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Performance management

Get control over value-driven key performance indicators (KPIs) of your firm.  Track time utilization, billable and non-billable hours per project, the structure of time consumption per different work activities, employee productivity, client profitability, accuracy in invoicing and more others.

Time Analytics dashboards provide an overall picture of organization performance so you can diagnostic the gap between planned are actual performance and take corrective action actively, based on general performance and details offered in real-time.

Performance management

Time tracking

Time Analytics enables you to monitor every minute spent and track billable and non-billable hours per employees, projects (service lines), clients and work tasks.
You will be able to answer the following questions:

  • Are your the most time-consuming clients?
  • How many hours stay unbillable?
  • What is the time utilization rate per employee, projects and clients?
  • How to reduce unproductive hours?
  • How many hours are over time and what are realistic overtime reasons?


Time tracking

Clients monitoring

Based on the timesheet calculator, you will be able to monitor the profitability of each client and each project within the engagement with a certain client.

This module will give you an opportunity to:

  • Reconsider client fees and contractual terms in order to optimize profitability,
  • Discover where you need to increase fees or terminate cooperation,
  • Be ready to determine realistic fees for new engagements,
  • Keep evidence of completed tasks on client request,
  • Export data in excel for preparation of accurate and transparent invoices.
Clients monitoring

Cost tracking per projects

Timesheet calculator automatically allocates all generated costs to the projects and clients. With this feature you will be able to answer curtail questions:

  • What is the total cost of each project and client?
  • What is gross or operating profit per engagement?
  • What are the low (top) performing projects or service lines?
  • Was the low profitability consequence of employee inefficiency or bad contractual terms with clients?
  • Should you propose the fee increase to the clients?
  • How to determine fees for new projects?
Cost tracking per projects

Improve the efficiency

Time Analytics enables you the have an insight into all activities done within a company and its structure per type of work tasks. Detailed analytics helps to:

  • Evaluate your ROI – what is the return on time spent in some activities
  • Make sure that the right people are involved in working on the right projects?
  • Monitor how many hours your managers spent on operational and routine activities
  • Consider and evaluate outsourcing of certain activities due to potential cost saving
  • Cancel inefficient and unproductive activities
Improve the efficiency

User friendly solution

As a multitasking environment become a reality for many companies and individuals, time tracking becomes more complex than ever.

That is why we focused on developing an interface that would require no more than a couple of minutes per day for data entry for the end-users.

For the easy reference of entries, three is an option of use self-prepared templates for repetitive tasks.

User friendly solution

Productivity management

Based on tracking billable hours and costs, Time Analytics can help you do discover unproductive behavior and to resolve this. Are you sure that the right people are involved in the right engagements?

Use detailed reports and find out:

  • What is the time utilization of each employee?
  • Who are employees involved at low performing clients?
  • Do some employees spend more than expected hours on certain projects?
  • What are the reasons for overtime?
Productivity management

Invoicing assistant

Time Analytics prepares data for the invoice, based on hard facts and time utilization so you could:

  • Control all tasks and services suitable for billing,
  • Review which activities are billable/unbillable,
  • Make a calculation of billable hours in excel and prepare an invoice based on settled hourly rates.
  • Prepare transparent appendix of the invoice as evidence that additional work is done
Invoicing assistant

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