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Performance enabler

Have control over KPIs such as time spending structure per employee/client/project, billable hours, time utilization rate,  client and project profitability…and many more.

Time Analytics easy to use dashboards provides an overall picture of organization performance so you can diagnostic the gap between planned are actual performance and take corrective action actively, based on general performance and details offered in real-time.

Time tracking

Time Analytics enables you to monitor each and every minute spent on the given activity and represent it to you as labor utilization (productivity indicator).
You will be able to:

  • monitor profitability per task, employee, client, or project at any time,
  • minimize unproductive behavior of employees,
  • evaluate employees, redefine work conditions, salaries, and bonuses.
  • evaluate overtime work reasons
  • export timesheets in excel


Clients monitoring

You will be able to monitor the profitability of a client 24/7 and here we are talking about just everything: from time structure spent per client, the average cost per hour, utilization rate….and that is just beginning.

This module will give you an opportunity to:

  • redefine contractual terms with a client in order to optimize profitability,
  • determine realistic fees for new engagements
  • evidence of completed tasks on client request
  • export operational data in excel as invoice assistant

Activity 360 insights

How many times did you come into the office asking yourself what each of the employees or managers should deliver today or this week?
Time Analytics gets you automated break down of planned activities per client, project, or service lines on a click which enables you to have:

  • full control over labor resources
  • rescheduling planned activities within teams in order to increase efficiency
  • cancel non-productive activities
  • insight who is overloaded and who is not engaged properly

Efficiency booster

Time Analytics enables you the have an insight into all activities done within a company and its structure per type of actives which help leaders to:

  • improve organizational design
  • control if the managers work operational activities
  • consider and evaluate outsourcing of certain activities
  • see the costs of some activities
  • cancel inefficient and unproductive activities

User friendly solution

As a multitasking environment become a reality for many companies and individuals, time tracking become more complex than ever.

That is why we focused on developing an interface that would require no more than a couple of minutes per day for data entry for the end-users.

Cost management

Imagine you could allocate each and every cost of the client, project, service line, or activity, considering time spent on them.

Time analytics provides exactly that so you can always know:

  • what is a realistic profit per each client
  • which client is non-profitable
  • which project is profitable 
  • which activities decrease and which increase your margin
  • What are the most expensive service lines?

Invoicing assistant

Time Analytics prepares data for the invoice, based on hard facts and time utilization so you could:

  • Control all tasks and services suitable for billing
  • Review which activities are billable/unbillable
  • Make a calculation of billable hours in excel and prepare invoice based on settled hourly rates
  • Prepare appendix for the invoice as evidence that additional work is done

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