VeriClock Pricing Plans Compared | Is it Worth The Cost?

VeriClock Pricing Plans Compared | Is it Worth The Cost?

Saad Ali
Written by Saad Ali
March 29, 2023

VeriClock is a time-tracking software focusing on small to midsize businesses.

VeriClock has established itself as a credible name in the SaaS business world.

They offer many plans for various companies by providing them with different time-tracking tools and features.

VeriClock gives users complete control over how their employees log their time, progress for each project, and which employee works best. By giving stakeholders, managers,  and company owners a complete list of productivity-tracking features, VeriClock excels at time-tracking features at a competitive price.

So what are the pricing plans and features that it offers? In this blog, we will cover VeriClock pricing plans and alternatives.

VeriClock Pricing Plans At a Glance

Vericlock pricing

As you can see in the screenshot above, VeriClock offers a single plan with a twist. Firstly, any company buying VeriClock will need to pay a base fee of $10 per month as the account fee.

Moreover, for every user, you will pay $5 per month.

In addition to the fees, VeriClock also offers an intuitive cost-savings calculator where you can add the average wage of your employees, the payroll error rate, and the time errors per week. By calculating these metrics, VeriClock will tell you a number you will save yearly but switch to the software.

While the pricing options could be more flexible, VeriClock is a fairly simple software that generates all the basic time-tracking and reports.

Some optional add-ons include phone call and Sms clocking, photo and video attachments, and text alerts.

These optional add-ons come for $3 per user. VerClock also offers a free trial with zero commitment and zero pressure. You won’t be locked into any contract, making it fairly easy to use.

So let’s talk about the VeriClock pricing plan in detail and what the plan offers.

What’s Included in VeriClock Pricing Plan?

As mentioned, VeriClock has a single plan with a $10 base account fee and $5 per monthly user. However, it does offer extended features like multi-city phone numbers, text message alerts, clock by voice/text message, and toll-free clocking.

All these features come at an extra price tag depending on your usage and the number of employees you will have. While VeriClock doesn’t offer many features, there are important features for small to midsize companies.

Here are some of the features that VeriClock provides:

  • Applications for Android and iOS
  • Complete cloud-based time-tracking and reporting system
  • Free support via Chat/Email/Phone
  • Employee onboarding assistance
  • Integration with Sage 50 or QuickBooks
  • Export formats including CSV, PDF, XLS, XLSS
  • Overtime rules ad calculation
  • In-app signature feature
  • GPS tagged clocking in and out
  • Geofences
  • Group clock-in features
  • Configuration settings per user or company level
  • Email alerts
  • Auto clock-out options

VeriClock billable time software

                     Source: VeriClock website

VeriClock Pricing FAQ

How Much Does VeriClock Cost?

The pricing of VeriClock is simple as it starts at $5 per employee per month. However, this is where people need clarification, as a $10/month account fee will be charged universally. It wouldn’t be charged per user, but it’s a flat rate every company will pay.

How Much Money Can You Save With VeriClock?

VeriClock has a savings calculator where you can find more about how much your business can save by switching to it. According to VeriClock, clients have saved 3-10 times what they have been paying to use their service. After their trial period, most companies already start to see results.

Are There Any Setup Fees with VeriClock?

There are no setup fees since the software is easy to configure. However, VeriClock provides free email, chat, or phone assistance for users encountering some sort of issue. The service is free to set up and won’t require extra charges.

Time Analytics as an Alternative

Time Analytics time tracking

                                          Source: Time Analytics website

Time Analytics provides all the time-tracking and productivity-enhancing features that companies need to enhance their systems. The company provides plans for various businesses, from individuals to startups and small to big companies.

Time Analytics has a great time-tracking tool with an intuitive UI. Moreover, it provides advanced reports and team performance tracking features to ensure your company stays most productive during its work mode.

With Time Analytics, companies have increased their profitability by up to 20%. You can read it here to learn more about the case study. Now let’s dive deep into the pricing plans of Time Analytics.

Time Analytics Pricing Plans

Time Analytics offers two plans: Starter and Optimum. Both plans cater to the needs of different users depending on their usage. If we talk annually, the Starter plan starts at $4.99 per user per month. Similarly, the Optimum plan with all the advanced features starts at $6.99 per monthly user.

The start plan has all the necessary features; however, if you wish to have additional features like invoicing, email reminders, and revenue reporting. Time Analytics also offers 14 days of full-featured free trial with no credit card required.

So let’s discuss both plans and see which is well-suited for you.

Time analytics pricing

What’s Included in Time Analytics Pricing Plans?

Plan 1: Start Plan ($4.99 per user per month)

The first plan of Time Analytics starts at $4.99 per user per month. You get an annual savings of 25% when choosing it. However, if you choose monthly, you must pay just a dollar more at $5.99.

The starter plan has all the features you would need to track time and increase productivity in the company. Here’s the complete list of features that you’ll get:

  • Time tracking on clients and projects
  • Daily and weekly timesheets
  • Utilization and overtime tracking
  • Performance dashboards
  • Automatic time allocation
  • Visual resorts
  • Billing and pay rates
  • Manager role
  • And a lot more

Plan 2: Optimum Plan ($8.45 per user per month)

The Optimum plan is for advanced users who want to enhance their experience with time tracking and go full-on with plus features. The optimum plan contains all the starter features and adds other features like invoicing, revenue and profit reporting, email reminders, and customized onboarding.

All these advanced features are useful for users who want to take their productivity to the next level.

Pricing FAQ

How Do I Calculate The License Cost?

To calculate your license cost, you can multiply the number of active users in your company by the price per user/month with your chosen plan. Let’s say you have five active users and have chosen the $5 plan. Then your total monthly cost is going to be $25.

Is There Any Difference Between Paying Monthly and Annually?

The main difference between paying monthly and annually is that you will get a 25% discount or two months free by paying annually. You don’t get any discount monthly and pay the regular price. Moreover, monthly-based payments also require invoice administration each month.

Getting Started with Time Analytics

Time Analytics offers a solution for all times of users. Whether you’re a freelancer, small business, startup, mid-size business, or large enterprise, you have a solution to increase your company’s productivity, manage every employee’s time, reduce human error in payroll, and increase your company’s profitability.

With features like online timesheets, team performance tracking, time tracking, and time billing, you can optimize your current system and integrate Time Analytics into your business to better manage it.

Get Started With Time Analytics Today

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