TSheets vs Harvest: Which Time Tracker Should You Use

TSheets vs Harvest: Which Time Tracker Should You Use

Saad Ali
Written by Saad Ali
February 22, 2023

If you have a team of people working for you or you would like to manage multiple projects, it’s always a good idea to choose productivity/time-tracking software.

Time-tracking software can help you manage your employees, projects, and workload.

Moreover, it helps companies and businesses stay productive.

TSheets and Harvest are two popular time-tracking applications that companies use. But which one is better?

This blog will cover TSheets vs. Harvest and which time tracking is right for you.

We will also mention the best alternative for these applications so you can have the best time-tracking experience. Now, let’s dive straight into the comparison.

TSheets v Harvest at a glance

tsheets vs harvest

As you can see, both TSheets and Harvest have their strong points. The reporting options on TSheets are quite high, offering unique reporting customizability.

On the other hand, Harvest has great integration support and offers a free plan.

TSheets Overview

TSheets or Quickbooks Time is one of the most intuitive and interactive time tracking software that can monitor time from a desktop or mobile. The software allows you to enhance teams’ productivity by providing extensive reports about how your employees are spending their time.

Moreover, TSheets are useful for creating payroll, invoices, and scheduling tasks. It is an all-in-one software that has been helping businesses improve their performance by managing time.

The main highlight of TSheets is that it creates a timesheet and monitors different users and projects.

Tsheets allow you to leverage many time tracking features like team management, time clock kiosk, scheduling, custom and interactive reports, and more. Lastly, this tool is ideal for anyone looking to manage a team. Whether you’re a freelancer, a software house, or an enterprise, TSheets offers solutions for every single type of business. So let’s explore the features in detail and what TSheets offers.

Mobile Time Tracking

The most anticipated feature of TSheets’ launch was its ability to track time using the mobile app. TSheets is available for Android and iOS, making it accessible remotely everywhere.

Even when a leader or a manager does not have laptops, they can check the progress simply by looking at the app.

Moreover, the mobile feature is also useful for remote employees who might want to add data from their phones.

GPS Tracking

GPS tracking is a unique feature differentiates TSheets from its competitors. As the name suggests, GPS tracking allows the app to track the employees’ time no matter where they are. Whether they are traveling or on vacation, as long as they want to work, the GPS tracking will note their time and send you an extensive report.

Extensive Real-Time Reports

With TSheets, you get real-time cloud-based reports that keep you updated with work and what your employees are doing. It lets you know which employee did what task and what tasks are still pending.

Knowing the specifics lets you learn about individual and team performance to optimizing your workflow.

Moreover, another huge benefit of real-time reports is that they allow you to understand who’s on the clock and who’s late.

Since a lot of teams are working online, it can be harder to keep their check-in time.

Hence, you can identify their progress by letting them sign into TSheets.

Pros & Cons of TSheets

Harvest Overview

Harvest is a popular time-tracking software known for its monitoring abilities.

Being able to monitor the team’s time is a choice for many online entrepreneurs, companies, and freelancers.

Moreover, Harvest allows you to turn billable hours into invoices, saving users a lot of time.

Harvest is the first choice for many businesses due to its features like billing and invoicing, activity tracking, performance management, and attendance tracking. Like TSheets, Harvest offers solutions for almost every working audience.

You can be a freelancer, a small business, a medium business, or a large enterprise.

If you want to improve your team’s productivity and get reports of how your employees spend their time, you can use Harvest to start your productive journey.

So, let’s dive deep into the features that make Harvest a worthy competitor to TSheets.


Harvest offers its timesheet that team members can log in and record their time while working.

This feature is similar to TSheets since it can be done via phone, desktop app, or browser.

Moreover, users can add manual timesheet entries, giving them full flexibility in their work schedules.

Sometimes, your employees can forget to start the time, and that’s where Harvest’s flexible time management solution comes in.

Harvest is interesting because it even has a Google Calendar integration so your employees can sort their schedules out as they fill in the timesheet.

Harvest’s timesheet is full of innovation and features, making it a tough contender against competitors like TSheets.

Integration Options

An area where Harvest shines compared to TSheets is the integration options.

You might have to use tools like project management, CRMs, issue tracking, finance & payments, contracts, and proposals to run your business.

Thankfully, Harvest offers over 60+ integrations with different kinds of tools.

Some of the tools are Asana, GitHub, Trello, Basecamp, and Zapier. The Harvest API can be integrated with any existing app, making collaboration easier.


Reporting features are what set Harvest aside from many other competitors.

Firstly, the project management options are simple, but at the same time, they are thorough and insightful. We see many different tabs, like clients, tasks, projects, and teams, which are fairly easy to handle.

Moreover, these categories also show data like hours tracked, billable hours, billable amount, and uninvoiced amount.

Since everything is pre-made, all you need to do is to use the template and set it according to your company’s needs.

Harvest makes it easier for companies to manage and track projects and time.

Pros & Cons of Harvest

Pros & Cons of Harvest

Read Harvest Time Tracking Reviews for more information.

TSheets vs. Harvest: Offline Time Tracking


TSheets offers Android and iOS apps that let employees track their time, clock in and out, add or remove tasks, and even add notes to improve their productivity. However, if the employee isn’t in a network coverage area, TSheets will still store offline data on the employee’s device.

So, when they reconnect, the tool will sync their timesheet and update all the relevant data.

Since many companies are working remotely, this feature allows no data to be lost, and TSheets shows that the employee worked for a certain period, even if there was no internet.


Harvest’s app also lets you track time offline, and you can enter all the data from your phone or desktop. Once you’re online, the app syncs the data with servers, so all the stakeholders get an update.

Both Harvest and TSheet allow offline time tracking, making them quite useful tools.

TSheets vs. Harvest: Timesheets & Reporting


TSheets have a lot of timesheet features like clocking in and out, paid time off, sick days, and notes, and users can even attach images to their timesheets.

Moreover, managers can get useful information on their mobile or desktop apps. Employees can even do digital signatures on the timesheet to make their clocking in and out the official.

In addition to timesheets, you have many reporting options to bring valuable data into the business. You can generate wage reports, logging and auditing, project report, and elite project tracking.


Harvest takes the tracked time data and reports it to the manager. You can view the day or week of the employees’ timesheet, making tracking their progress easier.

You can even customize timesheets and completely control how entries are displayed.

Harvest also allows you to get a time report, expense report, invoice report, and contractor report.

Even though both TSheet and Harvest have great reporting options, they are quite different, making it harder to rank their overall capabilities.

Use this Hubstaff vs Harvest comparison to find the right tool for you.

Time Analytics as alternative

Time Analytics

Time Analytics offers a simple and innovative time tracking solution that caters to your company’s needs. You can track all your company processes, and it makes a great alternative to both TSheets and Harvest.

Time Analytics covers all aspects, whether you’re a freelancer, a business, or a startup. From simple projects to complex ones, it is a great solution to improve your company’s productivity and get billable hours so you won’t need to worry about profitability.

So, let’s talk about how Time Analytics is a perfect alternative to TSheets and Harvest.

Automated Reports

One of the biggest benefits of choosing Time Analytics as the alternative is its automated reports. Once you create time entries, the software automatically allocates the costs and revenue to the projects, clients, and tasks. Using this feature, you can generate visual profitability reports, review employees’ time per task and project, and get a complete report on how your employees spend their allocated time.

Management Features

Time Analytics makes managing your teams and clients’ projects fairly easier. With this tool, you can align team members and clients to the managers, set labor, overhead, and billing rates, manage permissions, set working hours, and easily import the list of clients, projects, and other tasks.

Time Analytics has a huge list of project management features that are not present in many other competitors.


Time analytics pricing

One of the strongest points of Time Analytics is its price tag. There are two packages; start and optimum. The starter package is $4.99 per user per month if billed annually. Moreover, the optimum plan is full of additional and advanced features, and it comes with a price tag of $6.99 per user per month if billed annually.

Time Analytics has a much lower price tag than TSheets, starting at $20 per month with $10 per user. Moreover, Harvest begins at $10.80 per year if billed annually. Compared to both of these tools, Time Analytics becomes a worthy competitor due to its features and price.

The pricing is as follows:

Starter Plan:

  • $4.99 Per User Per Month (Annually)
  • $5.99 Per User Per Month (Monthly)

Optimum Plan:

  • $6.99 Per User Per Month (Annually)
  • $8.45 Per User Per Month (Monthly)


Both TSheets and Harvest are amazing tools for time tracking and project management. They have unique approaches to providing features like timesheets, reports, and billable hours. However, when it comes to productivity features, both fall short to some degree.

So, if you want to add a productive layer on top of your time tracking, you can choose a tool like Time Analytics. In conclusion, we have mentioned all three tools along with their features. Now it depends on your requirements and budget on which tool best suits you.

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