segments
  • Trends in different timeframes
  • Stacked bar charts
  • Top tags
  • Time entries
  • Team member activities in bulk or per person

B. Toggl Track and Its Reports

toggl reprots

Toggl Track also delivers when it comes to reports. the company respects employee privacy, but still makes the data transparent. This is a great way to increase accountability within the company.

  • Summary reports show all tracked time and are great for an easy overview for you and your clients
  • Detailed reports represent the reports with all filters you need to dive deep into your business
  • Weekly reports give a detailed overview of all employee activities in the last week

As you can see, you can also filter and search for relevant data only.

6. Invoicing

Time tracking in and of itself is a great method to make sure you’re charging your clients with no hiccups.

In other words, having all the details on the hours and resources that go into a project are a good way to explain the pricing and increase transparency towards the clients.

Timeular Invoicing

Timeular has the option to set and adjust hourly billing rates and mark hours as billable or non-billable.

These build a great foundation for an accurate invoice.

Still, even though the foundation is there, Timeular doesn’t have a dedicated invoice feature.

That is to say, you will have to rely on integrations or create the invoices yourself.

User reviews

These are summaries of user reviews from leading product comparison platforms G2 and Capterra.

timeular vs toggl

Consider an alternative?

Time Analytics time tracking

As you may have noticed, both Timeular and Toggl Track have many functions and spaces.

This is why we’ve recommended them to younger teams.

Seasoned employees can find complex systems like these quite challenging.

So, they may need more time to get used to the platforms. Or, they may make unintentional mistakes that are difficult to spot.

There are other reasons you may be hesitant to get either of the two solutions.

So, we are throwing our own hat into the ring with Time Analytics.

Time Analytics – a User-friendly Time Tracking App

Time Analytics is a time tracking platform that cares about user privacy.

That is why the app’s toolkit doesn’t come with any monitoring features.

Instead, the employees fill their timesheets themselves. In other words – there is absolutely no micromanagement. And the results will speak for themselves.

The app’s interface is simple and intuitive.

There are no distractions within the platform.

While we appreciate the beauty of color coordination, it can be frustrating to get things in order that way.

Instead, Time Analytics offers the users two options.

The first one is tracking time with an automatic time clock, and the second one simply allows users to create time entries directly in the timesheets.

All tasks are connected to projects and clients, so you don’t have to worry about mix-ups.

You can even create templates for your employees that only display the information you need.

This way, you can make the time tracking process even less time-consuming.

The Price Point of Timeular vs Toggl Track vs Time Analytics

Pricing is one of the major concerns when it comes to implementing a new solution. While Toggl Track offers a free version for small teams, the pricing of their Starter plan is $10 per user per month.

On the other hand, Timeular requires purchasing a physical device ($69 per person) and a license of $9 per month for freelancers and $19 per user per month for teams.

Time Analytics is a more straightforward platform. That is to say, the infrastructure is high-quality, but not overly complicated. That is why you can get our Starter plan for $4.99 per user per month.


Both Timeular and Toggl Track are some of the most famous time tracking solutions currently available.

They are both taking a youthful approach to time tracking, which is obvious from their designs. Timeular even takes it one step further and offers a completely innovative, physical aspect to the process.

Both solutions are extremely well-designed and colorful. They do not offer employee monitoring features. Moreover, Toggl Track’s entire policy is based on employee privacy.

If you are looking for a less complex solution, we have also offered you an alternative.

Hopefully, you are one step closer to making a decision after reading our article.


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