Toggl Track Reviews – Features, Pros & Cons, and more!

Toggl Track Reviews – Features, Pros & Cons, and more!

Saad Ali
Written by Saad Ali
April 19, 2023

Toggl Track has established itself as one of the most popular and credible time-tracking software in the digital world.

With so many alternatives available in the market, what makes Toggl Track so good?

There are many time-tracking and productivity-tracking software in the market. Still, Toggl has some of the best tools, reporting, and productivity tracking features, making it a good pick for many companies. Toggle comes with affordable pricing, is easy to use, and has excellent features, which we will briefly discuss.

In this blog, we’ll cover every aspect of Toggl, like the features, pros & cons, pricing, and the best alternative to the software.

Toggl Review

Toggl is one of the most customizable and flexible time-tracking apps, ideal for many audiences. For example, if you’re a freelancer, a startup, or an enterprise, Toggl suits all sorts of companies.

In other words, whether you are a team of one or a thousand, Toggl will cater to your needs. The key highlight of Toggl is its easy-to-use time tracker, available on various devices with accurate sync features. Moreover, the advanced reporting system allows companies to track employee data with precision and accuracy.

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Toggl aims to increase team productivity, return on investment, and even work distribution so your company is set management vise. Our traditional management and time-tracking systems need to be updated, and they must be changed.

Thankfully, Toggl eliminates all the manual admin work, so your employees can work on important tasks while the software does its job. Toggl provides beautiful and insightful reports for automatic time tracking and advanced billing options.

So, let’s talk about the features it brings to the table for you.


toggl reprots

The key highlight feature of Toggl is its insight generation abilities. You can get actionable insights from your data to make important and efficient decisions. Here are some insight features you should look for:

  • Reports:

Reporting is an important tracking tool, and Toggl does it even better. It has a detailed weekly view; you can even use a filter to sort your data. The reports come in client-ready visuals; you can export them in CSV, PDF, or Excel format.

  • Saved Reports:

Toggl allows you to create a dynamic permalink for specific reports to share with your clients or employees.

Time Tracking

toggl track

Toggl provides some of the most user-friendly time-tracking tools that make your employees want to work more. Here are some of the features available:

  • Calendar View:

Calendar View allows you to view the time entries in a calendar format. Moreover, since Toggl can integrate with 3rd party calendars like Google and Outlook calendars, it’s easier for you to plan and execute work.

  • Offline Time Tracking:

Offline time tracking allows you to track time without an internet connection. Once the internet is back, the device will automatically sync your data to the cloud so everyone can see the update. Moreover, there’s also an option to add time manually.

  • Mobile and Desktop Apps:

Mobile and desktop time tracking allow your employees to log in virtually anywhere. Both applications are personalized and automated and aim to minimize distractions.


Many time-tracking tools come with integration options, and Toggl is no exception. It features 100+ integrations with Chrome and Firefox browser extensions. Here are some of them.

  • API & Webhooks:

With Toggl, you can use the APIs or webhooks developed by the company to build custom reports or dashboards.

  • Calendar Integrations:

Seamlessly integrate Google and Outlook calendars to import data from the services within Toggle’s Calendar application.

  • Salesforce and Jira Integrations:

Salesforce and Jira allow bigger teams to stay up-to-date with important company data and collaborate easily. Toggl ensures native integration with Salesforce and Jira.

Support Options

Toggle has an extensive support system and contact systems as well. They have added a whole support section where you can find everything from the software’s basics to the advanced time tracking options FAQs. The support system is a complete knowledge base with a lot of content that you can go through before deciding to buy the software.

For the customer support, they offer customers to contact using their user-friendly form.

  • Knowledge base of data
  • Contact through customer form

While the contact options could’ve been better, there’s just not enough ways to contact the company. Since the support team works with the ticket style, the only way is to wait for your turn.


  • Free: $0 (free for up to 5 users)
  • Starter: $9 per user per month
  • Premium: $18 per user per month
  • Enterprise: Custom pricing. Unlimited users.

Find more information about Toggl pricing here.

Pros and Cons

Toggl pros and cons


Reviews – User Rating

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Toggl Track FAQ

Does Toggl Track offer free access for an unlimited number of users?

Toggl Track provides free access for teams consisting of up to 5 members.

How do you calculate the subscription fee?

For each member of your team, a monthly fee will be charged, regardless of whether you have less than 5 active users. However, deactivated users will not incur any charges, and their associated data will still be retained.

Are there any discounts?

Certainly! Toggl Track provides discounts for nonprofit organizations, students, and educational institutions.

What happens to all the data related to paid features (Tasks, Billable Rates, etc.) if I use your Premium features during the trial and then downgrade my Workspace to the Free plan?

During the trial, the data you enter will be temporarily hidden but not deleted or removed. If you decide to upgrade to a paid plan later on, the data will become visible again. However, please note that only the associated data from paid features, such as Tasks, will be hidden while the time entries remain visible.

Are the mobile and desktop apps free?

We offer free desktop apps for both Windows and macOS platforms, as well as free mobile apps for iOS and Android devices. You can easily download and use all of our apps without any cost.

Time Analytics as another option

Time Analytics is the perfect alternative to Toggl due to a plethora of reasons. Just like Toggl, Time Analytics features powerful time tracking, productivity tracking, and reporting features that companies can leverage and increase their efficiency.

Time Analytics time tracking

Time Analytics is easier to use and does everything in a simpler manner. The software is intuitive and easy to use.

Moreover, time tracking is effortless on Time Analytics, making it one of the best alternatives to Toggl.

Time Analytics offers time tracking, time and project reporting, team performance tracking, online timesheets, and time billing features. So let’s talk about some of the features that you get by using Time Analytics.

Time Tracking

Time Analytics provides advanced time tracking features that can be learned by nearly everyone. Whether you’re trying to let your team learn it, or you’re a freelancer and want to manage your time, Time Analytics is the perfect solution for you in that case.

It comes with a lot of insightful reporting and analytics too. Moreover, advanced options include automatic time tracking, billings, notes, and more. Here’s the complete list of time tracking tools you get with Time Analytics:

  • Ability to select projects and tasks
  • Start timer or add time manually
  • Get billing along with the time tracked
  • Add notes to any recorded hour
  • Edit, copy, or more all entries.

Time and Project Tracking

With Time Analytics, you can track actionable projects and get insights that are valuable for decision making. The key highlight of this feature is profit generation and by managing your employees better, your company can profit a lot.

You can observe the structure of profit per project or service line. All the reporting data allows you to make strategic decisions on future projects, ultimately increasing the company’s profit. Here are the time and project tracking features you get with Time Analytics.

  • Profit generation management
  • Billability improvement
  • Transparency assurance

By using Time Analytics, you can not only get a lot of results but in the case of a finance company called WTS Tax & Finance, Time Analytics increased profitability by 15% and billable time utilization from 55% to 66%. You can read the full case study here.

report for Customer Service Representatives


Security is important in today’s world, especially when you have confidential company data available. Time Analytics respects the users’ privacy and has provided all the necessary security measures so that you will never have to worry about data breach or problems like these.

Here are a list of security options provided:

  • Data Encryptions:

Time Analytics stores important data like credit card details and passwords into third-party tools like Stripe. Moreover, they use a one-way hashing algorithm (Bcrypt) to store your passwords in a safe manner.

  • SSL Encryption:

All the communication  between the client and the server is encrypted using the most secure HTTPS SSL encryption. The SSL certificate is from Let’s Encrypt, one of the most popular encryption services.

  • Third Party Access:

Time Analytics doesn’t allow any third-party having access. However, in some cases, there might be a need to access personal data which is only given when necessary.

  • Backups:

Time Analytics stores the user data in the form of a secured backup for a period of one week before it’s removed. Hence, you can always have your data back if anything unusual occurs.

Support Options

  • Email support
  • Phone support


Time analytics pricing

  • Starter: $4.99 per user per month
  • Optimum: $6.99 per user per month

Pros and Cons of Time Analytics

time analytics pros and cons

Time Analytics FAQ

Is there a charge that applies once my free trial period is over?

There is no need to provide a credit card for the trial, and you won’t be billed during this time. In the event that you choose a paid plan after the trial period, the charges will reflect the plan you select.

How do I figure out the cost of the license?

Calculate the overall expense by multiplying the number of active (enabled) users in your organization with the price per user/month indicated in the pricing plan.

What is the process for counting users for billing?

Charges are incurred by users (team members) specifically marked as Enabled in your Team section. If you want to discontinue tracking the time of an individual who has left the company or is no longer relevant, just mark them as Disabled.

Once a user is marked as disabled or deleted, they are not taken into account for billing purposes. Information associated with the deactivated or deleted user will be safely stored.

In what ways do monthly and annual payments differ from each other?

When you choose an annual license, you gain a substantial discount (equivalent to two months being free), will only receive one invoice, and are obligated to pay for a complete year’s subscription. Choosing to pay monthly means no discounts and managing invoices on a monthly basis.

Do you have any discount options?

Teams with a subscription of more than 50 employees can enjoy a 30% discount. Furthermore, if your user count exceeds 150, you may qualify for an additional discount.

Am I free to cancel my license whenever it suits me?

Certainly, you are allowed to do that. Time Analytics will stop the auto-renewal of your subscription, and the service will be terminated at the end of your current subscription period (monthly or yearly).

You will retain the ability to utilize Time Analytics until the expiration of the subscription period, and no refunds will be granted for the duration between the cancellation date and the end of the subscription period.

Once my subscription ends, will I still have the ability to export my data?

Absolutely, you have the option to export all your data entries after your plan ends.

Are there safeguards in place to secure my data?

At Time Analytics, we hold data security in the highest regard. Our servers are situated in a cutting-edge data center that boasts 24-hour surveillance, and we diligently maintain our application’s security by promptly applying the latest patches.

Toggl Track vs. Time Analytics

Both Toggl Track and Time Analytics are good for tracking time. With their advanced and easy-to-use features, you can improve your company’s productivity and save money. Both software has comparable features, but pricing is one area in which Time Analytics takes the cake.

It is significantly cheaper while providing a lot of additional features to Toggl. On the other hand, Toggl has a free account that up to 5 users can use. Both software is good for time tracking and will provide all the necessary features to increase your company’s growth.

Getting Started With Time Analytics

Time Analytics offers innovative, quick, and easy solutions for your management needs. By eliminating all the guesswork and bringing a return on investment. If you want to start your journey with Time Analytics, then you can sign up for free.

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