Harvest Pricing, Packages & Plans 2024

Harvest Pricing, Packages & Plans 2024

October 25, 2022

Harvest is a time tracking tool that offers reports, invoicing, and many more features.

The platform prides itself on its user-friendliness, as it is much easier to use than most other time tracking systems.

This tool offers two pricing plans. you can choose either depending on the size and development stadium of your business.

We are here today to show what Harvest has to offer.

Two Plans to Make Things Simpler

harvest pricing

Harvest offers two plans to its users – Free and Pro. We are going to inspect both.

We hope our analysis will help you choose the perfect option for your business.

The size of your company and the budget you can set aside for a time tracking tool are the biggest factors that come into this decision.

Free Plan

Harvest’s Free Plan doesn’t limit the tool’s functionality.

That is to say, you will be able to use all the features and options the paying users get.

However, there is a catch.

Namely, the Free plan limits users to one seat and two projects.

In other words, it is meant exclusively for freelancers who don’t engage with multiple projects at a time.

If you aren’t in this category, you can still use the app, but it will only show your personal data.

That is to say, there can be no synchronization among team members, and the company cannot use the data unless it’s very small and has the means to manually compare data.

Pro Plan

As you may have guessed, the Pro plan doesn’t have these limitations.

Any number of employees can use the app and work on an unlimited number of projects.

There is a single price of 12 USD per month per user for all features.

Both plans offer a 30-day free trial.

Time Tracking Features

harvest time tracking

Time tracking is Harvest’s primary feature. The platform excels in making this process simple and accessible.

  • Automatic and manual tracking – create time entries for all tasks
  • Tracking from any device – synchronized tracking from the mobile app and web
  • Custom reminders to track time – make sure all team members are doing their part

Reporting Features

Harvest turns the data provided by the employees into useful reports. In other words, you’ll be able to navigate your future steps and detect issues.

  • Budget updates – make sure your projects remain profitable and delivered on time
  • Cost tracking – review internal costs and make accurate assessments for future engagements
  • Time entry breakdown – see whether you can increase efficiency by making specific changes

Invoicing Features

harvest overview

Streamlining the billing process is another of Harvest’s features. The app offers integrations with the most popular payment and bookkeeping solutions.

  • Invoices – automatically create invoices for your clients based on the data the employees entered
  • Online payments – receive payments via the PayPal and Stripe integrations
  • Bookkeeping – integrate with Xero and QuickBooks and streamline the accounting process

As you can see, every user will get the same experience, no matter the size of their organization, or whether only one person is using the system.

This can be a great option for some, while others can be overwhelmed by the tool’s complexity and end up taking more time to track time than to work.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are our Payment options?

We accept credit cards. There are monthly and yearly plans, and the yearly plan brings you a 10% discount.

The other method of paying is via checks or bank transfers. This option is available for users with 10+ seats that pay for a year in advance.

Can we switch our billing frequency?

If you’ve purchased a monthly plan, you can switch it to yearly whenever you want, 10% discount included.

If you’ve bought a yearly plan in advance you can switch to a monthly subscription once your current yearly billing cycle is over. If you decide to do so the 10% discount will be removed from the offer.

You can contact our support team to make the changes.

Does my team qualify for any discounts?

If you are paying for the year in advance you automatically get a 10% discount.

Other discounts are available to teams of 50 and more members, educators and students (school and university), as well as nonprofits.

You Like Harvest but the Pricing Doesn’t Suit You?

We are all aware that $12 per month can add up quickly, even with discounts.

That is why many companies with a large number of employees look for a tool that will give them all the benefits of Harvest at a fraction of the price.

Fortunately, you are at the right place, as Time Analytics can be just what you are looking for!


Time Analytics pricing

Starter Plan – $5.99 per User per Month

  • Unlimited clients and projects
  • User roles – assign roles to each employee and control what they have access to
  • Task management and allocation – create tasks and assign them to specific team members
  • Exportable reports – receive reports you can export and share
  • Cost management – see whether you are following your initial budget plans
  • Email support – write to our support team at any time

Optimum Plan – $8.45 per User per Month

  • Everything offered in the Starter plan
  • Invoicing assistant – create appendices for your invoices to increase transparency
  • Email reminders – the employees who don’t fill their timesheets will be reminded to do it
  • Profit reporting – receive accurate and insightful reports on the state of your business
  • Customized onboarding – get started with our help

Yearly Plans

We have talked about the monthly plans. If, on the other hand, you decide to purchase an annual license, you will receive Annual plans for $4.29 and $5.99 per user per month respectively. Additionally, we can offer more discounts for teams over 50 people strong.

Finally, you can try any pricing plan for free for 14 days.

Time Tracking Features

Time Analytics is a time tracking tool first and foremost. It allows the management to have an accurate insight into all projects. On the other hand, it is very user-friendly and doesn’t interrupt the employees’ workflow.

  • One-click tracking – start tracking time on a specific task with a simple click of a button
  • Automation – avoid repeating menial tasks with smart suggestions and favorite lists
  • Different views – create daily and weekly plans and increase efficiency without burnout
  • Task management – assign tasks to specific employees in a matter of seconds
  • Real-time revenue and cost tracking – the data from the time entries turns into useful graphs

Projects and Clients Performance Reporting

Time Analytics Projects and Clients Performance Reporting

It is important to know the value of your service. On the other hand, you also need to know which clients are most valuable to your business. Time Analytics can help you do both.

  • Project insights – track the most important metrics in all projects to ensure profitability
  • Client tracking – discover the top and low-performing clients and take steps to increase efficiency
  • Profit generation management – learn all you need to know about profit per service line or project
  • Billability optimization – never miss an opportunity to charge for the billable services you provide
  • Transparency – use Time Analytics’ reports to let your clients know you’re charging them fairly

Team Performance Reporting

time analytics Team Performance Reporting

Employers need to understand the way their teams function. However, this often causes micromanagement and dissatisfaction among the staff. Here is how our platform can prevent this.

  • Unrecorded hours tracking – know whether your employees are using all scheduled hours
  • Overtime tracking – see which employees are working overtime and whether they need help
  • Productivity evaluation – see which employees have the most billable hours
  • Task structure – discover potential optimization opportunities and ways to make work easier for your team
  • Increasing profitability – track and calculate revenues and compare them to your predictions

Online Timesheets

Clear and simple, the timesheets Time Analytics provides are easy to fill and review. You can filter them to show only the information you need and export this data to Excel or PDF.

  • Customizable reports – choose the most important items and make them mandatory elements of the timesheet
  • Daily and weekly view – choose the best overview for your industry and workflow
  • Editing – simply add, remove, filter, and edit time entries
  • Review – let managers see whether the timesheets are accurate before submitting them
  • Exporting – export the timesheets to PDF and Excel sheets for printing or further analysis


Creating invoices independently from employees’ timesheets is time-consuming. Fortunately, with Time Analytics, you can use the data you’re already getting to deliver accurate itemized bills anytime.

  • Accurate appendices – create an appendix that shows all tasks performed for the client
  • Billing rates – assign your employees hourly rates and let the system calculate the price automatically
  • Customizability – choose the items you want to show in the invoice
  • Editing – add any last touches that weren’t settled automatically
  • Exporting – export the invoices in Excel for a physical copy

Time Off Tracking

Time off can be a point of discontent in any organization. Avoid misunderstandings and being understaffed due to holidays and unforeseen circumstances.

  • PTO requests – let your employees ask for PTO directly in the system
  • Transparency – the managers will always know who is available and when to bring in backup
  • Different forms – Time Analytics offers eight different PTO options
  • Time Off Tracking – track the work time your employees spend outside of their offices

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I be charged when my free trial period expires?

No. You will only be asked for your credit card information once you decide to purchase a plan. The trial itself is completely free with no hidden fees.

Can I use Time Analytics for free after the expiration of the trial?

If you don’t choose a paid plan when your free trial expires, you will get a 14-day extension. When this period is over you will have to choose a paid plan to continue using the software.

How to calculate the license cost?

Simply multiply the number of active (enabled) users in your company by the price listed in the pricing plan.

How do you count users for billing?

You have the option to mark team members as Enabled or Disabled. Only the Enabled users are charged for. However, once you disable a previously active user, the information they’ve entered into the program will be retained.

What is the difference between paying monthly or annually?

If you decide to purchase a yearly license you will receive a single invoice for the year. On the other hand, if you want a monthly plan invoice administration will be necessary every month.

To Conclude

Harvest is a great time tracking option for freelancers and small teams.

Yet, it only offers two plans, which either don’t allow for synchronization or cost a lot when added up.

Whether you were considering purchasing a plan or not, it doesn’t hurt to know about alternative options and their features either.

No two businesses are the same, and they need different time tracking options as well.

Consider the needs of your business and get the best time tracking tool for you.


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