Toggl Track Pricing (Free and Pro Plans)

Toggl is a time tracking software that helps teams track their hours and stay productive.

Toggl is available in two versions, one of which is free and the other paid.

The paid version has more features than the free version but costs less than $10 per month for every user on your team. With Toggl, you can see exactly how much time each task takes so you can measure productivity across your company.

Toggl offers a free trial as well as three paid plans: Starter, Premium, and Enterprise

Free Version

Toggl offers a free version of its service, so you can try it before paying anything. The free plan includes all the core features of Toggl and allows you to track time for up to five projects at once without any limits on how much time you can track. You can also create unlimited projects and assign labels to them as well as add notes and attachments to each project.

The Free Plan includes:

  • Unlimited time tracking
  • Unlimited projects, clients, and tags
  • Exportable reports
  • Web app, mobile apps, and desktop apps
  • Automated time tracking triggers
  • Idle time detection
  • Pomodoro timer
  • CSV imports
  • Personal desktop activity tracking
  • Track time in 100+ popular tools

The Starter plan costs $9 per user per month with the ability to have unlimited projects

If you have a small team, the Starter plan is ideal. At $9 per user per month, it gives you unlimited projects and users. This means that there are no time limits for your projects or instance-based limitations on who can use Toggl.

The Starter plan also comes with an incredible 30-day free trial so you can try out all of its perks without having to pay a dime!

The starter plan offers many of the same features as their free version but has some limitations on what users can do with their accounts.

The Starter Plan includes:

Everything in Free +

  • Billable rates
  • Time rounding for reports
  • Favorite time entries
  • Create Saved Reports for quick online access
  • Project time estimates and alerts
  • Tasks (Sub-projects)
  • Pre-populated project templates
  • View tracked time in your calendar

The Premium plan costs $18 per user per month with access to the Jira integration and priority email support.

The Premium plan costs $18 per user per month with access to Jira and Salesforce integration and priority email support. You can add multiple users, so if you want five people on your team using Toggl Premium, that’s a total of $90 per month for all users.

You also get priority email support, which means that if no one is in chat at any given time (which also tends to be true), then you can submit an email and someone from Toggl will get back to you within 24 hours at most.

The Premium Plan includes:

Everything in Starter Plan +

  • Fixed fee
  • Team time tracking reminders
  • Schedule saved reports via email
  • Time tracking audits
  • Project forecasts and analysis
  • Lock time entries and add time for team members
  • Set required fields for time entries
  • Native Jira and Salesforce integrations

The Enterprise plan is custom priced for you.

The Enterprise plan is custom priced for you. In it, you get access to API usage and an onboarding call with a Toggl representative to help set up your account.

This is Toggl’s middle tier offering when it comes to pricing plans.

The Enterprise Plan includes:

Everything in Premium +

  • Manage multiple workspaces under one Organization
  • Priority support
  • Expert training and assistance
  • Customizable solutions
  • Volume discounts for large teams on our annual plan

Frequently asked questions

Is Toggl Track free for an unlimited number of users?

Toggl is free for teams of up to 5 members.

How is the subscription fee calculated for paid plans?

You will be charged a monthly fee for each member of your team. For paid plans, this fee applies even if you have fewer than 5 active users. You will not be charged for deactivated users. When you deactivate a user, all data associated with the deactivated user is retained.

Does Toggl Track offer discounts?

Yes, Toggl Track offers discounts to nonprofit organizations, students, and educational institutions. For those who do not qualify, Toggl Track offers a volume discount for large teams when you purchase an annual subscription.

I keep getting redirected to a page where I am supposed to sign up for a trial of Premium. I just want to sign up for a free plan.

Regardless of the plan, all new users can try our Premium features for free for 30 days. You will not be asked to provide billing information. At the end of the 30 days, you will automatically lose access to the Premium features, but you can continue to use Track with the free plan.

If I sign up for a free plan but add 6 users to my workspace during the premium free trial period, what happens to the 6th user when the 30 days are up?

All users remain in the workspace and all time tracking data remains intact. However, once you return to the free plan, the workspace will be frozen and no one will be able to log time. To unfreeze the workspace, reduce the number of active users to 5.

If I use your premium features during the trial period, what happens to any data related to the paid features when my Workspace is downgraded to the free plan?

The data entered during the trial period will be hidden, but not removed or deleted. If you upgrade to a paid plan at some point in the future, the data will become visible again. All time entries remain visible – only the associated data from paid features such as tasks will be hidden.

Does Toggl Track have desktop or mobile apps? Are they free of charge?

Yes, we are on desktop and mobile. We have desktop apps for Windows and macOS and mobile apps for iOS and Android. All of our apps are free to download and use.

If I have a paid Toggl Plan subscription, do I have to pay for Toggl Track as well?

Your Toggl Plan subscription does not affect your Toggl Track payment plan. You will need to sign up for a separate Toggl Track account, even if you have a Toggl Plan account, and you will be billed separately according to the Toggl Track plan you use.

If you have a paid Toggl Plan subscription, you can take advantage of Toggl Plan and Track integration to track time within Plan.

A 60-day free trial is offered for Enterprise Plan only.

Toggl is free of charge. You can use the Toggl Mobile App and Web App for free, but there are some limitations to using these products. If you have more than 50 people on your team, the free version will not be enough because it only allows up to 20 projects at a time.

Toggl offers a free 60-day trial for the Enterprise plan only. The Enterprise plan is ideal if you want to track a large number of projects, users, and locations in your team. You can also try the Starter and Premium packages for free:

Time Analytics: Best Alternative to Toggl

Time Analytics Dashboard

Time Analytics is one of the newest and easiest time tracking software solutions and Toogl alternatives on the market. Its simple and intuitive design makes for quick and easy data entry for all employees.

The Starter plan includes an unlimited number of projects, users, and clients. It also includes productivity management, project analytics, task management, cost management, exportable reports, and 24-hour email support.

The Optimum plan costs $8.45 (annually $6.99) and includes everything like Starter, plus invoicing, revenue, profit reporting, email reminders, and customized onboarding.

Time Analytics pricing


Time Analytics is ideal for small businesses aiming to improve their efficiency, replace manual tasks with automated processes and make better business decisions based on data.

Features like time tracking, timesheets, and cost tracking allow you an overview of how well your employees’ hours are spent, broken down by the project. Additional fields let you mark the hours as billable or non-billable and add any comments or notes regarding a project.

Time Analytics also offers a reporting feature, which allows you to evaluate your efficiency and productivity after a specific time period: weekly, monthly, or quarterly. You can create separate reports for every client, so you get a clear idea of which projects are profitable, and which need optimization in terms of staff and budget allocated to them.

Starter plan

  • Time tracking on projects and clients:  Use a time clock or create entries manually
  • Daily and weekly timesheets: A great way to monitor how your employees spend their time during the day. Employee time can be tracked by task, project, and client
  • Paid time off tracking: Create schedules and shifts so your team members can enjoy their time off. If you plan well, the remaining representatives won’t be overwhelmed
  • Expense tracking (cost allocation for projects and clients)
  • Utilization and overtime tracking
  • Automatic cost allocation: The timesheet calculator automatically allocates all generated costs to projects and clients.
  • Performance dashboard: Evaluate your ROI much more effectively with a unified reporting dashboard
  • Data Import
  • 24 hours e-mail support


(Everything in Starter Plan +)

  • Invoicing (Time Billing): Control all tasks and services suitable for billing, and prepare a transparent appendix for the invoice
  • Revenue and profit reporting: Receive accurate and easy-to-understand reports on your key metrics, and top performers
  • Email reminders
  • Customized onboarding

Frequently asked questions

Will I be charged when my free trial period expires?

No. We do not require a credit card in the free trial period and there is no charge within the trial. In case you select one of the paid plans after the trial period you will be charged in line with the selected plan.

Can I use Time Analytics for free after the expiration of the trial?

Once your initial trial expires and you haven’t picked one of the plans, Time Analytics will extend your trial for an additional 14 days. If you want to continue using Time Analytics after the expiration of the trial or the extended trial you will need to purchase a plan you prefer.

How to calculate the license cost?

Calculating the monthly or yearly license cost is simple. Multiply the number of active (enabled) users in your organization by the price per user/month that is stated in the pricing plan.

How do you count users for the purpose of billing?

You only pay for the users (team members) marked as Enabled in your Team section. If someone leaves the company or you do not want to track their time simply mark them as Disabled. Once the user is disabled or deleted they are not accounted for in billing. The data associated with the deactivated or deleted user will be retained.

What is the difference between paying monthly or annually?

You are offered both monthly and annual licenses. You can select a payment period that is more suitable for you. If you select an annual license you will get a significant discount (two months are free), you will receive only one invoice, and you have to pay a whole year’s subscription. Monthly-based payment is without discount and requires invoice administration each month.

Do you offer discounts?

Time Analytics offers two types of pricing discounts

The first discount is quantity-based, that is, for large teams.

The discount is applicable for teams with over 50 employees. In case you have over 150 users, you have the right to an additional discount.

The second discount is related to paying the yearly instead of the monthly license. By paying the yearly license you get to use the platform for free for two months.


Toggl is a great option for any team. It’s affordable and has a free trial so that you can try it out before committing to the paid version. Toggl has many features that are worth exploring, such as time tracking, goal setting and reporting.

While Toggl may be a great tool for some businesses and freelancers, it’s not the only option out there. There are many alternative time tracking software programs that offer similar features at less cost or with more features.

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