TrackingTime Pricing, Plans, Features – What You Need to Know Before Buying

TrackingTime Pricing, Plans, Features – What You Need to Know Before Buying

Jelena Lukic
Written by Jelena Lukic
February 24, 2023

TrackingTime is a time tracking and management application. Its main goals are time tracking and productivity measuring.

Hence, these are its main features.

However, the application has some more tricks up its sleeve. Namely, it also offers rich reports and a convenient invoicing feature.

Finally, it integrates with a multitude of business software solutions.

The platform offers interesting customization options. This is especially prominent in the invoicing feature.

Yet, the platform remains lightweight.

TrackingTime Pricing Plans at a Glan

TrackingTime Pricing

TrackingTime offers two pricing plans. The first one is free, while the second one is paid.

As you may presume, the free version comes with limited functionality. Additionally, the free version limits the number of potential users.

There are yearly and monthly payment options. The yearly plan comes with a significant discount.

What do the Plans Include?


  • 3 users maximum
  • Basic reports
  • Time tracking per task


The plan costs $7 per user per month and comes with the following features:

  • Time tracker: a simple one-click time tracker with the option of real-time tracking
  • Project management: add, delegate, and monitor all current tasks
  • Online timesheets: review all tasks done in a specific period
  • Time cards: simple clocking in and out, tracking time off and breaks
  • Attendance tracking: get an insight into your team’s availability
  • Time reporting: simplify invoicing and payroll processes

TrackingTime time tracker

TrackingTime Pricing FAQ

Is the Free Trial Really Free?

Yes. TrackingTime doesn’t require credit card information, nor does it ask you for a contract. To put it simply, you get to use the platform for 14 days completely free.

Once the trial period expires you can either choose to purchase the Pro plan. This way, you’ll keep the full functionality. On the other hand, you can keep using the Free plan with limited features.

What are TrackingTime’s Payment Options?

You can pay for the monthly subscriptions via international debit and credit cards. These include Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and others.

On the other hand, the yearly subscription for bigger teams can be paid via checks and bank transfers as well.

How Does TrackingTime Count Users When It Comes to Billing?

The app only invoices for the users marked as Active within your business’s account. You can archive and reactivate users anytime.

The platform also keeps the archived users’ information. Thus, you will be able to access all data entered by your employees at all times.

Time Analytics as an Alternative to TrackingTime

Time Analytics time tracking

If TrackingTime isn’t quite what you were looking for, we can offer you an alternative. Time Analytics is a sturdy yet lightweight time tracking platform with timesheets that helps businesses thrive and grow.

The application was built with both the company and the employees in mind. Hence, it comes with an extremely user-friendly interface but doesn’t lack powerful reports.

Users can create time entries directly in the timesheets. On the other hand, they can use a time clock that automatically measures time spent on tasks for them.

Either way, time entries are then collected within timesheets. The data they provide shows all important metrics related to the business’s profitability, clients, and employees.

Time Analytics’ Pricing Plans at a Glance

Similar to TrackingTime pricing, the platform offers two pricing plans – Starter and Optimum. However, both plans are paid, as they offer a wider variety of features.

Neither plan limits the number of team members. This means that you can use the plan that suits your needs better no matter the size of your team.

Both plans come with a discount if you choose to purchase the yearly option.

What Do Time Analytics Plans Include?

Time analytics pricing


The Starter comes with a price point of $5.99 per user per month.

The plan includes

  • Time tracking on clients and projects
  • Two timesheet views (daily and weekly)
  • Tracking time off, holidays, time utilization, and overtime
  • Automatic cost allocation, as each task can be marked as billable or non-billable and has an adjustable billing rate
  • Time and cost reporting
  • A performance dashboard with visual reports you can export
  • Data import
  • 24-hour e-mail customer service
  • A mobile app for both Android and iOS for simple time tracking for remote teams


The Optimum plan is priced at $8.45 per user per month. This plan offers more features and can be used by companies of all sizes.

If you purchase the Optimum, you will get

  • Everything included in the Starter plan
  • Invoicing assistant
  • Profit and revenue reports
  • Email reminders to submit the timesheets
  • A customized onboarding experience

You can try both plans for free in a 14-day trial.

Time Analytics Pricing FAQ

Do You Charge Automatically Once the Free Trial Expires?

No. You don’t need to submit any credit card details to access the free trial. You will only be charged once you choose the pricing plan that suits you better.

The trial is completely free and offers the full functionality of the platform. This way, you will have enough time to see all features in action and decide for yourself.

How can I Calculate the Cost of My Company’s License?

Time Analytics charges only for the members marked as Active. You can simply multiply the number of active users by the price of the plan you’ve chosen to get the cost.

Do You Offer Discounts?

Yes. Teams with over 50 subscribed members get a 30% discount. Additionally, teams that count over 150 members are eligible for an additional discount.

There is also a discount when it comes to yearly licenses. Namely, the yearly license cost is lower. In other words, if you purchase the yearly plans you will get to use Time Analytics for free for two months.

To put it differently, the Starter plan’s yearly license comes down to $4.99 and the Optimum’s is $6.99 when you choose the annual plan.

Will My Data Be Safe?

Absolutely. Time Analytics takes user security extremely seriously. Our servers are extremely safe and regularly updated. Additionally, all data is encrypted.

Giving Time Analytics a Spin

You will enjoy a plethora of commodities if you decide to use Time Analytics.

The platform’s interface was designed to be used by anyone, no matter how well they understand computers. The intuitive interface doesn’t allow you to miss any billing opportunities.

The platform is focused on the quality of the data, rather than the quantity. Thus, the timesheets take very little time to fill. In other words, your team members won’t have to disrupt their workflow.

Yet, you will receive accurate reports on your employees, clients, and projects. This way, you will be able to change or eliminate unfavorable contracts and dedicate your time and effort to profitable projects.

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